October 15, 2021

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 22

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22

Scott’s POV

I was at the living room pressing my phone when I heard the door open.

At first, I wanted to ignore cause I wasn’t expecting anyone to walk in plus I was engrossed in the game I was playing on my phone.

I was forced to raise my head only for me to see someone ran inside. I was shocked and that made me stood.

I traced the image of the person to a room and I was stunned to see Brenda.

What! How in the world did she get out of the car.

“How did you get out?” I asked.

“My grandmother gave me a power when I was young, it always makes me disssapear. ” She said.

I walked away from her and walked to the car to see how she escaped. I was stunned when I saw the that the glass had been broken.

My days! And it’s my dad’s car for crying out loud.

I barged inside angrily and went to that room that I had left Brenda but I couldn’t find her there.

I walked swiftly to her room in search for her but I still couldn’t find her.

I searched all the rooms in the house but still couldn’t find her.

“What are you looking for that is making you sweat like this?” Bella asked.

“Come and see this.” I said and led Bella to the car that was shattered by Brenda.

“What! Who did this?” She asked.

“The maid of course. ” I replied.

“Did you now see why I said mom should fire her? You disappointed me by even allowing her to follow you out. Just imagine what she did to your car.” Bella said.

“And I can’t even find her.” I said.

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.”She must be hiding somewhere in the house, let me find her for you.” She said and walked inside.

About thirty minutes later, I had been expecting Bella to come and give me feedback but I didn’t see her

I walked inside and called her name severally but got no response.

“Where in the world did she also went to in this house, this house isn’t more than this for crying out Ioud and I can not even find both of them