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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode 47 and 48

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


{The Turn Of Events}




I such as I stare at the two guys who are also staring at me before taking my eyes over to look at Carly whose eyes are widened, as if she didn’t actually excepted me to be here.
I’m hurt, did she thought I would just abandon her like that?
She is like family to me, the only one I have left actually and I wouldn’t think of abandoning her ever again..

When I stare at her, I know immediately that they haven’t been treating her well, it’s the way her eyes looks dull and all colour looks drained from her face and instantly, I feel really bad of myself cause all these is actually my fault.

I did this to her, I had done this to her. She is in all this mess because of me. All because of me.

I know that Quinn had told me to remain in the car but after hearing the gunshots go off, I couldn’t just remain in the car. I couldn’t sit there and just watch, expecting for them to be back together with Carly.
When the gunshots got louder, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was afraid.
Scared and I needed to make sure that they are all safe so I had left the car and come in here.

I’m glad that I really did though because the gun was pointed to carly which means that she would have been killed it I hadn’t showed up on time. I’m glad that I was here to stop that from happening.

“Isn’t this the girl that boss wants! The Kathryn girl? ”
One of the guy says and I finally look away from Carly.

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“She isn’t! ”
Carly jumped in, saying immediately and I chuckle as I turn to look at her once again. Even when she’s in danger, even when her life is on the line. She isn’t giving up and she is trying to save me so why the hell should I also not do the same thinh and save her.

“She doesn’t mean what she said, I’m Kathryn. I’m the one that you’re looking for, now that you’re seen me. I’m ready to go to your boss so can you please let go of her? ”
I motion towards Carly who shakes her head at me.

“No! What the hell are you talking about Katy? Stop! She doesn’t know what she’s saying, I don’t know who the hell she is, she’s just spitting out nonsense so that she can save me. Someone must have set her up to come here and act as Kathryn, this isn’t Kathryn. I know Kathryn. ”
She quickly says and I sigh again.

“You don’t have to try and save me anymore Carly, you have already done enough for me and I’m glad for it. I’m glad that you have protected me but you don’t have to keep your life on the line for me anymore, I will be fine so please just go. Quinn will be waiting for you outside so go to him, I will sort everything out. ”
I smile at her before turning to the guys who are both staring between the two of us.

“You have made a mistake baby girl. She can’t live, even if you have given yourself to take to our boss which you just did, she has to be killed two the avoid further trouble. ”
The guy with short hair smirks at me and I gulp in as my heart beats faster against my chest, regretting what I had just did.

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


{Knight In Shining Armor}




“Ate you sure that this is where the hostage is? We have been around the whole house and we can’t find anyone. Do you think that they might have escaped already? ”
I mutter to the police officer who I’m following behind and he nods.

“I’m sure of it. I’m very sure of it that this is where they ate keeping the hostage, it’s the exact picture that you have sent to us. This is the place, we couldn’t have mistaken the hostage and I’m very sure that they couldn’t have escaped at all because they are all surrounded and they have no way of escaping. ”
The police says and I nod, thinking about Kathryn.

I have to make sure that this works out for her. Only for her, no one else. She’s the real reason that I’m doing this. Everything is for her, because I know how much she would be broken and how much she will blame herself for everything if her friend is lost and not found.
I know how much it will hurt her and I don’t want her to ever be hurt.

Staring and walking around the whole damn place and making sure that we pay attention to every single movement that’s made, we have but found not even a single man here which means that they may not actually be here. They might have escaped right now. Maybe during the gunshots, they had ran off.

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Anger surges through me as I think about the fact that they would have killed that girl. That something bad must have happened to her and I hate myself that I couldn’t even help the one that I’m in love with to rescue someone that’s very important to her.

“I think I can hear some voices. ”
The man whispers to me placing his finger over his mouth to indicate to others to keep quiet and I gulp in as I hide behind the man while we listen to everything that they are taking about.

One I can recognize as a man voice and the other… I can recognize that voice from anywhere! Kathryn! What the hell! Why is Kathryn in there? I thought I had told her to stay in the car and not even make as much as a damn move no matter what she hears.
I should have known that she wouldn’t listen to me!

I should have never bring her here. I should have ignored her and I shouldn’t have listen to her Pleas.

I don’t know what I would do to myself if she gets hurts, I don’t know what I would do if something happens to her.

Stomping my leg against the floor impatiently, the man finally moves, slowly creeping inside and I walk behind him as we walk inside the room to see the two guys pouting guns to them and I gulp in as my eyes meets with Kathryn who looks immediately away from me as soon as our eyes meets.