January 26, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 24

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 24

Brenda’s POV

-At the station-

I sat before two cops in a decent office.

“Mrs. Bella accused you of battery, this is a crime and might land in a six months jail. ” The male cop said.

“How silly are you to believe that…are you saying I can be out there and call you that someone slap me and you will arrest the person…just like that, what a flawed system.” I scolded and the cops exchanged a surprisingly look.

“Tell us what happened between you and miss Bella?”

“Now you are asking reasonable question. This question you ask now should have come first. Do I look to you like someone you can threaten with jail? As her father perhaps bribe you to jail me cause you think I’m poor and helpless, has…” The female cop interruped me.

“Miss Brenda, please answer our question.” She said.

“I’ve even forgotten, remine me?” I asked.

The male cop sighed and said: “Tell us what happened between you and Bella?”

“Why are not referring to her as miss Bella again?” I laughed. “Anyways, I was in a secluded place and she came to disturb me…” I said.

“And what did you do to her?” The female cop asked.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing.” I lied.

The two cops exchanged an incredible look again.

“We will get back to you. ” the male cop said as the two of them stood and walked away.

Scott’s POV

I sat before the cops at the station, they had invited me.

“Were you there when Brenda assaulted Bella?” A cop asked.

“The way you structure your question is trapping. There was nothing like an assault in the first place, please ask the question properly and don’t frame the poor girl.” I replied.

“What happened between the two ladies?” Another cop asked and I explained what happened to them.

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How Brenda broke the glass of my car to escape , how Bella was kept by Brenda so she wouldn’t tell me that she has found her and how I get to know and finally find Brenda.

“Looks like nothing serious happened between them?” Another officer said.

Two officers whispered to each other and I was told to leave.

Well, I hope Brenda is lucky to get released today.