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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 25

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 25

Brenda’s POV

I walked out of the station proudly, the cops had released me. I have no idea if someone paid my bail or something.

I took a cab to Scott’s residence.

On ariiving, I was stunned to see Scott’s mom at home. She sat at the company of the house with Helen sitting on her lap.

Helen jumped off her lap and ran to me, she was happy to see me. I carried and hugged her to my shoulder.

“I’m happy mom is back.” I whispered to her and she smiled faintly.

I walked to Scott’s mom and greeted her respectfully.

“How are you Brenda?” She responded well to my surprise. I thought she had be angry based on the chaos happening in the house.

“I’m fine ma” I replied.

“I was informed Bella called the cops to arrest you and accused you of battery.”

“Yes ma.” I replied.

“I can’t fire you cause my daughter loves you, I can’t tell Bella to leave neither cause I personally love her and take her as my own daughter. I will be taking Helen away till either of you leaves. ” She said and I turned to Helen.

I will really miss Helen.

Scott’s mom stood.

“You really need to be careful around Bella, she use to be my son’s girlfriend before they broke up. just take things easy with her, she is an easy going girl.” She said.

“Alright ma.” She walked to her car while I escorted her.

“Be careful.” She said lightly as she drove out of the house.

Helen waved at me as the car drove away while I retorted with a smile and a wave.

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I walked back to the room and was surprised to see Bella laying her head on Scott’s lap.

Have they perhaps come back together? Maybe Scott’s mom settled their scores.

“Hi Scott.” I waved my hand and he turned to me.

“Has mom left?” He asked.

“Sure…” I said looking at him with so much jealousy. I don’t understand why I’m jealous but I felt like taking that silly head of Bella off his laps.

“Brenda, I thought you would rot in jail, but it’s not bad that you are back.” Bella said.

“Seems you want another trouble between us right?” I asked while she laughed.

“Stupid girl!” She mumbled.

Scott took Bella’s head off his laps gently.

“Why did you take my head off?” Bella asked.

“I only allowed you to place your head on my lap cause mom was around…you know on a norms, I would not allow?” Scott said and I scoffed at Bella.