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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 26

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 26

Scott’s POV

Bella had just three days to spend with us here, I can’t wait for her to leave so Helen can come back.

I do not like the way mom came to take Helen from me. I really love my sister.

I was inside the cinema, it’s a small sized room in the house. I was watching legend of the seeker, season 2 when I perceived someone walk inside.

The room is always dark, the only light available is the one emmiting from the television.

I looked intently and discern at once that it’s Bella.

Oops! I hope she hasn’t come to disturb me again?

I faced the movie I was watching and continued watching like I have no idea she was in the room .

To my surprise, she came to sit beside me.

“Hi!” She greeted.

“I’m watching a movie, Bella.” I said, insinuating to her that I do not want disturbance.

“I never meant to disturb you. You know I’ll be leaving in three days time right?” She asked.

“Sure.” I replied, not facing her. My face was directly on the TV

“Hmm, do you know why I dicided to stay in your place instead of the hotel?” She asked.

I sighed. “No.”

“It’s because I still love you. I know we have broken up but I want you to know that I love you. I knew I misbehaved then and I’m really sorry.” She pleaded.

“What’s going on here?” I heard a clumsy voice behind me. I needed no one to tell me that it’s Brenda.

What has she also come for?

“Oh! Couple having meeting in the dark!” She said and took steps out.

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I called out to her and she walked up to me.

“Who are you referring to as couple?” I asked her. I knew it’s better to just let her go to avoid trouble but a part of me really likes to talk to her.

“Aren’t you couple anymore?” She asked with her hands in the air.

“She’s my ex girlfriend, get that into your head, is that cleared?” I asked.

“An ex girlfriend?” She laughed. “Indeed! And you guys are alone in the dark, tell me you have kissed?” She laughed again.

“Kiss! Why would I do something of such? She was the one that came now to talk to me on an issue, stop thinking weird.” I rebuked her.

She scoffed and continued laughing in contempt. I got pissed and stood.

“What’s funny?” I asked

“Well, the fact that the both of you are doing hmm hmmm in the dark is funny, why don’t you use the bed?” She said and laughed in contempt at me.

I began to run after her. “Whaf is hmm hmmm, If I catch you!” I threatened and continued running after her even as she ran around the room.

Love in Tokyo…who else is imagining Bella’s reaction? ????