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Haunted. Episode 14

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Episode 14

Nathan’s POV

Nessa Myers and I arrived at the bush.

“Have you been here
before?” I asked her.

“I can’t remember, you mean my father lives inside this bush?” She asked.

“No no! But we have met here before and he said he was searching for you, he said to have been searching for you for seven years.

She nodded. Seems she was confused. We both walked inside the bush and to my surprise, everything about the forest has changed again.

I didn’t even know the way to the uncomplted ancient looking house that I saw the second time I came here.

We were just walking and hoping her father appears.

The ground suddenly began to form a circle and we could barely stand, Myers was almost falling but I held her.

We were trying to hold ourselves from falling but the ground seems to be forming in circles or maybe it’s our eyes.

We fell at some point but the ground kept rolling still, it was so scary.

I had never experienced such.

As we rolled on the floor, I held unto Nessa Myers.

By the time the whole Chaos stopped, she was on me holding me tight and frightened.

“Seems everything is calm now.” I said but she wouldn’t raise her head.

She lãïd still on me with her eyes closed.

I suddenly heard a clap behind me. I jerked and raised my eye to see who was behind me.

I could not turn my head well because Myers was on me.

The person came into clear view and it was Nessa Myers father.

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“Making love in the bush?” He scoffed.

“It’s not what you think?” I replied him and Nessa Myers stood from me.

I was able to stand too.

The man looked at Nessa Myers for a while, he continued staring at her while Nessa just looked around fearfully.

“Candy!” He called and Nessa Myers finally set his gaze on the man.

“Dad!” She screamed to the top of her voice and they both hugged.

Wow! So this man is her dad for real?

“Nessa! I have missed you.” The man said as he held his daughter’s in armslength and cried bitterly.

“Myers lowered her head and hugged her father tightly.

A beautiful smile formed on my lips, I’m really happy for their reunion.

Nessa Myers fell all of a sudden and her face turned fully white.

I was appalled. I looked at her father suspecting him like he had done something wrong to her.

” I did not hurt her, she’s being possessed by another soul, she needs her own soul back if she will live.” Her father said.

“Soul? ” I was so confused but it is not my first time hearing soul’ soul’ soul’

“Where do we get her own soul back now?” I asked.

“I told you the powerful man buried her soul, I haven’t find out where he buried it yet,did she perhaps tell you anything…whatever she tells you might help?”

“Well, she has a master. She told me she is loyal to the master and does all that the master wants such as sacrificing people’s soul for the master. But there is a spirit that do appear to me , the spirit looks exactly like Nessa Myers, it says it is being chained by someone in a ghost house. ” I explained.

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“Ghost house? I know where haunted is…let’s see if we can get her soul back.” Her father said and carried Nessa Myers on her shoulder.

We both walked to haunted : the house of the ghost.