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I Sold My V. Episode 4

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( His royal Excellency)


✍️ Four✍️


“Because I don’t want to know anything and it’s nasty and im uncomfortable please stop talking!” Valentina said and walked out of the room.

She doesn’t want to have s-*x but here I am paying for it. She is fascinating to me in so many ways, even though I just met her she’s different from her mother.

Valentina, such a different name for a girl like her she looks nothing like Valentina. I take off my jacket and walk to my office, I unlock the door and begin to work. I work until it’s late and Mile brings me up some food.

It’s ten at night and I take shower and jump in the bed. I begin to fall asleep when I feel the bed move underneath me.

I hear the lamp click on and pages turning. She’s reading her damn book again. “Valentina, go to bed” I mumble.

“Turn the other way” she says sassily.

I groan and turn the other way but it doesn’t help. “Why are you reading at this time?”

“It’s eleven at night”

“It’s late” I sigh.

“Fine I’ll go downstairs” she begins to get up but I lay my arm across her legs.

“If you get out this bed I will chain you too it”

“Why are you so bossy?”

“Why do we have to argue?”

“Why can’t I just do what I want to do?”

I sat up and grabbed her wrist. “Because you are in my house under my rules”

She looked terrified then I stopped when I realized what I was doing. I grabbed her book and threw it on the floor. I turned off get light wrapped myself in the covers.

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She sat there frozen for a few minutes then she laid down. I felt her move around but I didn’t care cause I was already sleep.

I groaned and sat up, I don’t have to work today, I hate not getting stuff done. I look over and Valentina is spread out still sleep.

I wanna fuc—:k her but I’m a gentleman and she’s a virg–:in, how is she so innocent? Does she not read books or even get curious? I wonder if she’s even touched herself.

I stop thinking and get up to take a shower. When I get out I wrap my towel around my waist and walk out the bathroom.

Valentina is sitting up rubbing her eyes. When she sees me she looked at my wet chest for a while then looked away.

“You’re finally awake” I say.

“I heard the shower running” she yawned she laid back down. “What’s today?”

“Friday” I put on my brown sweater. I dropped my towel and put on my boxers and my jeans.
“Come on get dressed” I said as I walked over to Valentina.

“No” she groaned.

“Valentina” I pulled the covers off her. “We have to go”

“Where are we going?”

“To a party”

“I don’t want to go!” She hugged her pillow.

“Alright so…” I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She screamed as I smacked her but:::-t. “This is not gonna happen” I said through clenched teeth to stop myself from getting out of control.

“Put me down” she hit my bu–:tt.
I put her down in the closet. “Don’t do that, get dressed and meet me downstairs”

“What do I wear? I didn’t pack any dresses” she scratched her head.

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“Turn around, something nice” I said and closed the door on her. I walked downstairs and sat at the table. I read the newspaper and did some work as I ate.

When I was almost done eating, Valentina came downstairs in a yellow floral dress that matched perfectly on her brown skin. “You look beautiful”

“Sure” she cheesed.

I studied her face as I spoke to her. “Get something to eat we’ll leave in a few” I went back to my food.

“I’ll just take a bagel, I can make it, Miles” I heard her say.

“No I got it”

“You look like you’ve been working all night, sit down”

She started making her bagel and started talking again. “Did you go home last night?”

“No, I had another night party”

Why is she talking to him, does she really care what he’s saying?

“Why don’t you take the day off, go home and see your family”

“I can’t I have a job to do”

“Well I’m just Mr. Maxwell won’t mind, right?” She looks at me.

“Sure whatever I don’t care” I lied. He’s supposed to be here.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, Miss”

“Get some sleep!” She said him as he walked out the front door.

She bit into her bagel and looked at me. “I’m ready”

I stood up and walked out to the garage. I jumped in one of my cars and Valentina did that same.

“You have a lot of cars-”

“Don’t do that” I cut her off.

“Do what?”
“Don’t let him off the hook just because he’s tired, he’s lucky he even has this fucking job” I spat.

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“The man was tired”

“He doesn’t work for you he works for me”

“You could’ve stopped me at anytime” she said calmly.

“I’m not gonna be the bad guy”

She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. “So why did you wake me up so early?”

“Don’t change the subject” I said.

“Who’s changing the subject”

“You are”

“What subject? I forgot what we were even talking about” she smirked. I bit down to stop what I was about to say. “Don’t bite down” she grabbed my face. “You’ll hurt your teeth”

She pulled her hand away so I started the car and drove to where we were going.

She irritates me but I’m a good way, I like it. There’s something about her that I’ve never felt with any other girl without having sex with them first. I don’t know what this feeling is I would say love but i don’t even know what that feels like and even if I did I wouldn’t let myself go that far.

✍️To be continued ✍️

What do you think? Maxwell is having feelings already?