March 22, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 28

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 28

Brenda’s POV

Why in the world would she want me to stop working as a maid? Well, not like I like being a maid, I just felt I need to know her reasons.


“Nothing, I just felt like you need to start up something with your life and stop working as a maid under Scott. You are a woman, you should have your own dignity.” Bella said.

“I’m leaving already, where is the money?” I asked.

“Well…talking of the money, it will be sent to you after you have packed all your luggage and left.”

“Interesting, imagine leaving the house and you didn’t later send me the money, how should I tell Scott’s mom to employ me back? Money first please.” I insisted.

“Fine, Give me few minutes?” She requested and walked out.

She came back few minutes later and stretched a cheque to me.

I collected the cheque and saw $50,000 written in it. I was glad but I never have any plan of leaving.

At least, for the rest of this month.

“Can you now carry your luggage and leave?” She asked.

“Erm…let me withdraw it first.” I insisted.

“Fine…why don’t you go to the bank now?” She advised and I stood.

“On my way to bank.” I told her and walked away.

I drove one of Scott’s car to the bank only to find out that the money in the account was not up to $50,000.

What nonsense is this?

I felt embarrassed and walked out of the bank. I drove back to the house.

On getting to Scott’s house, I had seen all my luggage outside with a leaflet on it.

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I took the leaflet and read what was inside.

“You are hereby fired.” It reads.

What! What have I done?

I looked around the compound, my phone was not even with me to call Scott’s mom and asked what my offence was?

I approached the room nevertheless and knocked severally but it wasn’t opened.

Am I fired for real? Did Scott know about this?

I waited for many hours hoping that someone inside will come outside so I can at least ask and confirm if I had been fired for real.

It was getting dark, I realize that I may sleep outside of the house as I didn’t see traces of anyone inside the house.

I dragged my luggage outside the compound of the house and went to my house.