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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 67

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Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 67

Chloe’s POV

I felt so soft at heart for Kaden, it’s like he is going to die. He looks bruised and tattered yet looks loving.

He is not the type of guy that forces love. He’s my first love. His brother proposes to me and he never hurt his brother because of that.

That’s enough reason to love him. I will willingly give him my v@gin—ity.

The doctor came in and expressed terror as he saw Kaden lying on a pool of blood.

“I can’t treat him here, the cops will be here anytime soon for investigation. I’ll treat him at my place.” The doctor said and I agreed immediately.

We both carried Kaden to his car.

On arriving at the doctor’s house. The doctor and I carried Kaden to a room I assume he treats patients in.

He began to operate on Kaden while I stood and watch.

I just want him to be fine so I can pay him for all that he had done for me in the past.

Though I haven’t recollected all that happened in the past but I believed everything that was said.

“How did he get shot?” The doctor turned and asked me.

“I have no idea. Make him well first, he will explain.”

“I will be injecting him so he will be unconscious for a while, the bullet pierced through his bone and went straight to his lungs.” The doctor explained.

“Fine, please go ahead.” I said and the doctor nodded. Kaden became unconscious while the doctor operates on him.

“Please come and pull off his jacket.” The doctor declared and adjusted back. I walked closer and pulled off his jackets, as I dragged the jacket, something dropped.

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“I think something dropped from that jacket.” The doctor said.

“Yes, I noticed. ”

I bent and searched for it, in few seconds, I found it.

What! It’s the same metal logo that I had seen in the house.

“Excuse me.” I said to the doctor and walked out to check whose name was written on it.

Kian’s POV

“Jace , did you see my ID?” I asked.

“No, where have you place it?” He asked.

“Forget about where I placed it, If you help me find it, inform me.” I said and went to inform Kyle too.

How in the world did I misplace the ID? The cops have been trying to identify who the sinners gang is all these years and they have not been successful, getting to know my name might implicate me greatly.

I was restless and hoped that no one will find it. Afterall, I have never taken it out of this penthouse.

My phone rang and on checking who the caller was ,it’s Chloe.

“Chloe!” I called as I placed the phone on my ear.

What I heard were sobs. I became really nervous.

“What happened Chloe? Where are you?” I asked. Has she been kidnapped?

“I found who shot my dad.” She said in the middle of her sobs.

“How…I mean…who?”