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Haunted. Epilogue

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Nessa Myers POV

It was Saturday, Nathan and I alighted from his car. He had promised that he would bring me to a tourist center.

I was stunned when I saw different statue of couples making love in different styles.

“Nathan! You are so spoilt.” I chuckled as I spank his shoulder.

“Am I? These statue are the spoilt onees.” He answered while we both laughed.

I fed my eye on different statue, I really love them. They were stuffs I had never seen before.

I love how my life is taking a new shape.

I can’t thank Nathan enough.

Seven years later!

Nathan and I had already finished both college and university.

We were at the restaurant facing each other and eating.

“It’s been seven years that we have been in this relationship.” He said as he ate.

“Yeah…you gave me a new life.” I thanked him.

“Hum! I feel like you could actually make a good wife.” He said and I blushed.

I looked down and didn’t say a word.

“Can you close your eyes.” He said and I hummed before I obliged.

“Open it now.” He said after few seconds and I obliged. I screamed as I saw him kneeling with ring in his hand.

All these years that we had been together, I always fear what will become of me if he dunbs me and decides to marry someone else.

He had showed me great love, nevertheless, I still doubt the fact that he could ever propose to me.

Cause he’s the most handsome being I have ever seen.

I’m indeed lucky.

“Will you marry me?” Nathan’s sweetest voice came through.

They were words that I had been meaning to hear from him all my life.

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“Say yes!” The crowds cheered and encouraged.

I stretched my hand and replied with a big YES.

He inserted the ring inside my finger and stood, he hugged me dearly.

I cried as we hugged. He gave me a bright life and also marry me.

“I love you Myers.” He said as we disengaged. He was now holding my hands into his.

“I love you more.” I replied and our faces moves close to each other.

We kissed.


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