December 1, 2023

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Single Dad. Episode 1

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DAD ????

???? Babysitting His Crazy Kids ????

Written by ???? Angel Louis ????

???? Episode 1 ????

???? ROSIANNA ????

“You’re fired!!.. take your things and get out of this building!” He gruffly spoke out as he chewed on his smoking pipe

What? No no.. this isn’t happening.

“Sir please.. ” I instantly fell on my knees and began to plead

This job is my only hope. My mom needs treatment and this is the only source of livelihood for the both of us.

“You already heard me Rosianna..I do not have to repeat myself do I? You’re always late for work and could you please check the time for me?”

He turned to look at me with an eye roll.

“It-It’s past ten.. sir” my voice low..
I’m madly late.

“And when are you supposed to resume work doll?”
He furrowed his brow at me. His stares so intense.

“E..Eight” I stuttered.

“Its not my fault sir.. my mom’s condition got so bad today and I had to rush down to a chemist to buy her medications. She’s so sick and she…

“Explain sh•t from now till tomorrow, I still don’t give a Fvck!
This is a public service where people troop in at any time to quench their taste. You don’t need to keep them hungry because your sick mother needs attention.”

“Sir please… I need this job.. I’m really sorry for messing up..”
Tears trickled down my cheeks. I held myself hard consciously from breaking down in his office.

“If you really need this job, …” He smirked… “You know what to do”

Oh not again!
“Sorry… You know I can’t.. please.. I..

“If you can’t, get out of my office now!!”
He thundered.

My lips parted as I gasped in shock.

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What he’s asking of me is too much. I can’t…!

I slowly walked out of his office in tears.. i pulled off my uniform and began packing my few things as most of the girls stared at me with sympathy.

It’s barely two months I worked here and I’m getting fired already.
Jeez! Can my life get any worse?

” Anna…”
Vickie tapped my shoulder lightly.

“Hey…” I looked up at her..
Vickie is the nicest person in this place and only she knows my plight.

“I’m sorry you got fired. ” She spoke out..

Her eyes cloaked with so much pity for me.

I hate it when people look at me with such eye.. it doesn’t help situations. It only makes me cry more.

“It’s okay.. you gonna make me cry..” I wiped off the tears that welled my lid.

“Take..” she squeezed a note into my hand..

“It’s not much ….”

“Oh my! Vickie!” I gasped at the sight.

“Manage it for yourself and mom.. she needs you to be stronger now . ”

“Oh thank you” I hugged her passionately..

“I’m gonna miss you” I cried.

“Me too… You could at least, Wait outside a little Incase the boss changes his mind. Who knows? He might just be having a bad morning.”

I broke from her and looked straight into her face.

“You think so?” A pinch of hope in my voice.

“I guess… Just wait outside please. He’ll definitely know how serious you are about the Job”

I think she’s making a point..

“Okay.. ” I breathe out in uncertainty as I picked my few things ..

I’ll wait outside a little while.

????5 Hours Later????

I kept waiting under the drizzling rainpour.
I felt a little soaked and began to shiver.
Mr Dean came out about twelve times only to ignore me and do whatever he’s doing.

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He’s so mean!

I can’t sell my body to such a person.
Yeah I got killer curves that could make a man drool anytime of the day and a pretty face too.

Most times I’m forced to hate the way I look cause it brings so much attention — attention From s£x-minded freaks.

I’ve stayed here long enough. The sun gradually started coming out. As it Ray’s shone Through the environment.

I picked up my things and began to slowly walk away.

I’ll have to trek a mile before I get to my destination..

Mr Dean doesn’t consider the distance whenever he tries to scold me for late coming.

The drizzling slowly subsided as the sun came into force. But the ground was a bit muddy with dirty water.

One has to be pretty careful so you don’t fall into the stinky Mud..

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didnt see the incoming vehicle.

It drove fast past me and splashed the dirty water on me.

Oh crap! What the…?

I almost fell down at the sudden swiftness at which it drove past me.. I released my hand trying to hold my stamina.. and as a result, I unconsciously let go of the money which Vickie gave to me and the wind blew it away to the busy road.

“No…” I gasped in tears..
In a haste to get it, I was gripped by a strong arm.

“Forget the money.. I’ll refund it.. By the way, I’m sorry for splashing dirt on you.”
He spoke out in a nice and calm tone. His voice deep.

I wriggled myself from his touch as tears slide down my face..
“It’s okay..” I slowly nodded..

“Why the tears? Hope I didn’t hurt you .?”

“No… It’s just… My money. That was the last cash with me and .

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“How much was it?”

“A hundred dollar..” I slowly replied.

“I’ll refund with a thousand. Get in the car. I’m really sorry for the mess.”

A thousand what? My mouth dropped open.. and I quickly closed it back in embarrassment.

“Come along..” he took my stuff from me and was about walking away..

“Who are you? And why are you nice?”

Please God it shouldn’t be what I’m thinking. He definitely shouldn’t be after what he’s seeing in me .

I don’t trust the kindly gestures of men now adays.. most doesn’t mean well.

“Call me David Romero. And I’m not nice.. I’m just trying to correct my wrong. I ruined your dress and made you loose your money. I got to pay for that..”

He smiled in a cute way as he led me towards his car.

“Don’t be scared.. I won’t waste your Time. I was actually on my way to pick up my kids from school.. ”

So he’s married?
My mood slightly fell.. all the nice persons seems to be taken.

“Why not go pick them up from school first.. they must be waiting..”

“Hell yeah. They are madly waiting for Daddy.. but can you wait that much?” He asked.

“Yeah.. they are your kids and they need attention. You could just drop me off without shopping.. I wouldn’t want to waste their time.. ”

He’s married.. I don’t need to feel too comfortable with him. We could just go pick up his kids and he’ll drop me off after that.

“Okay… Let’s ride to school then” he smiled as he drove back into the highway.

His kids must be really good looking as he is..

They must be Adorable.
Can’t wait to see them .