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The Boss And The Maid. Chapter 8

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❣️❣️❣️THE BOSS ❣️❣️❣️
❣️❣️❣️THE MAID❣️❣️❣️

By: Author Donna

❣️❣️❣️ Chapter 8❣️❣️❣️
〰️ Morena’s POV 〰️
The car stopped in the glamorous and beautiful compound of Milton high school. I can’t believe am gonna be attending this kind of school. It’s really expensive and………

My thoughts were overruled by the horning of another car as…..my driver left the way.

The driver of the other car came out wearing a scowl on his face as I shrieked with fear.

“Hey don’t you know how to drive?” He yelled as my driver whined the glass down. “Am really sorry sir, it’s just that she didn’t give me an order to move” he said as I sighed.
Just then,a plastic looking girl came out from the car as she blew a bubble with her gum. “Let them be I bet,she’s new to road signs” with that,she grabbed her bag and walked away.

I waved the driver goodbye,asked for directions to the reception office before searching my bag for…….the form.

“Gotcha!” I exclaimed as the receptionist smiled at me. “You must be Morena Dela Cruz?” She asked as I beamed with smiles.

“Yes ma’am…..uhm here’s my form” I replied handing her the form as she smiled and gave me a file. “It consists of your schedule,locker number and other necessities” she said as I nodded and walked out.
The class was really noisy when I walked in and of course no one noticed me……. well am glad.

I took the back seat and began to go through the phone Mr Miguel gave to me. I’ve not asked miss Violet if she knew I’ll be working for her family.

It seems as if……she toyed with me. Just then,a teacher walked in and Immediately the class became silent.

“Good morning everyone,we have a new student in our midst and I’ll like her to introduce herself” he said as my heart began to pound.

That’s what I hate most in being a new student. I stood up and caught sight of that rude bitch from earlier on.

She had a smirk, plastered to her face and her two top buttons were opened. Such a slut.

“Am…. Morena Dela Cruz,I hope we can be friends?” I said as most people scoffed and faced their businesses.

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???? Thought she was a celebrity…….she’s not even beautiful ????

????Oh my gosh……she’s not tush,she’s wag????
Another said as my heart sank low in my tummy.

????Oh I bet she’s a nerd????

Another said as I walked to my seat…….am actually old for this class,but nothing’s gonna stop me from becoming a nurse.
〰️ Miguel’s POV 〰️
“I hope she didn’t encounter any problem?” I asked the principal for the third time.

“No,she didn’t….” She replied as I smiled. That’s all I wanted to know. She has been on my mind lately and I know it’s a bad Idea.

“Paisley cancel the payment to Yola’s account for this month” I said as she smiled. Gosh, ladies she actually thinks if I leave Yola I’ll come to her? Never….. they’re all the same.

“Okay sir, and you have a meeting with Mrs Fortress” she said as I rolled my eyes. Gosh today’s gonna be a bad day. Mrs Fortress and I have been business partners for…… five years and she’s been pairing me up with her eighteen years old daughter.

“Where are we having the meeting?” I asked as she sighed. “As usual at her house” she replied as I frowned. I knew her reasons but I don’t think I can keep up with this.

“Cancel it,I need to be home early, she’ll be back on time” I blurted out as her face registered confusion.

“Who’ll be back?” She asked as I face palmed my self. Gosh….I can’t believe am so eager to go home because of a mere maid.

“No one,it shouldn’t concern you” I replied and took it as a hint to leave.
???? School ????
〰️ Morena’s POV〰️
It seems no one cared I was around,I tried my best to listen to…..the tutors and all they were saying.

Finally the siren went and it was time for lunch. Some girls filed out in groups, some sat back operating their cellphones while I stood up and checked my bag.

What!!! A credit card? But why will Mr Miguel treat me as if I was someone special? I walked out of the classroom, heading to the cafeteria when four girls stopped me.

“Hey where did you get this wristwatch?” That rude brat asked as I looked at my hand. Who does she think she is?

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“It shouldn’t concern you, please excuse me” I said but one pulled me back. “We’re only tolerating your attitude because you’re a newbie,look we rule this school” one said as I scoffed.

“Besides am…. Blair,she’s Jessica the daughter of the owner of Milton high,she’s penny and that blonde is Lisa” Blair said as I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t see a reason why I should know this,am not interested” I said, jerking her hands off me and walking away.
I sat at the far end of the cafeteria, sipping my lemonade when a text popped into my phone.

“Hey how’s school?” I furrowed my brows as I sighed. Who could this be??

“School’s okay, who’s this” I typed back as I noticed some girls whispering. Just then,four boys walked into the cafeteria, searching for a place to sit until their eyes landed on my seat.

I almost choked on my drink as the walked towards my direction with a smile on their faces. They began to wave. Wait do they know me? I asked myself as the began to peck those rude bitches.

Oh my gosh…..I actually thought they were…..oh no,silly me. Who’ll ever love me? Huh…no one.

I thought, checking the phone as I saw another text.

“It’s Mr Sanchez,the driver will be there early, you must come back immediately” I rolled my eyes. Even his text has authority,but what can I do??
True to his words,as soon as the siren went off for school over,the driver pulled into the school and I scurried towards the car,entered as he drove off.

Mrs Mona gave me my work schedule this morning,so I’ve got a one hour break before work begins.

I sighed and rested my head on the seat as I dozed off.
“Miss, wake up we’re here” the driver said as I smiled. “Oh thanks, besides I didn’t get to know your name” I said, alighting the car.

“Am Jerry” he said as I nodded and walked in. “Mrs Mona am home” I yelled as she placed her hands on her lips.

“Shh…..he’s upstairs,he gave an order that you should see him in his office immediately you come back” she said as I frowned.

What exactly did I do again? I pushed his door without knocking and saw a slut sitting on his thighs with her upper part exposed.

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“Oh sorry…. I’ll come b….” He cut me short. “You’ll be punished, and I won’t be merciful…. you may go” he said as I bowed my head and walked out.

I kept on hitting my head until I got to the maid quarters. “Why didn’t I knock?” I asked myself, discarding my clothes as……I jumped on the bed. Now am in for it.
〰️ Violet’s POV 〰️
“Hey don’t try that, you know me…….I can’t do it” I yelled over the phone.

I needed to know who bought the supplies for a bigger amount. “Oh ma’am we’ve gotten the person” he replied as I smiled.

“Where’s the person?” I asked,I already signed a deal with the company meaning I and the person will be working together for sometime.

But I wonder if the person is a chef….or if the person has a restaurant.

“He’s over here” I heard a familiar voice as I turned to face max.

“You!” I exclaimed, cutting the call as he chuckled. “Yeah…… partner” he replied mockingly as I scowled and groaned.

“Get lost” I yelled as he laughed hysterically.
〰️ Miguel’s POV 〰️
After the good fuck with my whore,I walked out of my office and strolled to the kitchen.

It’s time to deliver my punishment to her. I looked through the window and noticed it was cloudy.

Good because she’s gonna sleep under that rain. “Where’s Morena?” I asked Brenda as she shrugged

“She’s doing her assignments” she replied as I nodded. I don’t know why am hesitating, normally I’d have given out my order.

I walked towards her bedroom and noticed that the lights were on. I pushed the door in and Immediately,her face dropped.

“Oops, someone isn’t happy to see me, well hunny it’s time for your little punishment” I said as she stood up.

“Am ready” she said defiantly as I smiled. She’s quite an attitude,but I’ll break her.

“Uhm…. take my favorite horse to the stream down the compound,I think it needs water” I said as she frowned.

“But we could just feed it from…..” I raised my hands up.

“My order,now leave” I said as she nodded and walked out.

I knew several thoughts will be running through her mind,well she’s untamed,I need to tame her.

Am gonna break her….. until she knows am the boss here