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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 32

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 32

Brenda’s POV

I arrived home and just as I was about to enter, I met a letter at the knob of my door.

I paused for few seconds wondering who could have come to my poor house to drop a letter.

I’ve got no issues with the cops neither do I….but! Could it be my landlord?

It can’t be him cause the house rent is yet to due, he may probably be reminding me.

I took the letter nevertheless and opened it. I was flabbergasted at what I saw.

The letter reads ; “Call me…Scott.” His number was inscribed on it.

I entered my room and wondered how he had got to know my house address.

I didn’t even have a phone to put a call across to him.

Monday Morning!

I was at work already, it’s my first time seeing my colleagues at work and I’m yet to make friends with any of them but I’m certain I will make reasonable friends soon.

At least, few of them are my calibers, I’m happy none of them is that rich to bully me.

I did the best I could and few minutes before we close, someone came to inform me that the cheff would love to see me after we are done.

I walked to the Cheff’s office wondering if he had wanted to do some orientations for me but at the other hand, I thought that orientation should be general and not one on one.

I entered his office and greeted; “Good morning sir.”

“How are you Brenda.” He responded with a smile and signalled for me to sit.

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I obliged and he stared at me for few seconds before speaking: “It’s your first time here ,how was it like?”

“Very cool sir, the work isn’t too stressful and my colleagues are not bad.” I responded honestly.

“I’m the cheff here and I can make you enjoy your time here and even work your promotion very quickly. ”

“Oh! I’d be grateful sir. I’ll ensure I work to the best of my ability.” I replied.

“Brenda…I’m telling you that I can make it in such a way that; you will come to work anytime you like, you may work and decide not to work, just take the attendance while I work on getting you promoted as my personal assistance.” He promised.

I started to feel odd at that moment. I hope he’s not up to something cause why will he promise something of such.

“At the other hand, I can make this place horrible for you, streanous and probably get you fired.” He added and I felt threatened.

“But…why will you do that sir? I’m not lazy, I’ll work hard, I promise.”

He smirked.

“If you corporate with me you will enjoy this place.” He said and stood.

He walked to where I sat and sat on the desk before me as he stares lus-tfully on my ch-est.