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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 35

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 35

Brenda’s POV

I was so happy, the sim and everything was also there. I set the phone and strode to Scott’s mom’s office.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted as I got inside her office.

“How are you, Brenda?” She asked as she drank her tea.

“I’m fine ma. ” I replied still standing.

“Have your sit, please.” She gestured

“Thank you ma…I had come to tell you something ma.”

“Okay, I’m listening please.”

“Ma, our cheff seems to be lus–ting after me. He invited me to his office yesterday and was trying to do something silly with me.” I reported.

“This boy will never change!” I heard her say. Not to me particularly.

She had probably known that it’s how he behaves.

“You see this company, it’s owned by many rich people , my husband owns a part of it, the guy who is your cheff, his father also has a share in this company…he’s not someone that I can fire.” She said.

My days!

She thought for a while as she hit the table with her fingers.

“I’ll let him know you are my daughter and that he should stay away from you.” She said.

“Alright ma, I’ll be grateful.” I said and walked back to work.


I arrived home and I was surprised to the man I hate to see. He’s the house manager.

“I still have 7 days, what did you want?” I asked.

“So I have to wait for your rent to expire before I come for my money? When others have paid…you must be silly.” He said as he chew from the bottle of groundnut he was holding.

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He’s so disgusting and have no respect for ladies.

“I’ll pay you on the seventh day.” I said hoping he just leaves.

“I’m coming here with my men on that day, if we come and you didn’t have money to pay, we are packing all your luggage out.” He said and sauntered away even as eats.

I spit on his shadow and twisted the knob and walked inside.

I was really tired.
I went to my kitchen and started cooking.

I was surprised when I heard steps. I remembered that I never locked the door.

I suspended the banana I was peeling and walked out of my kitchen only for me to see someone sitting in the living room

Who in the world is this?

I walked before the person and it turned out to be my boss: the cheff.

“What! What are you doing in my house?” I asked?

“To greet you.” He replied ordinarily.

“Are you joking? I respect you but you didn’t have the right to just barge inside my house. Please leave.” I ordered politely.

“You didn’t even ask what I had came for.” He said as he stood.

“I don’t care , just leave sir.” I said and he instead approached me instead.

I started to adjust back in fear wondering what he wanted to do with me.

“Are you scared?” He asked with a dry smirk on his lips.

The door creaked open at that moment and on glancing to see who it was, it turned out to be Scott.

I hurriedly ran to Scott for safety. The cheff gawked at the both of us and walked out.

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I never even realized that I was holding unto Scott very tight, I wonder why I feel so secured around him.