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I Sold My V. Episode 10

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( His royal Excellency)

✍️ Ten✍️

Note: Joshua is also Mr. Maxwell


“Cancel my 12 o’clock meeting, Loraine” I said into the phone.

“Yes sir” she spoke softly. “Reason being?”

“I’m going to lunch” I said.

“A special lady?” She asked.

I wish. “No just a business proposal”

“It’s almost twelve sir, should I call Nate to pick you up”


“He’s outside when your ready sir”

“Thank you”

I clean my desk and begin to walk out of the room and to the lobby. As I push the button to the elevator I start thinking about Valentina.

We’re on good terms now and I kissed her last night to calm her down. I guess i haven’t been the best person to live with for the past week but she puts up with me the best she can. She’d make a great wife and a wonderful mother.

I head to the car and Nate opens the door for me. Then he gets in the car driving me to my location.

Valentina slept in my arms last night. She’s so beautiful when she sleeps. I took time to notice everything I could about her. She’s truly amazing, I honestly don’t want her going anywhere.

We arrive at the restaurant and I walk in. I look for a woman with black hair and she’s sitting at a table on her phone.

I walk over and greet her. “Hi” she stands up and smiles.

“Hi” I give a small smile back. I point at her chair and she sits down. “I haven’t seen you in a while how are you doing?”

I sit down and give a small answer. “I’m doing fine”

She nods. “Yea? Well you sure are getting busy, aren’t ya?”

“What are you talking about Leticia?”

“You know what I’m talking about, Joshua”

her smile faded into a crazed rage. “You bought a girl?!”

“Who told you that?” That auction was private. That means no open market, no press, no media, and no word out. Similar to the black market but is totally legal.

“My publicist”

“Why do you have a publicist?” She doesn’t even work.

“I’m looking to be an actress”

“Well go somewhere else with that bullshit”

“Joshua she can’t do what I do, you don’t want her”

“You don’t know what I want”

“We have been doing with for months, why the change at heart”

“I broke up with you because I didn’t see myself being with you. I want to get married one day and I can’t do that with you” I stood up. “I don’t want to see you again” I said before I walked away.

“That was quick sir” Nate said as i walked outside.

“Yes, I need to go home for a minute before I go back to work”

“Yes sir” he said and drove in that direction.

When we pull up to the house I head to my office and look for a written document that I made Leticia sign, when we first started.

I unlocked my desk drawer and pulled out a yellow envelope incasing the papers.

I lock it back and head out of my office locking the door behind.

I head to my room to check on Valentina. I put my document on the nightstand and walk in the bathroom where Valentina was.

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“Good afternoon” I smirked at her.

“Good afternoon, Joshua. You finished with work already?”

“No I just came to check on you and ask you to dinner tonight”

“Really?” She looked as if she couldn’t believe I was asking her. “Uh, yea I’d love too”

“Wear something fancy” I said and kissed her lips then leaving her as quickly as I came.

Now I just have to find some place to take her. But I can focus on that later, right now I have to get Leticia to sign these documents.

“Nate” I said to him as I walked down he steps. “I have a job for you”

“Yes sir?” He asked.

“I need you to deliver this envelope to a woman, I’ll send you her address” I handed it to him.

“Yes sir” he began to walk away but I pulled him back.

“You give this to her and no one else. It need to be in her hands, this is very serious” I looked into his eyes so he would understand how important this is.

“Should I think differently about this sir? Should I handle it?” He asked.

I know what he means but that’s not what I need. “No just as you’re told”

“Yes sir” he nodded once and headed out the door.

I need to follow him to make sure she gets it, and I’ll take to her afterwards.


“Wear something fancy” he smirked and leaned down to kiss me, before leaving quickly.

I was not expecting that, I thought we were just gonna stay in the house again. But I guess not.
Now I have to find something to wear, I love looking pretty!

I run to the closet and open it. I walk in and look around. I forgot how big this closet is, it could be a whole bedroom.

I walk to the girl clothes which I’m assuming are mine and see so many se-xy dresses and shoes.

“How am I gonna choose?” I laughed to myself. Maybe I should go for something simple and sleek.

I move around the clothes and I see a long black dress, with spaghetti straps and a slit down the side of it.

This is going to make his jaw drop. I’m going to make him want to take my virginity tonight.

“You look beautiful” Joshua said to me as he grabbed my hand.

I smiled humbly staying close by his side, there are a lot of people here and I’m feeling very self conscious.

“Why are you so quiet?” He asked me, smiling.

“I’m always quiet and there’s a lot of people here” I’m not sure where we are. It looks like a five star restaurant. “Did I mention I don’t like big crowds?”

He chuckled. “Table for two” he told the hostess.
“Name?” He asked.


“Right this way sir” he lead us to a table right in the center of everyone and on our way to the table, almost everyone shook his hand. Mostly old white men in business suits but a lot of ladies looked at him too. Making me feel a bit jealous.

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Joshua pulled my chair out for me and I sat down.

I bit my lip and looked around the room. Lots of people, sitting at fancy tables drinking fancy wine. I don’t think I can eat in front of them. What if I use the wrong fork and somebody calls me out.

What if I embarrass Joshua? I’ll be mortified. “…eat?” I just heard the last of what Joshua had said to me.

“What did you say?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Are you nervous?” He asked grinning his stupid grin.

“Why are you enjoying this?” I whined.

“Because you look so beautiful”

I smiled a little. “Thank you”

“Take a look at the menu” he said.

I obeyed and looked at all the items on the page but I kept seeing numbers. Unnecessarily over priced food. “Joshua this food is expensive!” I said quietly.

“This is a five star restaurant”

“My goodness” I started. “I mean look at this… $50 for steak and potatoes?!” He laughed at my comment. “I would never pay that much for steak and potatoes”

I continued to look for the cheapest thing on the menu but it was a salad that was $32.

“I’ll get this” I said showing him the menu.

“A salad?” He asked. “No” he shook his head.

“Why? This is what I want”

“You’re gonna be picking off my plate after you devour that”

I smiled at him. He knows me so well already. He’s right though. I’ll be eating all his food and he’ll be shaking his head at me.

“She’s getting the burger” he said to the waiter. I didn’t even know he was here already. Then he said something in French and the waiter nodded and walked off.

What just happened? I didn’t know Joshua spoke another language.

“Where are you from?” I asked him.

“I was born in Seattle”

“Really?” He nodded as he straightened his tie. Is he nervous? I can’t tell he has a blank face. “How do you know French?” I asked.

“My parents liked to travel. We lived in France for a while”

“I’ve never seen your parents” I mentioned.

“They’ll come around” he said. I feel awkward and out of place, I don’t know what to say to him. He makes me really nervous. I keep playing with my hands and looking everywhere but at him.

“What about you, Valentina?” He asked.

I looked at him confused. I forgot everything we were just talking about. “What about me?” I asked.

“Where are you from?”

“New York” I said shyly.

“You don’t sound like your from there” he raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not from New York City. I’m from Syracuse”

“My fathers from Syracuse, where is your father from?”
He changed the subject awfully fast. I was about to answer when our food came. They placed my food in front of me and Joshua’s in front of him. His looks neat and in order, he got the steak and potatoes, I swear he loves that dish.

“So?” he asks waiting for me to speak.

“Um-” I said biting into my burger. I don’t really want to speak to him about that but Joshua Maxwell always gets him way but not this time.

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“Valentina slow down, its not going anywhere”

“But it’s so good” I say and take another bite. “You want some?”

He smiled a little bit. He gave me a sexy, genuine smile, a smile that I don’t see often. He is so…intriguing.


…enticing . Her dimples and her skin in this light is beautiful. She looks so sexy in this dress she’s wearing. I honestly can’t stop looking at her. She’s making me hungry but not for food. Her personality, her ego, her kindness, and her shyness all pull me in making me want her. More and more everyday.

She’s distracting me, I asked her a question. How did I let her dodge my question? She’s doing this on purpose, she wore that dress on purpose, so I would take her now. As soon as possible, but luckily I’m not that vulnerable.

I’m glad I ending thing with Leticia, she’s not a woman like Valentina is, and Valentina can most definitely not know about her. She’ll hate me forever.

“Valentina” I said cutting into my steak and eating some. “I asked a question”

“Joshua, can we not do this here?” she looked at me sideways.

“Do what?”

“Well, argue”

“I just asked a question” I said. “If you don’t think that having a conversation is important, then I suggest we don’t speak at all” I took another bite of my food. “Would you rather that?” I asked.

“No” she pouted. I always get my way. “He’s from Manhattan” she answered finally. We’re finally getting somewhere.

“Your mother too?” I asked.
“Yes” she wiped her hands and her mouth and started sipping her wine.

“Has your mother always been rude to you?”

“Well, she has her good days and her bad”

“What’s a good day?”

“A good day is an ‘I love you’ and not being spoken to for a week. A bad day is a beaten and no food” she chuckled.

“She’s really hard on you, especially after all you’ve done for her” she looked away from me and started playing with her hands.

“I mean, I’ve done some stuff to”

“Nothing as bad as her, Valentina”
“But I’m the only one that can help her, no one seems to get that” she looked at me.

“You can’t take her pain as your own it’s gonna kill you”

“I’ll blame myself if she dies and I know that I didn’t try everything to help her”

“Valentina, cancer is a hell of a disease but you cannot blame yourself” she looked away again and drank some more wine.

She smiled at me before standing up. “I’m gonna use the restroom” she walked away and I watched her talk to a waitress before walking to the restroom.

I called the waiter over for the check and he put our unfinished food into boxes.

I need to talk to Valentina before I have sex with her. I’m starting to care about her and
I might want her to be with me.