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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Scott’s POV

I was sad. So she isn’t just bluffing that she had a boyfriend? My days! Her boyfriend is not that bad.

But do they break up? And did she have to lie to me that it’s not her boyfriend.

I was on my bé-d with my eyes closed, I was lost in thought.

I felt a hand on my chest and I opened my eye.

I saw Bella sitting on the bed with her hands on my ch;est.

“Bella!” I called not knowing why she had come.

I tried to sit upright but she pressed my che;st to the be-d gently.

“Don’t worry about standing up” She said softly.

“Do you want to tell me something?” I asked with a keen and concerned look.

“Why are you sounding odd! can’t I come to your room?” She asked.

“Of course you can, just surprised it was at this time, it’s getting late already.”

“I know…can I sle-ep here this night?” She asked.

“Sleep? why?”

“I just felt like, I have few days to spend with you, allow me spend the night here.” before I could reason what to respond with, she f–ell bes-ide me.

I turned my head to her and swallowed. I was feeling grosllly uncomfortable but I will try to put myself under control so nothing out of bound will happen.
I was facing the ceiling while she faced me.

She sat upright all of a sudden and threw her legs to the floor, she stood and walked to the bathroom.

Few minutes later, she walked out with a towel rapped around her body. the skin of her br–st was exposed cause the towel was short.

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Her fresh t–ighs were visible too, I had to look away.

I can’t wait for her days to be over so she can leave.

She came to l–ay beside me and stared into my face. I could only see her with the corner of my eyes cause I was not ready to turn to her.

“Scott!” She called.

“Yes!” I replied looking stiff like a statue.

“Can I pla-ce my he-ad on your ch-est , please?” she asked softly.

“You want to…erm…” I haven’t replied fully when she placed her head on my chest.

“I use to be your girlfriend, please Scott! you should be feeling so comfortable around me. I love you.” She said almost crying.

I patted her with my hands so she had stopped crying.