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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Brenda’s POV

“I’ll give you your six months salary as gift if you let me pass one nig-ht with you.”

“No.” My reply was blunt.

The cheff had invited me before him.

He smirked. “Are you a v@—gin?” he asked.

“That’s absurd sir, you can’t be asking something that personal to me.”

He smirked. “I’ve had s-x with many ladies here, why are you making yours something difficult?”

“Cause I’m not like them.” I replied.

“Which is why I’m more particularly interested in you.”

“It’s not going to work sir , you should know that by now.” I was now bold.

“Hum! you are poor and living in an insecured place, I can easily come there an r—ape you.” He threatened and my heart tightened.

Is that perhaps what he had come to do when he came to my house.

To r—ape me in my own house? I’d rather die.

“I do not want to disrespect you sir but you are forcing me.” I said and he smiled.

“Indeed! you are free to disrespect me all you want, I’m just telling you that I can get what I want from you forcefully without stress.”

“You are such a wicked being, there are many ladies out there, why don’t you go out there and f–k any lady you want? if you keep sticking around me , you will hurt yourself so bad cause…hmn! you don’t want to imagine what I can do to you.” I let out an empty threat and he scoffed at me.

“You are so funny!” He said as he walked to where I stood.

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I intentionally stood without taking a step back and shot him a very annoying look.

He threw his hands up in surrender and went to sit.

“I’m actually not ready to fight you.” He said mockingly but I don’t care.

“Can I leave? ” I asked.

“One question before you leave, who is that guy that came when I was at your place?” he asked.

“Why did you want to know?” I asked.

“Who he is shouldn’t bother you.” I added.

“If he’s your boyfriend, I may have to clear him out of the way to get to you.” He said and If I could discern what he meant, he probably meant that he would kill him if Scott was my boyfriend.

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother. can I leave now?” I asked and he nodded.

I walked out of his office.