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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 39

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 39

Brenda’s POV

After I was done with work that day, I stood outside the building of the company I worked for.

I was scared and unwilling to go home, I do not know if I should go home, I was scared that the stupid chef might come to my house again.

I wish he doesn’t know my house.

I felt like phoning Scott to come and pick me from here but I felt like he would clearly rebuff. I knew he is proud and wouldn’t see any reason to come and pick me.

At the other hand, I felt like going to his house at least till it was late at night but he might just send me away or rebuff me.

Plus that troublesome Bella might still be at his house.

I thought for a while, a car suddenly parked before me, it was a very beautiful car and the glass wined down.

“Why don’t you let me transport you to your house.” Before even peeping through the window to see who it was, I had already recognized the voice to be that of the chef.

“No.” I replied bluntly and took steps away.

He reversed back to where I adjusted too and spoke again; “Standing in the sun is not good for a beautiful girl like you.”

I was now getting frustrated, what Is the probablity that he wouldn’t just follow me home if I take a car and leave for my house.

If I take a cab obstinately to Scott’s house, he would know where he lives and might hurt him.

I was left with no choice at that point but to phone Scott.

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“Hello Scott.” I greeted.

“Any problem?” He asked rudely.

“Can you come and pick me from work?” I asked.

“Sure, because I’m your boyfriend.” He replied, hissed and hung up.

What! He’s so silly.

He doesn’t even care what I’m going through here.

True, though. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend, I did not have the right to call him to come and pick me

Maybe I should have said it better.

While trying to phone him again, I noticed the chef walked out of his car and walked to me.

“I will scream, stay away from me.” I threatened and he threw his hands up in the air and walked back inside his car.

He drove away.

I let out a sigh and finally dialed Scott’s number, I was now ready to plead with him politely.