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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 41

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 41

Brenda’s POV

“Should I drive you home or…to my house?” Scott asked.

“Is Bella still around?” I asked and ignored his question.

“Yes , but she’s leaving tomorrow morning.” He replied.

“She may not want to leave again once she sees that I’m around.” I let out.

“So? what’s your conclusion?” He asked?

“To my house.” I replied.

We didn’t exchange any more word till we get to my house.

He parked before the building and rested his two hands on the starring.

“Are you not staying for a while?” I asked knowing that he expected me to step down from his car.

“I? I told you I can’t even withstand this poor house.” He replied and I nodded.

I was scared that the silly Cheff may come.

I stepped down and closed the door to his car.

I looked at him through the glass and with one mind, I walked inside my house.

I dipped a knife inside my Apron as I cook in case the cheff came and wanted to act rubbish.

My food got done and I served myself, I had yanked off my apron but the knife was now beside me.

I also locked my door so he would not be able to enter.

I can’t wait to collect my first salary so I can use it to rent a room in a more secured place.

I had barely taken two bites when I heard sounds of twist on the knob of the door.

My heart tightened in fear. I quickly stand holding the knife like someone ready to fight even though I did not know how to fight.

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“Is the person trying to open it from outside? I questioned myself.

The door finally opened and fear gripped my heart as I saw the cheff.

He smirked and took a step forward.

” I will peirce you….with this knife if you dare approach me.” I threatened and he simply smiled.

“Remember I asked if you want it by force or willingly? you never responded, you seem to want it forcefully.” He said with an evil smirk on his lips.

“Whatever you are up to will never happen.” I replied and he took one more step closer.

“I’m not joking, man. I will forget this thing in your body.” I threatened even though I was not ready to do it.

He must have seeing it in my eyes that I do not have the mind to hit someone with a knife.