February 3, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 42

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 42

Brenda’s POV

“I’m not scared to die, hit me.” He said as he approached me.

He kept adjusting back but he kept daring me, I wanted to hit him on his chest when he wouldn’t stop approaching me only for him to guide it and held unto my hand.

He twisted my hand painfully and the knife fell from my hand. I was now scared.

“I told you I will take what I want from you forcefully.” He said.

I threw a slap to his cheek with my second hand.

He rubbed it and smiled.

“I love it, can you do that again?” He asked and I bite my lips painfully and frustratingly as I looked away.

I was so helpless.

He held unto the collar of my cloth and smiled evily at me. He to-re off my clot-hes all of a sudden and I felt so ashamed of myself.

I struggled for him to leave me but he wasn’t ready to.

I tried all my best to let myself loose from him but he was just too strong than I.

He dragged me toward the chair.

“Should we use the chair…or, where is your room?” He asked and I angrily spit inside his eyes.

It was the only thing left for me to do.

He touched the spit and licked it.

“Torture me more baby, please ” He pleaded in a mocking manner.

“Oh! there is your room.” He finally caught sight of my room.

I felt so horrible at that moment.

“Let’s go have some fun.” He said and was about dragging me to my room.

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“Let her go.” I recognize the voice immediately to be that of Scott.

The cheff turned and saw Scott standing. He was still holding unto me roughly.

“You this boy, again? ” He said to Scott and dragged me to him.

“I fear that I may deal mercilessly with you if you did not leave?” He said and Scott smirk.

“You are just a weakling and a shamelsss bully.” Scott abused him and he threw me angrily to the floor.

I fell to the floor and watched the two of them.

The cheff angrily threw a punch towards Scott’s eye but he was quick to guide it.

Scott beat the cheff blue black that he couldn’t stand again.

I was stunned, I did not know Scott was that good in fighting.

“Scott!” I called him like a legend.

He watched the cheff panting helplessly on the floor and turned to me.

I ran to him and hugged him tight