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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 4

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Ryan’s p.o. v

finally daniella is gone, the love and attention daniella wants now is something that will never happen.
I tried lying back when my assistant called my line
**Mmmm seems like she finally decided to travel down ***
I picked up the call
“Tell me iren, what is it” . I asked
“Actually sir, I just came from the meeting concerning the conference “, she replied
“Tell me what was concluded “? , i asked
“Because your safety is important they decided you will go as a commoner and you will Dress casual the people will only know who you are when you are called on stage sir ”
What’s the point? I asked
“It’s for your safety sir, people don’t know you very well yet and thats good for us you will now be introduced once and for all.
Ok fine i understand… I replied
“That will be all sir ” Iren replied.
I dropped the call.
actually I like this concept better, I don’t even have strength for the press or the crowd pursuing me.
I walked down and picked my guitar which stood across the wall
I sat quietly and played a steady painfull tune,
music is the only sound that makes me feel better and am quite good at it..

Mrs Tonias p. O. V

What is going on with Grande if he keeps rejecting this tea how I kill him off
Well I better take a break before he finds out
I sat on my bed I was so deep in thought
I need to stop being Anna’s cover am just playing her role and I have no actual shares how long will this contunue
I tried lying back but i heard sobbing in the passage so I opened the door to my room just to see my precious daughter sitting on the floor crying
“Daniella, what’s wrong with you
Mom anna is dead, Anna is gone, there is no hope right? , so why can’t Ryan love me.
“its been two years, its been two fvcking years, why is it so hard for Ryan to move on mom ? .. She said crying..
“It’s all right daniella Ryan has a lot on his mind for now so just let him cool down, i replied.
I dragged her up into my room and she sat on the bed beside me..

Claras p. O. V

I have already arranged everything for the conference tomorow, I am so happy.
I open my window and I feel this heavy breeze, the weather feels really cold it might be cold tomorrow I better change my outfit
I returned the outfit into the box and brought out something else I am sure this will match my generation bag
I Carefully placed the red bag on the the bed because my generation bag can’t touch the floor
I combed my hair in the mirror and played my hip pop music which helps me sleep well and soundly hours later
It’s morning my stupid alarm started again so I pushed it down and continued my sleep minutes later
What’s going on who is dragging my leg I opened my eye its my mother
“Clara the conference is about starting “, She said
“Omg mom, I over slept.
“Hurry go and bath, she said.
“Ok mother”
I rushed into the shower were I took a quick and very quick bath..

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Ryan’s p. O. V

Totally unlike me i woke really Late.
I rushed into the shower first minutes later
I rushed down and had breakfast, my guards were already dressed in a casual outfit the waited outside while I enjoyed my meal
****Today is gonna be so stressful God help me ****

Clara p. O. V

Am already dressed up and ready.
I ran into the dinner to have breakfast I Carefully placed my generation by on the dinning table.
I don’t know why but my mother and father are laughing at my outfit, anyways I don’t Care.
I hurriedly took a chicken Lap and placed it on my rice
Mom, dad, good morning I said
“Thanks dear “, my dad replied
“Oh finally you remember us”, my mom said.
I was busy with my food I didn’t even reply.
“Clara didn’t you see something else to wear I mean it’s not snowing ” my dad said.
“Dad!!! don’t disturb my meal”, i said .
“Sorry, eat up “, he said.
I know my mom is still laughing slowly, although he hides her face when I look at her I still know what she’s doing.
I hurried my meal minutes later
am already running down the streets my phone is ringing I instantly pick up and its Diana
“Clara are you there.
” no but…….. I was caught up in the call i didnt see mysef hitting a rock, i slipped and fell flat on the ground
Ouch that hurt, but my hands are high up am making sure my generation bag doesn’t touch the ground..
I pull myself up and continue the call while limping
“Diana where are you? , I asked
” Clara am gonna be delayed so save a seat for me near the stair.
“Ok ok i will “, i replied.
Personally i also like sitting near the stair during conferences it makes it easy to sneak out.
I walked to the street junction,
I took a cab and headed for the program. minutes later
I just arrived the conference hall.
I sighted the roll of sits near the stair case, I rushed to the first line this way I will watch the speaker well.
The place was getting crowded bit by bit.
I saw a man selling handouts in his wheelbarrow , Who knows if he will have
Handbook on how to be a proper nurse.?
I placed my red bag on the chair I was planing on sitting, while I placed my book on the chair I kept for Clara.
I ran after the handout man but he was stupidly moving fast
“Hey!! Hey!!! Handout “. I shouted.
although the heaviness of my outfit didn’t let me run well….
Oh finally he stopped, I took the handout that caught my eye the title was
“Act like a lady ”
I stood In front of his truck and I went through my book, the conference hall kept fuliing up but I already got a seat so I don’t care.
I was there reading the book, he doesnt know but i have plans of finishing this small book and returning it to this man because I don’t even have money with me..
someone is covering my eye from behind, I know it’s Diana her perfume exposed her.
“Diana, I know it’s you” I said
She laughed as she removed her hands she took the other book on the mans shore
A lot of people read from the man’s barrow.
Diana turned her book and Said the title out loud.
“Hand out on how to make s£x more fun” , Clara I think you need this “. She said.
****Is she crazy******
“Hey are you ok, ave not even had s£x and you talk of making it fun”, I shouted.
Everybody turned to look at me omg i got embarrassed I tried changing my statement
“Actually I mean, I have not had s£x this week, this week that’s what I meant. so face your business stop looking at me huh.
All of them turned to their business
Diana smiled at me i took the s£x book from her I wanted to look through it.
“Clara the hall is getting filled up”, Diana shouted.
“Yes it is “, i replied while reading my s£x book with interest.
Ryan’s pov
I just arrived the conference everywhere is already filled up.
I look casual enough I guess and my guards are also looking casual.
“Sir I think the first chair close to the stair is the best choice “, one guard said
“Ok lets go “, I replied him
We arrived at the first roll close to the stairs and only 3 seats were empty when i looked first i think I saw a red bag on one seat but when I finally looked down well it was on the floor.
is my sight disturbing or did my guards drop it.
I sat on the empty chair since the other chair had a book on it.
“Guys did you drop a lady’s bag on the floor “, i asked them
“No no, it was on the floor when we arrived “, a guard replied.
“Ok “, i replied as I dropped my phone in the empty chair.
**I just can’t wait for the conference to start **

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Diana’s P . O. V

I saw the guy sitting on Claras section.
I know this guy looks like Ryan because I have been close with Ryan before.
“I was one of the nurses in the room when he operated on Anna.
I tapped Clara and she turned to look at her seat
“Hey, who Is that “? She asked me
“I dunno but……..
before i could finish Clara already ran off, she ran straight to where the strikingly cute guy sat.
I tried runing after her but I just realized she ran off with the books so I opened my purse to pay the bookseller.
The environment was so calm no one spoke anymore the conference had already started.
I payed him and i collected my change.
I climbed the stairs back up, I did this slowly because every where was so quiet I didn’t want to be noticed.
Just then I heard Claras voice scream ….
“Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! , How dare you drop my generation bag on the floor ? She shouted.
Everybody in the hall turned to look at her
***Omg whenever Clara screams like this the person she screamed for is in trouble***
I rush up to her as fast as i can and that was when I confirmed, it was really “Ryan devantes”.
” what the fvck !!!!! , hey, Who is this crazy woman? “, Ryan asked his guards with a confused and frustrated face ,
“What crazy woman, me crazy woman, hey!!! Do you want to die ?, Clara screamed again
Ryan flipped his hair backward as he looked around in embarrassment.
“Pls can you just take this crazy woman out of here huh ? ” pls just take her out!!! , He shouted. While looking at his guards.
**Wow i must say, these two seem to be a perfect match of crazy.
I said to myself..