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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 5

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Ryan’s guards turned to Clara
“Madam pls you need to leave you are shouting, they said
“What!!! Clara shouted
She bent down and picked the bag next thing she started talking to the bag
“Oh my generation bag don’t mind this guy here, this stupid guy.
Ryan looked In her face
“Hey!!!, he shouted
Next thing Clara tried slapping him but she withdrew her hands
“If not for one thing I will just slap you here,
She said smirking and pointing at him.
Ryan was so frustrated and his guards where not helping matters they were lost looking at Clara. They had not seen a thing like this in there live
“Arrrgh, I should have known today was a bad day. why can’t you just drag this stupid girl away from here? He shouted at his guards.
“We are sorry sir, hey woman
They tried dragging Clara but she pushed them away.
Clara Pointed the bag to ryans face
“Hey I am watching you, better watch you back. She said to him with a serious face
Ryan looked scared.
I have been trying to give Clara signals since that this person was Ryan devantes but she wasn’t getting me, so I gave her the signals that this person deserves respect and that the person can fire her so finally she got it, but it was already too late as four men in suite just arrived..

Claras p. O. V

Oh am finished so this person is someone that deserves respect.
Why didn’t Diana signal me earlier, omg what to do.
I looked at Ryan’s frustrated face and I new I was in for it
The men In suite arrived
“Do you know who you are troubling young lady, one of them asked me
“What are you doing lets take her to jail, the other said
“Sorry for the inconveniences sir, the other said to the cute guy I just fought with.
Am still in shock, why are they calling this small boy sir, I felt like slapping him, my anger was written all over my face even my teeths were out .
He looked at my face and I smiled by force while bowing to him
Am finished today
I hope he forgives me
‘Going to prison is not enough, this woman is just crazy and reckless she even threatened to kill me “, he said to the men.
“But why do you drop my generation bag on the floor are you stupid? ……… just then I saw Diana giving me signals that (am dead ). so I finished the statement with “sir “.
I sounded more like, ” why do you drop my generation bag on the floor are you stupid… sir “.
The cute guy almost went crazy, he looked around in frustration and embarrassment..
“What, am I stupid sir? , “am I stupid sir? “, imagine that polite insult. just arrest this this girl already, he shouted
I instantly bowed to him In such a way that my hair covered my face
Clara signaled he deserves respect, I dunno if he is a Prince, or a king, or a majesty, or a president. oh am so confused
“Sir, my king, your honour, your majesty. am sorry huh? …. the thing is, insanity runs in my family, don’t mind me, I tried touching his shoes but he ran away with fear, I almost laughed.
“Hey!! , dont touch me, Are you a nurse,? he asked me.
Yes I am ……… I saw claras signals so i changed my statement, “noooooooo am not. I said.
He turned to the men on suite
“It’s okay, prison is too extreme, find out the hospital she works for and fire her as Soon as possible”.
Hey!!! , I shouted, ” Who do you……. I saw Diana’s face so I changed my statement instantly.. … Who do you love sir, do you love God? I asked him.
He looked at me from hair to toe
“I wonder which crazy hospital has you as a nurse, you don’t have patience is this how you treat patients. tell me your hospital so I can inform them on how to treat clumsy nurses”. He replied while dialing his phone
“Huh, tell me. He said.
I instantly bent down and picked the biscuits sachet a child just dropped
“Sir, your majesty, you are getting it wrong, am not a Nurse, I am the assistant cleaner. I am busy doing my job of picking stuffs on the floor. I said.
the men in suite looked at me,
***Am dead ***
i slowly picked up all the sachets on the floor untill i got a little bit far from them.
I ran away as fast as I could and Diana ran after me.
she took some of the sachets from me and we threw into the dust bin .
we ran away untill we ran into the Methron who was walking in.
“Clara, Diana, were to? come on, lets go to the conference.
She said
***Con what, conference. hah, I can’t go back there. and Methron Linda might drag me there, and that guy will find out am a nurse in (A. G. H. C )and he will fire me . ***
Omg what to do, I scratched my head in confusion.
“Come on girls lets go back”.
She walked in front, Diana walked behind her
“Methron the thing is I can’t go with you ” i said.
“Why Clara? she asked me.
“Well my dad just fainted RIGHT now at his shop.
“Omg that’s bad, why did he faint?
“Well I heard it was the velocity of the lie a customer told.
“Then it’s just a joke, come on.
No no, he’s blood pressure is 1000 right now.
“Omg Clara go home pls.
“Yes I am Going” I replied as I Bowed, I lifted my face and my eye met with that of the cute guy I fought with I instantly sticked out my tongue, he formed a mouth as though he wanted to insult me.
I instantly waved at Diana and ran home as fast as I could..

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Wow thank God I didn’t go back there, I would have just lost my job.
I wonder who that guys is, because of him I just missed my conference
I missed my only opportunity to meet Ryan
Well no problem sha, I better head home right away.

Ryan’s p. O. V

Wow am Glad that gurl left, now everyone is looking at me.
What Kind of girl is that
She was dressed like a mango
Sh was talking to a bag
And the book she was reading
“How to make s£x fun”
Omg how can a decent girl read such book in public.
Wow i have met a CLUMSY Person today.
I sat having thoughts to myself when the called my name so I stood up
Everyone was shocked I was so embarrased that I had to wear my glasses
I walked up to the stage and took the Mic
My guards stood behind me.

Claras p. O. V

Wow its 7 pm the conference must ave ended by now
I can’t believe I slept for 6 hours,
I need to call Diana so she can tell me how the conference went
I picked my phone from my cuboard
Omg my batteries are out what will I do this is bad, how will I call diana.
Well tomorrow is still another day..

Diana p. O. V

Wow i can’t wait to tell Clara that the PERSOn she fought with was Ryan
I need to call her right away
I tried calling Clara but her phone was switched off.
Wow this is bad.
I lay in my bed when my phone rang so I picked up the call, it was Juliet one of the senior nurses in my rank.
“Hey July “, i said
“I have been trying to call Clara, we just received news that the nurse who will accompany sir Ryan will be chosen from
( A. G. H. C)
“Wow that’s nice “, i replied
“Yes and sir Ryan said he doesn’t want a dummy so he set the exam questions himself. And the exam is tomorow on the 10th floor
Omg I am not prepared and neither is Clara her phone is off again. Anyways thank you.
I dropped the call.
** Wow staying in the same house with Ryan devantes that’s every gurls dream **
I can’t wait to inform Clara
I was about walking into the shower when my phone rang again it Tony.
Omg I forgot to inform Clara I set her up on a blind date with doctor Tony from r. D hospitals.
He is young and Handsome just like Ryan, he is a friend of my boyfriend Ethan.
I and Ethan planned this, I feel so bad that Clara doesn’t have a boyfriend its so annoying.
I picked his call.
Hello gooday
“Hey Diana, eehhm the girl you and Ethan talked about is she meeting
Well I have not spoken to Clara yet but she will come out for sure that’s certain
“Ok I look forward to meeting her I have heard alot about her already
Ok no problem..

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Tonys p. O. V

I have earned every thing I need for a good life
I have solved all the puzzles of life
The only puzzle I can’t solve is women.
Am the second best doctor in r. D. Hospitals
I base in Paris I just came back 6 months before and Ethan is my best friend right from high school although he is a lab technician not a doctor
I have seen pictures of this Clara girl on his phone
The fact that she is playful attracts me most to her
I look forward to meeting you Clara..