March 22, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 1

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Episode 1

Kate POV

I was angrily staring at the man that will soon be my husband.. I felt strangling him till death.
he look at me and I smirk , seriously I hate what’s going on here.
my eyes went to my mom and I saw her smiling together with Mr Asher. this two have been friends even before I was born and all thanks to them I will be stuck with the annoying son the Asher family.

Now I pronounced you husband and wife , you may kiss the bride… the priest said

kiss who…
what in the hell is this pastor saying , if only he is aware how we both hate each other am sure he will skip the kissing part.

I said you may kiss your bride .. the priest said again .
I and Asher both stand there with no effort of coming closer , he stare angrily at me and I do the same back….
am not gonna make the move , it is better we skip the part and just immediately we both saw our parents coming closer.
gosh not this two again

Kate…what’s the problem everyone is looking at you , common make the move and kiss your said

(within me) that’s an hell no , am not making the move..

mom can’t we skip this part we will kiss when we get home ..I said but mom was adamant and am not giving either.

Asher bryan POV

standing here with the girl I hate most in the world and the priest asking me to kiss her…
gosh…kiss this devil
hell no , am not doing that.
I don’t even wanna have the taste of her saucy lips , already I know they are gonna be gross …
And now mom…is here also persuading to kiss my wife ..
wife?? that sound odd but I will do anything for my mom , so I made a step forward , look back at my mom and saw her smiling , all these shenanigan is because of her.

then I move toward her and saw Mrs mally , Kate mom and gave me a thump up…
gosh ..only if she knows I hate this girl with passion, she is not my type..

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I got to her and first whisper in her ear
” am not kissing u because i like you because I know your lips will taste gross but am doing this because of my mom…I said and she whisper back
” I hate you more..
then we both brush our lips together… that was never a kiss but a brush and then I move back …then she gave me a deadly glare which I return…
I just can’t wait for all these to end , all this drama and pretence is getting on my nerves .
seeing this girl alone is making me sick…Gosh I so much hate her.

Kate POV

he said he is not kissing me because he likes me..huh!!
who cares about his kiss, do I look like one of those cheap slot he sleep with everyday.. I scoff.

I was so glad that everything is over, all the ceremony and mom lectures about marriage life is finally over…now my problem is how to live with this God forsaken husband of mine..
husband???? God that’s sound weird to me..
finally we both got home , even while we were in the car we never spoke to each other.
now we both came down from the car and this is my time coming to his personal house, I only do visit his parents house..

As he came down and started moving, I followed suit..
he didn’t even look back at me..
but I did not mind , I struggle with the gown as follow him.
finally he stop at a door and he opened it and we both entered..

he still didn’t say anything …
I was just hissing up and down because I was having issues with my gown but he never gave a damn..he removed his shirt and put on another and made way to leave..

within me) where is he going to this late night…but who cares..

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As he was about going he marched my gown..he just look down and was about leaving without apologising..

hell no..!!

Are u blind? …I yelled
but he didn’t say anything..
what in the hell did u just do and you can’t even apologize… I asked angrily

listen , this is my house, my room and everything here belongs to me …so I can do anything I want.. he said and was about going but I block the road..

Kate!!!.. what’s your problem.. please get out of my way, I don’t wanna get late to my club..he said

oh I see he is going to club on his wedding night !!
who does that??
you are going no where until u apologize and by the way , its your wedding night , where the hell are u going ..I asked

its none of your business.. my life has nothing to do with you, always have this in mind you are not my wife and you can never be..this is just a planned wedding to make our parents happy but in reality we are not married and I Bryan Asher don’t apologize…he said and push me out of the way..

“who is this guy?
” how am I gonna spend my life with him?

No ..this is not happening..
I Kate mally can’t live this life, if he also wanna have fun then I will also…I said within me.

Kate POV

I could feel the traces of sunlight shines towards my direction and gradually I opened my eyes..
its morning already…
I sat up straight on the bed and my first thought was Bryan.
did he get back yesterday night because I waited for him long enough but he didn’t show up and maybe while waiting I slept off…

I was still asking myself if he came back when I heard the splash of water in the bathroom ..
oh his back..I murmured and pulled out from the bed and immediately I was pressed..
Am this kind that I don’t hold wee when am pressed..
I paced up and down in the room trying to calm myself down and wait for him to come out but no, he was taking time..
I just couldn’t anymore as I hit the door so hard like a crazy wife..
“what the hell are u doing in there??? I yelled but no response
” Bryan !!!!!!!!, get out of there I know you can hear me…I screamed but still no response…
“God what kind of man is this …am really dying here, I can’t hold it anymore and I hardly know my ways around here, the mansion is just to big that one could easily get lost.

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” Bryan if u don’t open this door now, i will break it and come in there..
And that’s when he laughed ,
does this door look like a wooden door to you and if u come in here then you will regret it because am gonna s£x u so hard that you will not be able to stand up or walk…he said and giggled…
gosh..that was disgusting ..I feel like punching him right in the face..
god what will I do now

that’s when I lean over to the door as I said with a cool voice…Bryan please am pressed , open the door…

“i can’t hear you …he said from inside
” I said Bryan please opened the down…this time the urine is almost coming out of my pants..
And that’s when he opened the door and came out..

the moment I saw him , my mouth start drooling..
he was so cute and his body so firm..
yesterday when he removed his cloth, I didn’t see him clearly but now I can see everything..
he was just on towel …
I never knew he caught me staring at him..even this moment the urine has disappeared..
when brought me back to life was his snapped finger..
“Kate!! what the hell are u doing?? he yelled
”…I said trying to hold myself and that’s when I knew I have almost w€t the whole floor with urine…
gosh….I quickly ran into the toilet..
gosh ..what a disgrace…