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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 43

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 43

Brenda’s POV

The cheff struggled to stand from the floor and ran out.

I was relieved that Scott had come at the right time.

“Did you leave and come back?” I asked but he went to sit instead.

“I never left. I was somewhere around, thinking that the cheff might come to disturb you again. ” He replied.

“I never knew you could fight that way.” I praised him.

“I’m not good in fighting, you can even beat me.” He teased and I laughed.

I went back to my food and continue to eat.

I paused and turned to him; “Come and eat.”

“You should know that someone of my status can not be eating poor peolple’s food.” He replied.

“Why exactly are you so rude?” I asked.

“I’m not surprised, all rich kids are.” I added and continued eating.

“It’s who we are, you poor people are not better either, anyway, I’m leaving.” He said and I felt lonely immediately.

“Stay with me, big head.” I said.

“Small head , I can not stay with you.” He replied and stood.

I hissed and continued eating.

“You think I can not fight, right? I was only pretending for that guy and that reminds me, I should thank you for the phone.” I said.

“You should thank me?” He smirked. “I’m waiting?”

“For what?” I asked.

“Thought you wanted to thank me? ” He asked.

“So I should start singing praise and worship to you cause you bought me , phone, is that?” I asked and was finally done eating.

I went to put the plate at the kitchen and before I came back, I couldn’t find him anymore.

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I don’t think the chef would have the strength to come again after receiving the beating of his life.

—At Night—

All doors were closed , I was trying to sleep but I was feeling odd.

I just knew something was wrong but I can’t really place what exactly it was.

I was forcing myself to sleep but it was not coming, after few minutes of forcing it, I was finally falling into deep sleep when I heard some strange movements underneath my bed.

The place I live isn’t as expensive but I kept my room so neat and devoid of house hold pests and animals such as rat, e.t.c.

I set my heart keenly and there was moment of silence, after which the sound began, this time more vigorous.

I was now scared.