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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 15 and 16

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Claras p. O. V Continues

Ok am ready, just then Mr Grande came close to me smiling
” nuella my child “, he said
” dad, how are you “, I said and hugged him.
Mrs derventes hugged me and her husband touched my shoulders
I left the wife and hugged him too
Mrs Tonia came closer
” mom you look pretty “, I said and hugged her
“Welcome angel “, she replied
Daniella walked out I wonder why she looks scared I gently hugged her and kissed both sides of her cheek
Wait its now that I am seeing this guy
It’s the cute guy I insulted the same guy that saved me
Could he be Ryan dervantes but if he is why did he let me go when they said I poisoned Anna, no no he can’t be Ryan.
Who Is he, what do I do. Before I could talk he stepped closer to me
” nuella, Welcome “, he said
Omg this guy is so cute I pray I don’t mistakenly kiss him.
Thank God I am in heels no need to lift myself
I gently smiled and kissed both sides of his cheek
“It’s been long “, he said
“Oh has it “, I replied
Omg what am I doing his cuteness is causing confusion.
They parents walked In front my guards stopped at the gate we headed for the conference hall..
Someone just came to the cute guy right now and showed him some papers so he left with her
I kept walking fast the parents already closed the door of the conference hall
I got to the stairs and I looked at my high heel shoes
God pls I can’t fall I have not climbed this particular stair before.
I was about walking up when I saw Diana walking past I was lost looking at her I didn’t know when I mistook a step which made me slip
Omg I am falling what to do
I closed my eye I think I have reached the ground.
I opened my eye again And what
I am in someone’s arms, Someone caught me omg its the cute guy again I will name him my angel from now on Ryan is my crush and he is my angel he is always protecting me.
His voice jolted me out of my reveries
” if you keep falling like this people will find out that you are not nuella “, he said
” what “, I asked
He slipped his warm hands into my hands and helped me walk up the stairs.
I leaned on a balcony and faced him I need to prove to him that I am nuella
” hey what do you mean I am not nuella “, i said
” i will call you right now Ella “he said
” well my phone it’s at home “, I said
” well i guess no one would pick “, he said
Before I could talk he placed the call and put it on speaker he brought it closer to me
” sugaar “, he said
” hey cutie “, she replied
” were are you? He asked
” i am kind of busy, pls don’t tell me she blew it “, she said
He looked at me
” no love, she is perfect “, he said
” thank God, thank God, I was so scared, have fun i need to shoot.
He dropped the call and looked at me.
” so won’t you tell me who you a really are, are you a hired model “, he asked me
“Well, who are you, i really want to know who you are “, i said
He looked around
” you seriously don’t know me “, he asked
I bowed my face down a little and shaked it in disagreement
” ok tell me who you are and give me enough information that can be used to locate you and after that I Will do the same. “, he said
I can’t tell you my name or were I work I insulted you before I am scared you might fire me, aarrgh I don’t want you to ever find out that I am the gurl who fought with you.
” i started coughing he smiled, ”
“well i am totally identity less I am nobody, don’t worry, sir “, I bowed down and looked around I stood up instantly
What am I doing
My angel just coughed right now he used his hankerchief but I think I saw blood.
I think he coughed blood, what is this I am so scared, why did he cough blood, is he dying? does he have heart issue?.
He hid the white hankerchief
” don’t mind me, I also hate cough, actually I forgot to take my drugs since yesterday. Let’s go he said
” but take the drug” I said just like my mother shouts at me when I am sick.
He brought out the drug from his jacket pocket it was a small white bottle filled with tablets
He showed it to my face
“Here madam “, he said
I smiled
He tried opening it but it cut his fingers and it bled
My angel is so soft and careless

Ryan’s p. O. V

I dunno who this girl is but I love her presence I don’t know why
I tried opening the cover with thoughts in my mind and I cut my hand
Before I could talk she already took my hands
‘ oh its ok “, I said and tried taking my hands back but she wont let go.
I hate the feeling of care I forcefully withdrew my hands but she took it again
“Its really okay, I. Said its fine, I am used scars already “, I Said and forcefully took my hands but she took it again and made a statement that melted my being
” shhhhh, am sorry, does it hurt “, she said with a teary eye
I suddenly smiled with relaxation.
” wait, she said
she opened her bag and brought out a wiper although the Mickey mouse purse in the hand bag made me smile.
She carefully wiped my hands even though I looked away in anger she still did it Carefully and with her mouth she aired it
I turned to look at her
I felt something different, apart from Anna someone else just made my heart beat
I looked in her eye I swear I feel like I have seen them before
I looked in her face how I wish I can see whats inside That mask.
She left me hands and smiled
” better “, she said
” oh thanks “, I replied
I tried opening the drug again but she took it from me
” i…. will help “, she said
Just then she opened it and smelled it she turned the back and looked around it
” sir.. I think this drug has expired “, she said
” oh really “, I asked
” but where and when did you get it “, she asked
” actually it was yesterday at
( A. G. H. C ), is the date past?
” actually its wiped but I think it smells spoilt or just wait “….
Before I could talk she took one of the drugs and put it inside her mouth
hey, what are you doing “, I asked
**What is she doing **
“Its really spoilt don’t take it anymore “, she took he cover from me I just looked at her in awe.
” But, why did taste a spoilt drug, you endangered your health for someone you don’t know “, I asked
“You May not know me, and I must not know you sir But after the few times i met you, i want to risk my health for you because you are my angel. “, she said.
I have not met such a sincere person before
‘Come lets go, I said

Clara p. O.V

I don’t know what this feeling is
I don’t know who this person is
But he is always there fro me when I feel lost, I feel much happiness when I see him
I may have insulted him before But now I want him to always be by my side protecting me.
Seeing blood from his lips broke my heart
I looked at him
Angel, pls don’t ever get hurt
Soon he opened the door and we walked into the hall to my surprise different dishes filled the long table and every tray was arranged with multiple spoons, knifes and forks
Everybody sat down
I sat down and my angel sat down facing me
“We decided to let you guys spend more time outside since the food was not ready yet “, mr Grande said
” Clara my dear, eat well “, mr dervantes said.
” thank you I sure will “, I replied.
Everyone picked their fork and started eating
They knew exactly which fork and which spoon to pick
What to do I might embarrass nuella and Daniela had been looking at Me for a while
Mrs Tonia just changed her spoon
Is there a different spoon for a different food
I looked at all the spoons on my tray with different shapes
Like four cups for me
3 knifes
What am I eating
Why all this load, first I wiped my face and decided to face the soup at least there are meats in it
I picked the first spoon daniella looked at me in shock
I got scared but then I felt someone raising a leg up to my leg under table I traced it, it was my angel
He shaked his head in disagreement and lifted the deeper spoon up with style.
In other to confuse nuella I acted as though I was looking at the spoon then I took the right one
My angel smiled gently and looked down
I watched him carefully
And each time he wanted to drop the spoon I felt his leg coming up my leg under the table so I dropped mine too.
Mrs Tonia just took chicken she asked me to take one too I wonder how she passed it close to her because it was quite far and I didn’t see her.
” nuella darling take more chicken ” she said.
” oh ok “, I said
I was still confused when Ryan raised his hands to the second upper section of the table where extras were placed he slowly spinned it and the chicken stopped in my face.
I tried using my left hand to take it but I felt him kick me so I used my right..
I dropped one on my plate and returned it to te table
” pass it to me darling i dont have strength “, mr dervantes said
” i spinned the table just like Ryan did but mine was faster it was about to cross Mr dervantes but ryan a gently held it and it stopped in front Mr dervantes
He is really my angel I said to myself.
I grasped the jug with my right hand and tried pouring water into the first cup in my roll but I felt his leg coming up again I chuckled gently
This was getting romantic
I looked at him and he lifted the second cup.
I dropped the first and took the right one so I poured water into it.
Soon the tables were cleared
EVery one lifted their cup for wine and I watched him and lifted the 3rd glass in my table he smiled
Wine was shared
I stupidly swallowed everything without a toast the whole family looked at me with their glass up.
I got embarrassed but my angel just swallowed his own too and daniella joined us
Everyone laughed
This act really touched my heart I looked at him and he looked down at his plate
” lazy, inpatients youths, mr Grande said
“I swear nuella just scared me, mr dervantes said
And everybody laughed..

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Daniella s p. O. V

Pls nuella just go, do not visit Anna pls
” mom, dad, thanks “? Nuella said
” welcome “, they replied her
She checked her time and covered her mouth with her hand,i wonder what’s wrong
” am glad I came dad but I really need to start leaving, i will visit soon “, she said
” ok darling
” good by dear
” do visit before you go home
They all replied her.
Just then Ryan spoke up
“Nuella you won’t even visit your friend, that’ so unlike you, Anna will be so mad “, he said
” how can I forget, I will visits her right now
She walked out and I followed. my dad’s assistant followed with the camera since everybody can’t size the room.
Ryan, his dad , my mom, his mom stayed up and watched from the projector..
They saw us starting from when we entered Anna’s room.
‘ Anna, it’s been such a long time “, she said
But Anna didn’t respond, I smiled
Nuella turned to doctor Tim
” give me her health record ”
My dad turned in interest.
Doc Tim gave it to her.
” mmmm Anna has been like this for a while its not usual, it was only an accident.
She handed her bag to her assistant. And turned to Tim
“Tell me doc Tim what treatments are you using ”
“Well she has passed the stage of treatments, all we give her now are energy drugs that would give her strength to wake up “, tim said
“Which energy drip, one oral, master,misclux, privlime, there are so Many “.
“Just normal energy drips we use in the hospital “, he said
“Oh ok like this one here, she said pointing to the store.
She walked to the store and picked a bag of drip
“Ok, this is good “.
Doc Tim smiled
“So do you mix anything to these drips “, she asked
“Well, no, we just give it her like that “, Tim said
“Oh, you just hang it like this “, She said while removing the old one and hanging the other
Doctor Tom nodded
she picked he microscope
” don’t mind me am just being a doctor, so how come the color is different you just said you dindt mix anything “, She said.
“What are you saying, are you planing to place something on me, Scientifically and medically drips can change colour, if you want you can look at other ones”, he yanked
I wonder if Ryan is looking at this right now as well as his mom.
Mr grande took the microscope and Looked at other drips and then comfirmed that they were all different.
” it might be the weather nuella “, he said
Doc tim was fast today to infect them all.
Nuella smiled
” oh is it, I am sorry, so I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this “, nuella said as she ran out with the drip.
The camera holder still followed her so those upstairs won’t miss a detail.
Nuella ran into the hospital store and took another drip exactly the same.
She held it and ran into the lab
Where Ethan the lab technician sat.
” hey lab boy, I want to see the difference in the reaction of these two drips on the the animal samples”she said
” rats or squirrels? He asked
” they are all the same right? She asked him
” yes sure they can all be compared to humans “, he replied
” ok do it, She said.
Ethan carefully injected little quantity of the drips into the animals in the glass and before few minutes
One rat died and the other was still jumping around
He turned to nuella
” it died due to weakness and the only drug with this pure colour that can cause this reaction madam is “.
They both spoke together.
Mr Grande was wowed
I am dead nuella spilled the beans.
” Sir we don’t know how it happened, maybe it was the drip changers who sneaked into the room. Doc Tim said
” From now on, you will no longer take care of Anna, doctor Tony is now in charge , Mr Grande said
“But, Tony has not completed his training in r. D”, Tim said
” it will be cut short “, he said.
” all the drips in the room must be removed
“New drips will arrive from India, and she will only use that.
“Security will be tightened and I will start my investigation, the offender Must face my wrath. “, my dad said.
My dad hugged nuella
“Thanks my child “, he said
Nuella checked her watch and waved at us.
she walked out in haste
Her Guards joined her

Ryans p. O V

I was crazy, it’s the same girl the same girl I saved, the same girl who kissed my cheek, the same girl who stepped on me, the same girl just saved my life from expired drugs, the same girl just saved Anna, but I never saw her face.
I wants to see her face I want to know who she is
I ran out after her. I got to the hospital gate but she was gone no sign of her.
I really want to see her face the same gurl who made my heart beat again.
who is she, she has been protecting me and my loved one’s, she is my angel


Claras P O V

I can’t believe I was the one that did all that, I just hope the person poisoning Clara doesn’t go
after nuella.
I got into The car and sat down
Nuellas assistant already texted her that she was free to step out in like five minutes, I relaxed on
the car but first I removed my shoes.
Touching these shoes just reminded me of my angel, Someone who is always there when I am in
trouble. I wonder if I deserve that kind of person.
Anyways am still clumsy Clara, I
better not start liking any cute guy that can never be mine.
I almost forgot I have to travel tomorrow but it’s weird because sir Ryan or his secretary hasn’t
called me.
I smiled to myself as I pictured my meeting with Ryan at the airport, “Sily”.
Soon i arrived at nuellas house.

Ryan’s p. O. V

I guess I missed her again, she’s gone.Now I am sure that we won’t meet again.
Just treplied assistant called me on phone
I wonder what happened, I guess the drug transporter wants to meet.
” tell me “.
“Sir, the drug transporter wants to meet.
” ok cool, where does he wanna meet.
” well he said he will be at tassys tasty today”.
“Why such a childish place, anyways no problem.
“Ok sir”.
Tassys tasty my foot, didn’t he see places like” unique ”
I slipped my phone into my pocket and looked around for fake nuella one last time but there was
no sight of . F.

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Claras p. O. V

Nuellas guards already left to join her as well as her assistant. They told me to wait but I have a lot
to to today so too bad nuella won’t see me when she wakes up..
I ran into the compound, my leg still burns because of those hills even my flats are paining me so
I removed them and walked down with only my “Barbie sucks”
I must say this suite is really pretty, nuella must be so rich to rent a suite in such a big hotel.
My aunty tassy Just called me I wonder why she called, seems like she wants to treat me.
Arrrgh I feel so uncomfy.
I instantly scattered my hair all round as I walked out holding my shoes in my hands.
I checked my purse. It’s obvious i am broke, I slipped my hands into the pocket of my nurse
jacket, turns out its empty.
No problem I am going to trek home.
I was about walking out when Tony walked out of the hotel and walked into the suite.
He just opened the gate and saw me he then looked down the white big suite
And 3 others suites in the estate. I Wonder what he Is doing here but I must say he is looking
good, Just like he always does my fake boyfriend.
Now I remember I am looking silly, why didn’t he come before I removed my shoes and scattered
my hair.
Oh my, oh my. This is wierd.
I instantly bowed and turned back.
” hey, Clara, where are you going to “, he shouted
I turned and waved at him
” oh, I will just look for my brain, I think it fell off, where is it?
I started acting as though I lost something he instantly chuckled.
As he walked closer to me.

Tonys p. O. V

Her hair is unexpectedly nice today even if she just scattered it.
Someone also made her up, Shes so pretty
But why is she Bare Footed and holding her shoes
Secondly why is she in a hotel suite
Is this where she slept all night? I wonder, I really wonder.
” oh its Clara, I never expected to see you here “.
” sir, In the same way your enemies will be surprised to see your blessing.
She tried sneaking past me but I stopped her with both hands
“Uhm but, what are you doing here
“Oh me “she laughed ” dont mind me, lets go “.
She dragged my hand for while then she left my hand and turned to me with an inquisitive face.
“But, what are you doing here sir.
“Oh me, I came to see my sister, but it seems she left.
” Argh that’s nice, so lets go.
She bowed again..

Clara p. O. V

I always forget who Tony is, I can’t believe I have been dragging his hands since, but I just keep
bowing Anytime I remember his class
I really wonder why he still comes around me, I am total my below his standard, isn’t he the
richest friend I ever made.
I was still lost In thought when
He bent down and collected my shoes .
” sir, what are you doing “.
I looked around.
” sshhhh hold still “.
he helped me where them
“You shouldn’t be bare footed “. He said.
I am not replying because I melted I just melted like ice and just kept looking at him.
It’s a first time a guy ever did that, aarrgh I wish I was a proper girl everything about me is not embarrassing. who can ever love me with the way I am , I wish I was more like Diana.
He looked in my face and I slowly bowed again.
” sir, uhhm.. lets go now “.
“Lets go “, he said as he dragged me by the hand.
Soon we got to his white car he leaned on it and looked at Me.
I Just kept looking down, I wonder why I am so shy.
” uhhmm, maybe we should exchange contacts now”.
” oh, ok sir “,. I said and handed him my phone.
” Tony, pls call Me Tony, I like spending time with you because you see and treat me as your
fellow citizen in the same class.
” if you are going to start with the formalities you might send me away. ”
” Ok I totally understand”. I replied.
“So, after our date we didn’t have time to talk again.
” yes that’s true. I replied
“So I wondering if we can have another date, I mean just as friends .
” but I am traveling “, I replied.
” oh really, where to.
“Actually, i am traveling with Ryan “, I replied
” oh were you chosen to accompany him “.
“Yea, I was “.
” i guess u will still be here when you return “.
I smiled
“Lets go, I will drop you.
“Oh, ok.
We entered his car after a while I told him to stop at my aunt’s tasty pizza house.
He looked out.
“Are… you meeting someone ”
“No, no its my aunts shop
” oh ok, so bye.
I bowed and rushed into the shop
It seems like she has been waiting for me, She dragged my hands into the kitchen
She placed a tray in my hands
A cup of ice cream and chicken pizza
” aunty!!! I am still wearing my nurse jacket.
” it’s better, people like to be served by nurses.
” what!!!
She pushed me out of the kitchen
Now which table am I suppose to serve.
I looked into my tray and saw the paper She placed there
“Table 12 “, ok.
I walked out and kept looking at the tags in the table till I got to table 12.
Turns out the person burried his face into the magazine he was reading.
I stopped in front of him
” sir, or madam, anyways here is your order. You should pay me direct. I said.
He removed the magazine and oh my, Oh my. its my angel.
Oh no, Oh no, I am the girl who insulted him.
I am wearing my nurse uniform
A. G. H. C is written here.
What do I do
He looked at me and shouted
” you “.
” no no its not me “.
I instantly hid under the table. After placing the tray on it .
He peeped under the table
” hey, come out, you are really a nurse, come out.
” who nurse, me nurse, arrgh thats not possible.
I instantly removed my nurse jacket and in the process of doing that I shifted the table and the ice cream as well as the pizza poured on him.
I snuck out, he’s face is looking so deadly
I instantly hid my jacket under my top
” he looked around in embarrassment every body looked at him.
” hey, I will kill you, you are dead.
” but I can’t be dead, I am sorry sir, really sorry.
I tried touching him. But he shifted, he turned to his guards..
” what are you doing, arrest that crazy girl “!!! He shouted.
” but you cant arrest me Sir prison is not good for my health. am really sorry, I already told you I
was insane.
He tried cleaning his body he felt more disgusted.
He lifted his face again to look at me, i instanly ran away with my hands on my tummy so my
nurse uniform won’t fall out.
Soon I got outside
Oh my angel, I can’t believe you hate me so much.
Maybe I will always need another face for you to smile at me since we are already destined
I already ran half way when I remembered that I left my bag at the shop.
Oh no, Oh no.
I started fighting a tree and jumping up and down in frustration.
I can’t believe I need to run back there.
I ran back, just close to The door I ran into a tall body which made me all flat to the floor.
I lifted my face again it was still my angel.
On seeing me he flipped his hair backward in frustration.
” you, you again “. He said
Arrgh What to do.
I instantly knelt down
” But sir, I am really sorry. Let’s start on a clean page “.
” clean what, i hate you so much, anywhere I see you trouble follows infact I feel like strangling
you, argh”.
Ouch why did this statement pain me differently.
I stood up and bowed
” but, I am really sorry sir. “I said,
I can’t believe I am almost in tears, maybe it’s because the person I just called my angel Hates
me so much.
“Never show yourself to me again. I don’t want to see you again, always stay away from me ,
never come close to me again. I really hate you.
“just know if I meet you again, I will really, really kill you.
I bowed again and ran into the shop I carried my bag and ran out. He was entering his car.
I bowed again, it’s now I noticed that he changed his shirt.
I walked home
Oh Clara what unrequited love is this, my angel Hates me. I better place all my heart on my crush
Ryan dervantes, i No longer have an angel, to bad..

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Anna’s p. O. V

I have a strong feeling that wasn’t nuella, it was Clara.
Clara saved me and right now I feel better, I feel stronger and
I wake up anytime soon.
I tried moving my hands but it was difficult, i am glad that at least I could try.
I really want to see Clara, I want to see her so badly.
My guardian Angel..

Clara p. O. V

I was already fast asleep at home, Ryan’s secretary hadn’t called Me so this means the travel
might not hold.
my phone rang it was a private number.
I picked
“Hello “.
“Good day nurse Clara , this is Ryan dervantes.
Omg my breath just seized.
I can’t breath again, what do do.
” uhm how are you, sir “.
” am good, I am sorry for informing you this late but
we will leave tomorrow so I will meet you at the airport back In African.
” oh that means, I will travel alone.
” yes and when u arrive I will pick you at the airport and we will go to the area together.
“Pls leave early so you don’t keep me waiting
“Ok sir, goodnight.
He dropped the call..

Ryans P O V

early morning
I woke up really early, it’s even barely morning . I rushed out of the house all though my driver
already left for the airport.
I headed for A. G. H. C.
I didn’t have time to see Anna after fake nuella left so I rushed to the hospital.
I got to the room, it’s true that security has been tightened, she’s much more safer now..
I opened the door and walked to her bed, i sat down and held her warm hands.
” Anna, I really wanted to see you smile before I leave but duty calls, I no longer have time.
I will only see you when I get back.
She didn’t reply, not even one word.
I touched her hair and bent.
” i missed you”, I said
I kissed her fore head and just then she smiled.
Omg I cant believe this, she is awake.
I instantly hugged her and just then she spoke
Her voice was slow, not steady and her intonation was quite flailing.
” won’t you kiss me. She said as she smiled exposing her attractive set of teeths
I smiled as I touched her hair
“I can’t believe your first words will be something so naughty”, I replied.
” kiss me “, She said
I kissed her lips and she smiled through the kiss even when I wanted to withdraw she tightened
her grip so I kissed her again with no plans of letting go.
After a while I unlocked my lips from hers and pecked her lips, she smiled.
” but, can you move? “, I asked her
” only a finger, opening my eye was really hard but I didn’t want you to leave without my seeing
I smiled
” thanks”, I said
” you still love me right? “.
” actually I was born to do that”. I replied
She kissed me again
” Ryan, there Is no one else right.
” no there isn’t “, i said
” i will wait for you, hurry, come back to me. “, She said.
I smiled as I kissed her for head for a long while.
” i am coming.
I walked out on her.
I left for the plane.

Claras p. O. V

Am already I just ran into our living room but my mother just blocked the door I wonder what’s wrong.
” Clara you won’t my house dressed like a mad woman.
” but mom, what’s wrong.
” how many bags are you wearing. ” mom, I have load, and I can’t carry my box I don’t want
people to know I am traveling.
” how many winter jackets are you wearing Clara.
” mom its just 3, I am trying to cover the bags.
” but why did you cover your body with the bed cloth again.
” mom am feeling cold and this bed cloth covered everything perfectly no one will know I am
traveling, I am owing so many people in the streets already.
” Clara you are not going out like this.
“But mom
She chased me and I ran away through the back door.
What’s wrong with my dressing? well i better run Diana is waiting for me at the junction.
Soon I arrived at the junction Diana laughed at me till she fell flat to the floor.
I dragged her up while still holding my bed cloths.
” Clara, are you going to meet your crush like this? “.
” Argh what’s wrong with my fashion.
” Clara, everything is wrong, you look like a monkey.
” no matter what you say, I am already going like this.
” i know, good bye I will miss you.
She hugged me tight and while letting me go she dragged my my bed cover out exposing my
multiple jacket and multiple bags.
We both started dragging the bed cover until the fruit seller I am owing saw me
‘Hey clumsy, are you traveling, give me my money.
I and Diana ran away in high speed. She still kept shouting.
Minutes later diana got to the hospital junction she waved at me and ran away.
Soon I arrived at the airport and after so many procedures the plane took off. I kept my bags but I
still had my bed cover which kept me warm..

Ryan’s p. O. V

This has already been called a short journey.
I hope it is so.
Two women keep appearing in my mind.
What is wrong, I hope its not what am not thinking
But I just really want to see that fake nuella in the same way I really wanna stay with Anna.
Am in a crazy dilemma before only one woman occupied my being. but now
” i see two..

Claras p. O. V

many hours later.
I arrived, I am still waiting at the airpot. It’s been a while since I arrived here I am still waiting for
his call.
Just then he called me on phone wow thank God, I already got so scared, everywhere is
getting dark.
This is my first time being out in the wild without anybody I know, and my mom is not here.
I placed the phone on my ear.
” i have been here for 30 mins, have you not arrived.
” I tried calling you before But I guess you were still in the plane,
Where are you “. He said
” actually I am standing by the statue. I said.
“Oh, the statue of the man with the guitar?. He asked
” yes sir.
“But there are so Many people standing by the statue “, he said.
I instantly climbed on top of it and waved my hands up.
” oh are you the one dressed like a mad woman “. He said
” well.
” i am coming.
He dropped the call.
What, mad woman, me, wow.
Just then I heard a voice from behind
“Pls come down “.
I turned and he looked at me in surprise but I am more shocked I instantly fainted.
I can’t believe this, the guy I insulted is Ryan dev what the fvck.
This means my angel is Ryan dervantes and the person who hates me is Ryan dev.
And I am going to live in the same house with Ryan who hates me so much.
Omg I am finished
I spread my hands wide..

Ryan’s p. O. V

What the fvck, this stupid, crazy, trouble some girl I hate is the Clara David?
And am suppose to live with this she devil.
No no over my dead body.
I instantly called the methron on phone
” sir, tell me.
” Clara David, I can never work with her, send someone else.
” but sir
” send someone else!! I shouted and dropped the call.
I kicked her and she stood up from the floor where she fainted
Her dressing is always awful omg am runing mad
No no I can never live with this girl.
No never.
” you , i thought you weren’t a nurse,.
” oh wasn’t I. She replied
” i told you to stay away from me. I said
” well sir, I didn’t mean to Come either, and I didn’t know it was you. She replied..

Claraz p. O. V

He scattered his hair in confusion then he turned to me and said
” go “.
Before I could say Jack,
He entered his car and drove away in high speed.
I can’t believe this, I got scared
I lay on he floor with my bed cover and I watched others as they left with their loved one’s
tears ran down my eye
this is so painfull, I don’t know why but this is too painful. It’s getting dark and am so scared.
I wiped my tears
It pains more because for the first time my angel didn’t protect me.
This means the real me is a monster who no one really wants and I already started liking that guy.
Am in pain, what to do..