February 2, 2023

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Pregnant at 18. Episode 2

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL????????

????EPISODE 02????

????EMILY’S POV????

I was awaken by cold water that touched my skin “What?”I shouted as I sat upright

“Emily where did I go wrong as a parent?”I heard my mom’s voice echo around my room

“How did I get here”I asked rubbing my eyes…It was even hard for me to get my voice

“You went to the party after I told you not to go”my mom shouted…That is when the memories came flushing back

“No no no “I shouted as tears fell from my eyes “Don’t even pretend to be hurt I know you are good at acting… I was asleep peacefully when your slutty friends brought you home saying you passed out….Right now you are grounded young lady”she said and left the room

I heard her lock my door …God please tell me it was a dream…I can’t lose my virginity like that…I wasn’t on my right mind

I started crying as I burried my face between my thighs

I don’t even know the guy….Oh god I am such disgrace to womanhood

What if I am pregnant or what if I am HIV positive…I shouldn’t have went to the party

My mom and dad will disown me if I am pregnant

Three weeks later

I am in the hospital worried to hell….I am actually waiting for my results

The doctor came back after what felt like an hour…I quickly stood up “I am pleased to tell you that you don’t have any dease”he said and I breathed a huge sigh of relief

“But…”he said and i quickly looked at him “But what”I snapped at him …

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“I don’t know if it is good news but you are pregnant”he said and I felt tears fall down from my eyes

“Are you okay ma’am”he said looking at me worriedly

“But I am only 18…What is my mom going to say…Not talking about my dad…Oh god I don’t even know the guy”I sobbed and I felt the doctor’s hands wrap around me

“I am so sorry miss Johnson but I am sure your family will understand”he said patting my back

I wiped my tears,pushed the doctor and ran out of the hospital without looking back

“What am I going to tell my mom ?”i asked myself as i hailed for a cab

It waited and I got in….”Take me to the park”I said to him and he just nodded and started driving

Through the driveway all I was thinking about was what I was going to tell my family

How am I going to raise the child.I am 18 for god’s sake..
Why does this world have to be cruel

“Are you okay ma’am “I heard the driver say “Just keep driving”I said as I looked outside the window

Soon we got to the park so I paid him and entered

I just need to think… Killing the baby is not an option because I am not a killer

I sighed as I sat on the bench…”Can my life get any worser”I said to myself as I burried my face in my thighs

“Having a bad day?”I heard a cool voice that I recognise but I hardly can get it

I looked up to see a guy wearing a hood and sunglasses..
I guess he might be of help if I talk to

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I decided to not answer him and burried my face in my thighs again

????JUSTIN’S POV ????

I sighted Emily the hot girl I had a one night stand with

Seems she doesn’t recognise me and I am not willing to take the hood off because of paparazzi

I sat beside her and she just sat there without moving…Ahh this is awkward

“Why are you all sad”I said and she looked at me…For a moment I thought she was going to ignore me again but she replied

“My life is a mess…”she said and I could hear her sniffing

“First I gave my virginity to a stranger because I was drunk”she said and I felt really bad because I didn’t notice she was a virgin..Guess I was too drunk

“Secondly I am pregnant and I don’t even know the guy”she said and I stopped breathing

“What!”I shouted attracting some people’s attention but I didn’t care

“I know right? I am such a disgrace to womanhood like what am I going to tell my family I am 18 for crying out loud”she said and sniffed

Oh my god I thought she was on pills…I can’t be a father at 20..I am not ready

Without saying anything I walked away from her…I went to my car..
“Go to my family’s mansion”I said coldly to the driver

I have to do something fast but I actually don’t know what to do…I am going to be a father

At the other side I am happy because it’s been my dream and my family has been saying I need a child since I turned 20

On the other side I am sad because I am not ready to be a father and I ruined another girl’s life

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I just need to tell my family cause that is where I go whenever I am not on my right mind