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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 3

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

???? Alyssa ????

I laughed heartily returning the fake snake into my bag.

If I had knew earlier that it was prince Ryan, I wouldn’t have done that but why will he be walking casually like a normal person?

Well, this is the very first time I am seeing him and it happened we met in a wrong way.

He didn’t even wait to look back as I called after him.

He’s such a scary cat and now he ruined my dress.

Although I am not mad! I didn’t get to see his face clearly but I am sure he’s as handsome as he is on the television.

I heard he’s a gentle man and his attitude right now proved that.

He’s not someone like princess Emily. But wait! I just had an encounter with the prince.

I am sure going to tell Irene about this but for now, I need to get home and change this, I smell so awful.

Ama own a pizza shop so I am unfortunately her delivery girl, not that I am complaining. That’s our only source of income.

And that’s the reason I am always out on my bike.

I went to where my bike was packed to see Mariah and her crew on it.

Now what did they want? Seriously, I am not troublesome ! They wouldn’t just let me be in peace.

” Can you come down from my bike, I want to leave ” I said as calmly as I could.

Ama warned me to stay out of troubles before I came out so I wouldn’t look for one.

” Who’s talking? You? Well, we can’t see you ” Mariah replied still sitting comfortably on it while I shook my head.

So I am now a spirit or a ghost she can’t see but can reply.

” I wouldn’t repeat myself again Mariah, get down from my bike ” I said hanging my bag on my neck.

There are my fighting tools, I don’t joke with it.

Her friends surrounded me and I scoffed. What did they think they are doing?

She jumped down from the bike standing right in front of me.

” If you must know, we were waiting for you and yuck! You smell like a rotten orange ”


” Look at how dirty she looks ” one of them shipped in .

I left my face expressionless staring at them without saying a word.

Only if they know what’s going on in my head.

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But I am sorry Ama, I can’t keep your promise.

Even God knows I will murder someone here right now if they try anything stupid.

” Even her dress looks tattered ”

” Her hair look messy ” they laughed and I smirked in return.
My dress might not be as classy as their but it’s sure not poor just that the mud was still on it.

” What did you want Mariah?”

” Alyssa, you have the guts to beat up my boyfriend? You have the audacity to beat Jeremy up huh? I am here to fight back ”

I chuckled which turned into a roaring laughter.

Like here to fight back? Meaning to beat me up with this three skinny girls?
I will put their heads together and sit on it.

” You see Mariah, today is a good day and I don’t want to fight so do not come my way ”

I tried walking away but she pushed me back.
Wow! Just wow! What a gut!

” D…did you just push me Mariah?” I blinked rapidly

” And I will do worst than that, I know you don’t have any power Alyssa, girls ”

She signaled them and they matched towards me.

I blinked my eyes again grabbing one of them by her hair and the other by her wrist twisting it .
They yelped being able to do nothing.

” Ouch my hair ”

” My wrist is hurting.
They winced and I smiled devilishly.

” Are you going to stand there and watch? Join them, beat Alyssa up ”

Mariah shouted at the third girl. She nodded and was about punching me but I was quick enough to grab those two in my hands together pushing them roughly on her.

When I mean roughly! I mean very roughly that her head hits the ground and got wounded.

I brought out an injection spray from my bag and spray it on the girls groaning on the floor.

It will make them weak so as to allow them stay on the floor there.

I went to Mariah who looked frightened at the sight and get hold of her hair tossing her around with it.

I pinned her hands to the back giving her a very sound slap before I punched her real hard that she staggered from my hold.

I grabbed on of her leg and she fell down landing her head or is it butt? I don’t care!

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” Alyssa please ” be pleaded growling in pain.
My smirk widened !

” So you can plead? Won’t you stand up to beat me again?” I grinned at her whose face was swollen…

” I..I..am sorry, just let me go please ”

All of a sudden, my mind drifted to my wrist watch and I checked it was …

Holy cow!
Ama is going to kill me!





???? Zoey ????

I wore my designer dress, shoe and wrist watch.

I applied a little makeup! Although I am still beautiful without it.

If you must know, I am the most beautiful girl in Cebu City. That’s what I know.

Not even he princesses are as beautiful as I am.

I carried myself with Grace and elegance walking through the stairs of course with my new designer bag.

The maids and the guards bow their head as I climbed down .

” Hope no one is gonna steal my baby before she comes back?” Mum asked narrowing her eyes and I smiled.

” Of course not Mum, no one ”

” You look absolute stunning Zoey” she complimented.

I know that when I was barely 2, it’s nothing new.

” Thanks Mum, I took after a beautiful woman like you ”

She waved her hand in the air and chuckled.

” So where are you going to?” She asked.

” I am going to the palace Mum, it’s been a while you know ”

She nodded in agreement sipping from her tea.

I could have come with you but I am a little bit busy ”

” It’s no case Mum ”

” Alright baby, my regards to the royal household ”
I nodded and off I go to my car .

Wondering who I am?
Well! I am Zoey Blake! 24 years of age! Only child of my parents.

My Dad is an international business man so he’s hardly around so I live with my Mum most of the time.

We are rich and friends to the royal family.
Yeah! That’s why I am going there.

I am classy and you can say proud! Of course I am proud of who I am !

I just can’t wait to see the prince, he’s the main reason I am going to the palace.

Mum told me earlier he will be choosing a wife on the royal occasion which is in less than three weeks times.

Prince Ryan and I have been close friends and within the years, I fell in love with him.

Like who wouldn’t?
He’s smoking hot, rich, independent and a prince.

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I know he likes me but I am not sure he have any intention of settling down with me..

That I must ensure because he’s mine! I will do everything within my power to make him fall for me.


???? Ryan ????

The shock of what happened earlier was still in me.

How was that lady able to hold a snake?
I have to run for my life!

If there’s anything I am scared of, that should be reptiles.
There are very dangerous !

” Big brother ” I groaned silently turning to Mela!

” Yes what’s it Mel? ” I asked.

” Can you see the Pizza shop down there? At our right, please drop there. I want to eat pizza, please prince ” she pouted making the most cutest puppy eyes in the world.

I creased my forehead together tiredly. It’s been almost two hours I picked her from school but we haven’t gotten home because, we’ve stopped to get her whatever she wants almost six times now.

” Mel, we can come back later, I am tired”

” Please , this is the last thing I will ask for before we get home. Handsome please! You are the most handsome guy I have ever met ”

I sighed smiling! What do I do with her? She will always get her way.

” Fine”

” Yaaayy! Thank you big brother ”

I drove straight to the pizza shop and halted the car.

Few people were there so I will just let only Melanie to go get it.

” Here’s some money, get it fast and come back to the car ”
She nodded alighting from the car.

I waited patiently as she dashed into the small shop excitedly.
That’s all I want, to see her happy!

After about five minutes, I glanced at the door to see Mela talking and laughing with a lady.

Like seriously? Is that what she went to get?

What is the lady telling her that she’s laughing that hard?

I shifted from the driver seat to take a clear view of the lady.

Oops! She’s backing me.
I seriously need to warn Mela! Must she make everyone she sees her friend?

Mela waved her walking towards the car with two pizzas in her hand and that was when the lady turned…

This lady!

I closed my eyes and reopen it taking a deep breathe and my heart Bagan racing.

Isn’t that A?