December 9, 2021

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Pregnant at 18. Episode 7

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL ????????

????EPISODE 07????

????EMILY’S POV????

I felt tears fall from my eyes… She kissed him and he kissed her back

I immediately I ran to the car…”Emily!”I heard Justin shout behind me

I didn’t care I just climbed in the car and locked the doors”Drive”I said in tears

“But…”the driver tried to say but I cut him short”Drive”I shouted and he glanced at Justin who was besides the car and drove out

I can’t even look at him..I just hate him right now..All this time he pretended like he care and respect me but he kissed a girl infront of me

What did I even expect from someone like him…He can’t love me when he is a billionaire and I am an average girl

What we share is just our child and this stupid marriage

I wish I could just escape and go far away from this world

Why am I even crying…I sniffed and wiped my tears

Soon we got home and I angrily took my Ice cream and stormed into the mansion

I can’t let him make me cry….I got into the living room and switched on the flat screen TV

????️ Headlines today…. Justin Carter spotted in the market kissing a girl in front of his wife to be….The question is are they really inlove or is that how they behave to each other?????️

I angrily switched off the TV …I hate Justin for causing me this humiliation

I went upstairs and locked the bedroom door…I don’t have energy so I just want to sleep

????JUSTIN’S POV????

I really messed up…I just don’t know what to do

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I just imagined her as Emily cause I have been longing to kiss her

I hailed for a cab ignoring Sydney’s calling and all the fans and paparazzi taking pictures

Trust me today I am going to receive a serious flogged from mom

I know she is coming back and I am scared

Right now I just need to explain things…Oh gosh I am so scared to lose Emily.

What if she calls the wedding off

Soon we arrived at the mansion and I paid the driver

I was about to go when he called ..”Can I get an autograph”he said and I sighed

He asked me to sign a dollar and I did and gave him

I got into the mansion and saw a bucket of ice cream on the couch

Guess she is upstairs…I tried opening my bedroom door but it was locked

“Emily”I said knocking on the door

I knocked and knocked but she didn’t open up

I ran my hands through my hair and went into the sitting room to find mom and dad

Immediately i became scared…I am scared of mom more than anything

“Mom i can explain”I said but she didn’t hesitate to pull me by my ear

“Argh”I groaned as she dragged me around by my ear

“You are so stupid…Do you want to lose your wife and child”she spat out angrily

“Mom i am sorry”I said but she threw me to the floor

“Don’t apologize to me go apologize to her”she said and left with dad

I am so dead…I touched my ear and it hurts so badly so I groaned

I stood up and walked to the door again

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???? EMILY’S POV????

I sobbed silently into the pillows…I just couldn’t sleep

“Emily”I heard Justin say after some few minutes

“Wife to be please let me explain”he said and I smiled weakly

I just love it when he calls me wife to be

“Okay fine I will stay here till you come out”he said and I smirked

Time for revenge…I walked to the door and breathed in and out

I wiped my tears and opened the door only to see Justin fall flat to the floor

I kept a serious face and he quickly stood up

“Let me explain”he said as he stood up

“I….I didn’t mean to”he said… Seriously he can’t even even explain himself

I angrily kicked him on his private part and he went on his knees in pain

“That is for making me cry”I said and slammed the door on his face

I heard him groan while I jumped up in excitement