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Pregnant at 18. Episode 9

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL????????

???? EPISODE 09????


I opened my eyes quickly to see Justin kissing me

I didn’t kiss him back neither did I push him I was just anticipating in what to do..

He saw that I was awake but didn’t stop kissing me

“Kiss me back”he said into my mouth

I quickly got myself and pushed him away ..

“Why did you steal my kiss?”I asked touching my lips.

“I just couldn’t help it….You are starving me right now”he said and I arched my brows in confusion

“I mean I don’t want to cheat but you are forcing me to do it”he said and I felt a bang in my head

“I swear if you try to cheat I am going to cut your balls and make you eat them”I said sternly and I saw fear in his eyes

“Give me what I want if you don’t want me to cheat “he said seductively

“In your dreams”I said and tried to walk away but he held me by my waist

“I want you and you are not helping matters”he said and I blushed but quickly hid my face

Justin is something else…..”just once”he said trailing kisses on my neck to my lips

That’s it….He quickly took me upstairs to our bedroom and you know……

????ROSE’S POV ????

Let’s see what Sydney of a girl has for me

I dialled the number and she picked up on the second ring ….”hello”her voice said rudely and I smirked

“Are you Sydney List?”I asked and she kept quiet but answered after few minutes

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“Yeah who wants to know?”she asked rudely “Rose Johnson Emily’s cousin and i have an offer to make”I said while crossing my legs

“What is it?”she said and I smiled

“Let’s meet at the market where you kissed Justin”I said sternly

“What time?”she asked rudely “10 in the morning”I said and hanged up

Emily get ready for your downfall….I laughed silently and put down the phone

????JUSTIN’S POV????

I smiled as we layed on the bed stark naked

Can’t believe we just had s**x ….”Wife to be are you are sleep?”I asked trailing my hand on her body

“No I am still thinking of how to kill you since you seduced me”she said and i laughed

“But you enjoyed it”i said pulling her face so she can look at me

“No I didn’t”she said looking away shyly

“But you were saying oh Justin don’t stop”I mimicked her voice and she hit me hardly

“Stop it cause this was the last time”she said and I smirked

“We will see about that”I said and she blushed

“I want to eat”she said trying to stand up

“Don’t be a buzz killer”I said and she started crying


“Hey why are you crying”I said wiping her tears

“You said I am a buzz killer”she said and I tried too hard not to laugh but laughed anyways

“Now you are laughing at me because I am fat”she said crying more

“Who said that anyways my wife to be is pretty and she is not a buzz killer”I said patting her like a baby

“Really?”she beamed in excitement and I nodded

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I should just watch my mouth….I totally forgot she is pregnant but it’s funny when she cry

She looks so much like a baby


I heard someone sniffing and I woke up to see Emily crying

Oh Jesus just kill me already

“Why are you crying”I asked hugging her from behind

“I want bliss biscuits”she said sniffing

Seriously where am I going to get that

“But it’s midnight why don’t we get them in the morning”I said

“I want them now Justin”she shouted and I quickly stood up

“I will go get them”I said going to the door

Where am I going to find bliss biscuits at this time

Oh god please stop punishing me for my sins

I took my car keys from the table glass in the kitchen and drove out

I just hope she gives birth tomorrow

She is so childish and I don’t know where I am going to get them cause all shops are closed

I sighted an open shop and sighed

“Finally”I breathed out as I went to it

Let’s hope for the best….I bought the bliss biscuits and headed home

Soon I got there and went upstairs to find Emily browsing and smiling with her phone

“Here are your bliss biscuits”I said handing them over to her

“I lost appetite”she said not sparing me a glance

What???I drove all the way for this and she tells me she lost appetite

I angrily got on the bed…”So much for a wife to be “I said loudly and slept