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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 4

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed

???? Ryan ????

Isn’t that A?
I am not mistaking, that’s the lady I have looked for all my life.

She’s right here few inches away from me.

With my face glued to her, I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the car door and strode towards her .

” Hey big brother where are you rushing to?” Mela asked stopping me…
I sighed and turned to her. I need to meet A, I can’t let this opportunity goes off like that.

It might sound stupid but I am obsessed with her. The girl in my dreams.

” Who was that lady you were talking to Mela? ” I asked .

She smiles widely at me showing her full set of teeth

” Aunty Alyssa? God big brother that girl is a sweet soul, I love her already, she’s jovial, friendly, she even gave me this pizzas for free ”

Alyssa! That’s her name?

” Wait, why are you asking about her ?” She asked in her tiny voice and I turned to take a quick glance at A but….

What? She left already! She’s no longer there!

I ignored Mela’s call running into the small shop.

How can I be so foolish to loose her on seeing the opportunity?

I entered into the shop and met a older woman.

I frowned a little confused! She looks exactly like my A just that she’s older!

I nervously looked around the place checking for her but she’s nowhere to be found.

She came to buy pizza and left? Or did she work here?

Even if I see her, what do I tell her? That I have been seeing her in my dreams? That I fell in love with her without knowing her?

” G… good evening ma’am ” I greeted the older woman who turned around to see me.
Her eyes widened staring intently at me !
Maybe surprised I am here?

” Ah! My prince, you are welcome and I am very glad to have you here in my shop, you want some pizzas? Like how many? Two? Three ”

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She said with excitement written all over her face and I couldn’t help but smile.

” Yes ma’am, I came to get some pizzas. How many is remaining for today’s sales?” I lied .

My subconscious mind knocked my head, that’s not what I came for but I can’t tell her I came to look for a girl .

But my mind wouldn’t leave her, I continue looking around hoping to see her but fate has it’s cruel way of playing games with me.

I wish to find her soon before the royal occasion, I can’t imagine myself presenting any other woman as my Queen aside her.

I can’t betray the love we share in my dreams. She’s told me several times never to leave her and I don’t want that either.

” It’s ten my prince ” she shrieked.

” Okay, you can bring everything ” I blurted out

” What did you say my prince?” She asked clearly shocked

” Yes ma’am, bring all. I will buy everything”

” Oh my God! Where’s this girl? Alyssa? Alyssa? Don’t tell me she’s gone fighting again ! Alyssa”

I just wish that moment she was calling her, she should show up but she never did.

At least I have gotten some information about her like her name and I guess she works here or this woman is probably her mother.

She disappeared and came back with then boxed of Pizza. God! What am I going to do with them?

Maybe, give it out to the maids and guards.
Even my sisters can’t finish everything!

” Here ” I handed her two hundred bucks.

” What for my prince? The money you have to pay is just ten bucks ” she said staring at me.

That moment, Melanie popped in her head.

” Big brother what the ….”

” Is that the manners I have been teaching you Mela? ” I questioned cutting her off as she stared at my hand with wide eyes.

” Uhhm,I am sorry ma’am! Good evening ”

” How are you my princess? Have anyone told you that you are the cutest baby in the world? You look so beautiful and calm ”

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The woman said and I could see Mela flushed under her compliment !

” You can keep the money ma’am, just see it as a gift from your prince ”

Even if I can’t see my A now, I should do something that her mum will like me for and guess what?

I will get to see her sooner or later because coming here will be my daily routine!




???? Alyssa ????

I sighed in relief as I came out from my hideout at the side of the shop.

What was the prince doing here? Did he find out I was the girl who scared him with a fake snake?

I am so dead! Ama is going to kill me! He reported me to her!

If there’s anyone I am scared of, that should be Ama. Her anger is enough to shake me off my feet.

He was laughing with Ama and I could see the ease in Ama’s eyes. She felt comfortable with him.

When I was sure they were out of sight, approached Ama nervously with my feet not stable on the ground.
I need to run off if she wants to hit me!

” Where are you coming from Alyssa?” She thundered

I nervously fidget with the tip of my dress taking back as many steps I could.

” I.. I am sorry Ama, I swear I didn’t know it was the prince! I thought it was done rich arrogant men. I am sorry ”

She stared at me hands akimbo without saying a word as if thinking of how she’s going to pounce on me and beat me to the core!

” Don’t tell me you had an encounter with the prince Alyssa! You didn’t beat him up did you?”

Huh? Wait!
That was not what the prince told him?
I have stupidly exposed myself!

” What did you do to the prince Alyssa? Why did you always bring troubles to me? Did you want to know how the palace cells looks like? ”

” You want to stay in the dungeon? Or the dark cell? Or the dirty cell? Or did you want to be tortured and without no food or water till whenever they wish to give you?”

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Those words sends so much fear in me. All those cells are in the palace?

The prince’s face flashed on my head ! His horse yet but calm voice, his million dollar smiles, his cute face like that of Zain Malik.

He wouldn’t do that right? I know he has a fragile heart that wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly.

But the thought of being in one of those cells made me scared.

I can’t imagine staying in a dark place without food! Did they want me to die?

” I am sorry Ama, it was just a silly mistake. I didn’t know it was the prince and no, I didn’t beat him up ”

” Then what other mischievous attitude of yours did you do? ” She asked glaring at me.

I gulped down nothing throwing few frightened glances at her.

” I..I scared him with a fake snake and he ran off ”

I couldn’t hold the smile that tug on my lips. It was really a funny incident truly!

” He what? He ran off?” She asked bursting into a fist of laughter.


???? Ryan ????

” You are back my prince ”

Huh? Zoey? When did she come here?
She hugged me tightly and I sighed hugging her back.

It’s been a while I saw her though.

” Zoey, it’s been a while ” I said as we disengaged from the hug.

” Yeah! I have been a little busy for sometimes now so how’s my prince doing?” She asked seductively clinging tightly to me.

I mentally face palmed myself!
She hasn’t stop this her attitude?

We’ve been friends since childhood and I know what’s she trying to do.

She wants me too like every other lady out there ….

Zoey is beautiful, classy and everything I want in a woman but she’s not the one I want.

No matter how hard she tries, she can never win me over because I belong to someone else..