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One Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 12

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✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode twelve????


I knew time was running out, but when i confirmed it was when lisa told me everything on the phone.

I went to my granny’s house and luckily, she got someone who unlocked the phone for me.

I boarded a cab immediately to Lisa’s house, hope I get there on time.

I got in……oh good, am right in time.

“well,I I have evidence”,I said and brought out the phone.

I put the call records and placed it on loud speaker.

????Call records????

“hey bro,its me, blake”,blake said.

“oh, but why are you using this new number?”,his friend asked.

“oh well……I gotta keep no trace of evidence around”,blake said.

“wait, lemme guess, new girl you wanna fuck?”,his friend asked.

“yeah! You guessed right. This girl is damn sexy, with all the curves needed”,blake said.

“wait! But I thought you were with uhmn…….uhmn”.

“you mean Richie?”,blake asked.

“well, our dating is official, but she ain’t in town right now, and I need someone to please me for the mean time”,blake replied.

“oh, so who is this girl?”,his friend asked.

“well, her name is lisa, she is my junior by the way”,blake replied.

“ok, so what’s the plan?”,his friend asked.

“well I want to spike her drink in such a way that not only will she feel weak and drowsy, she won’t also remember what happened”,blake replied.

“ok, I will send it to you in a jiffy”,his friend replied.

????call record ends????

“so, what do you have to say?”,I asked.

“am……am am…”.

“sharrap”,Richie half yelled and slapped him.


How could he do this??? I mean, this all sounds crazy!

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I loved him………….but after this, not anymore.

He fell down on his knees!

“baby, am really really sorry”,he pleaded.

“and me?”,lisa asked.

He stared at her for a while, then crawled to her.

“am really sorry, pls forgive me”,he pleaded and she smriked.

“so what’s the way forward”,dad asked out of the blue.


He asked blake for his guardian’s number, which he hesitated a while before giving.

Dat called his parents, and some minutes later, they arrived.

Dad explained the plight and they were shocked.

“i must say, blake, am very disappointed in you”,his mum said crying.

“you can’t marry both sis, so choose, who do you wanna be with?”,his dad asked.

“well……..I wanna be with………

Tension filled the air as we waited for his response.