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Pregnant at 18. Episode 21

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL ????????

???? EPISODE 21????

????ROSE’S POV????

“I object”me and Sydney said smirking evily.. People started murmuring but we didn’t care

No one messes with us and get away with it

There is always a plan b and if plan b doesn’t work there is a plan c

“What?”the pastor said..”We object”we said at the same time

I am happy that Kevin is not here..I looked at Emily to see her wearing a worried face

“Why?”Justin asked angrily making all the people keep quiet cause his voice was so husky and scary

“Firstly I am pregnant”Sydney said smiling which made me smile wildly

“So? We all know you sell your body for money..No need to tell us you don’t know the father”Justin said making all people laugh

Sydney ran out in tears..Damn!she has hot temper

“Secondly Justin cheated on you”I said staring at Justin who fear has now been written on his face

I smirked as I knew I got him.. people started murmuring again

“Where is the proof?”Emily said in anger

“Don’t rush cuz..I was going to do this”I said and hit the button

It showed Justin and Helen …The Hollywood actress in a hotel

They kissed and Justin whispered hotly in her ear

They then stood up and went to a hotel room closing the door behind

“I can explain”Justin explain said as people started murmuring

Their parents seemed so disappointed “See cuz i only want what’s best for you”i said as i looked at Emily who wore a straight face

“All man cheat but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you”Emily said making their parents and Justin smile

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“So if you are done here then the door is always open”she said rudely and faced Justin

I walked out slowly and smiling as people stared at me

Even my mom was shocked but I didn’t care

She chose that man over me so she lost me as her daughter

I walked out and breathed out as I saw Sydney smiling

Written by Crystal

“Last plan”she said and I nodded

Now we go for the last plan…If it doesn’t work then I should just kill myself

????️‍????EMILY’S POV????️‍????

We got married but I am still angry

So Justin cheated on me…is it because I am fat and ugly now

I waited patiently for us to get into our limo which will lead us to our honeymoon

Immediately we got in I broke down into tears

Justin got in but I didn’t mind him..I was just so weak

“Wifey I am so sorry”he said and tried to touch me but I jerked away immediately

“Don’t think I a married you because I love you..I am just doing this for my baby and after he is born we go our separate ways”I sniffed and his face sadden immediately

“Emily please I said I am sorry..As you said every man cheat but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you”he said and I laughed sarcastically

“Okay then I am going to cheat and you will feel the same way”I said and his eyes widened

“No please.. don’t cheat on me”he said and knelt down in the car while tears rolled down his cheeks

What??? I was so shocked

Like Justin Carter kneeling infront of me

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Every girl’s dream kneeling down because I threatened to cheat..He is even crying

I immediately i hugged him…I don’t know but I have this soft spot for him

And i think he knows that..”Don’t cry please”I said

“I am so sorry”he said “I am not angry anymore so stop crying”I said and he chuckled and kissed me after disengaging the hug

I looked at the in the front and caught the driver smiling wildly looking at us

Immediately he saw my gaze he looked forward which made me giggle

“Now let’s go and have the honeymoon we deserve”Justin said and tried to hug me but I jerked away

“Just because I forgive you doesn’t mean everything is okay..No kissing,no s**x and no touching”I said sternly

“What??Kill me already”he pouted like a baby which made me and the driver burst into laughter

Soon we got to the mansion and o couldn’t help but admirer it

Everything looked like I was in heaven

“It’s beautiful”I said as I ran my eyes all over the place

“Not as you” he said which made me grin

“Stop it”I said shyly… There was no maids and guards cause Justin insisted that he want to spoil me by himself

We got into the living room to find the shock of our lifes

Rose and Sydney holding guns”Suprise”they said and i quickly grabbed Justin fearfully

Justin took me behind him”What are you doing here?”he growled which made me shiver

“To have fun”Sydney said and shot me on the leg which made me fall to the couch

“Argh”I screamed in pain “You bitch”Justin shouted and rushed to Sydney

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They started fighting for the gun while Rose came to me angrily

Before she could do anything “boom” we heard a gunshot

“Justin”I shouted on top of my voice