December 1, 2023

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A Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 15

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????A night with a
Cute guy????

✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode fifteen????


I left abruptly…..I need to cool my head down.

Those were the last words I expect from my mom. Geez! How could she utter such!

Also, dad threatens to send me out???? Like I mean, why is life so unfair and cruel??

I sat down in a garden close by and poured my eyes out…….why did I go to that damn party????

????Late in the evening????

I cried my ass out I didn’t realise the time….it was five pm already..

I stood up, my eyes were swollen and my legs were asleep…..I struggled to walk…I had barely gone far….I collapsed on the floor….and slowly, my eyes closed.


I drove home after the shopping I had with my friends.

I saw a lady laying helplessly on the floor…..geez!

I jumped out of the car and helped her up…..I placed her in the car.

I drove home….and called the family doctor.

She came out of the room after some minutes.

“doctor, how is she?”,I asked.

“well, they are both fine”,the doctor replied, getting me confused.

“they?”,I asked.

“yes, she and her child”,the doctor replied and I was shocked.

That girl looks like she is my age.

“can I see her?”,I asked.

“yeah sure, just make sure she eats and also gets plenty of rest”,the doctor said and left.

I walked in sullenly and she was awake..

“how did…I get here?”,she asked, trying to get up.

“calm down. I found you lying helplessly on the road, so I brought you to my house, but… are pregnant?”,I asked.

She breathed out loudly

“its a long story, thanks for the help”,she replied.

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“no problem. You are going to spend the night here, you are too weak to go home”,I said, and she nodded slowly.

I left to get her some food…i came out of the kitchen with the tray of food……oh my brother is back.

“hi bro”,I greeted.

“did you invite a friend over?”,he asked.

“nope, why do you ask?”,I asked.

“well, you are carrying a tray of food, and the content is much, you can’t finish it”,he replied.

“well, there is a guest, I’ll explain later”,I said and walked upstairs.

I fed her, till she was filled.

“once again, thanks”,she said.

She explained everything to me, and I was shocked….am speechless.

The next day☀️

She was ready to leave. We both walked downstairs, holding hands when she paused on seeing my brother.