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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 6

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????( The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 6
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alyssa ????

Oh my God! Prince Ryan?
Don’t tell me he has seen me fighting! What am I even saying? Of course he did.

Why did he have to come this minute?
I stared nervously at him feeling guilty as he stood frozen at the door like I just murdered someone.

That very moment,I feel like explaining myself to him that it wasn’t what he saw.

I bowed my head as his intense gaze burn through my skin.

I heard a loud slap on my face and I turned to see Ama beside me!

Holy Molly! I totally forgot I was running from her.

Before I could run, she got hold of my hand giving me another slap on my right cheek.

” Ama please ” I pleaded almost in tears.
My cheeks hurt and it seems she’s not done with me.

” Did you see what you did to him Alyssa? What is wrong with you?”

She slapped my back and I was able to free myself from her tight grip.

I took to my heels and unfortunately, my legs took me to the prince.

I guess he’s the only one that can save me right now.

Forgetting the shock on his face, I ran clutching very tight to him.

It’s not my fault I always fight, if they stop looking for my troubles, we will stay in peace.

Ama made some boys take Lucas to the hospital and she came after me again.

” sorry please, I am sorry Ama ”

I hid behind the prince as tears flows down freely.

Prince Ryan turned to me and I hastily bowed my head.

” Get away from there Alyssa, come down here ” she snapped angrily

” It’s okay ma’am, beating her up wouldn’t solve a thing ”

The most calmest voice I have ever heard said.

He spoke with a cool and breathtaking voice.

His voice is husky, matured and angelic.

” She wants to kill me Ryan, there is no single day she won’t fight. No single day someone won’t end in the hospital in her name ”

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Mum said in a sober mood but did she just call him Ryan?

Okay! What’s the relationship between them and did she have to add to my shame by disgracing me in front of him?

Even if I am not scared of Prince Ryan, not anyone except Ama, I have an atom of shame in me .

I fidget with my fingers staring down at my legs.

” Uhmm, you just go inside and rest. Forgive her please and I assure you she won’t fight again ”

Mum passed me a deadly glare that can kill me instantly but I didn’t die though .

” She won’t change, she’s been like this since the last time I can remember”

I am sorry Ama, it’s not my fault!

” Some customers are coming in, why don’t you attend to them while I take her somewhere to have a word with her?”

Someone should pinch me! I seriously need to wake up from this dream

Prince Ryan? Take me out to have a what?
Who saw my pieces? I have melted already!





???? Scarlett ????

Ava, Maggie and Natalie sat next to me while Mela sat opposite us licking her ice cream as we stared curiously at her and as usual, Emily is in her room.

I don’t get why she’s always a loner! We’ve tried all we could to be the best sisters to her but she’s just her.

” Are you going to keep us waiting this way or I should take back my bowl of ice cream?” Ava said to Mela.

She giggled rolling her eyes.

” Well, you know brother Ryan picked me from school today” she paused searching our eyes.


” We know right so what?” Natalie shipped in.

” We came across a Pizza shop and I pleaded with him to let me get some and he agreed ”

” He gave me some money, there I met a beautiful lady with her heart as pure as gold and her spirit as free as the bird ”

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She paused and grinning.

” What does this have to do Ryan?” Maggie asked.

” Calm down big sis, I am still talking right?” She replied calmly.

Mela is the last born but she behaves more matured than any of us.

” When I entered into the pizza shop, I met her there and that instant, I liked her because she was just like me. She even gave me those pizzas for free ”

” When I was coming back into the car, I met the prince who began questioning me about her. Alyssa ”

” The way he stares at her direction speaks something else, I think he likes her ”

” Could you believe he stylishly went in search of her?”

She giggled again.

Alyssa? Does that mean Ryan has found his amor?

She will be married into this palace and we will become seven sisters and friends!

” Is she a delivery girl or what?” I asked

” Sort of, her mum own the shop ”

” Perfect! You still know the shop right? ” Ava asked

” Sure sis ”

” We are going to see her girls ”


???? Alyssa ????

First time in my entire life I am entering into a luxurious car and it’s not just a car but a royal car!

A freaking royal car !
Prince Ryan called his driver and he came almost immediately as if he was waiting by the road side.

Right now, in the same car with Prince Ryan!

What I have never for once in my life dreamt about!

I could feel his gaze on me and I tried as much as possible not to look his way fantasising about the car.

It feels like heaven! Some fresh air coming from a direction I don’t know.

The tinted windows, sparkling seats, everything!

I don’t wish to leave this car again, I might end up sleeping on this seat if we spend thirty more minutes here.

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My thought was caught short when the car came to an halt.

Does it have to be now?

I waited patiently till his driver opened the car door for me.

I don’t want to disgrace myself here again !

Wow! Where’s this place? When did I become an opportunist?

” Welcome to Eland hotel Prince Ryan, your reservation is this way ”

Wow! This place is extremely beautiful! And I have been in this city for all the twenty three years of my life.

Not even the name have I heard before! Well, perks of not being rich .

I am very certain that even my forefather won’t be able to pay for a single meal here.

We were directed to a VIP seats where few people were .

” What’s your order ma’am ”

I picked the menu and what? Everything was written in French.
Is it owned by a French person?

Seeing how I was struggling with the menu, prince Ryan collected it and ordered whatsoever.

Gosh I feel like a princess !

He’s the first Prince that has ever valued his subject
Some ladies stared dreamingly at him while some throw daggers at me and I sat with my head up high!

It’s not easy being spotted with the prince.

” So tell me Alyssa, why did you beat up that boy?”

I stared at his lips as he spoke, he’s putting on a simple dress as usual .

My eyes traveled to his neck and there was a necklace that my entire generation will never be able to afford.

A gold necklace!

An expensive wrist watch was on his left wrist glistering even in the day time.

Three rings on his hand and he was turning that on his middle finger.

Why didn’t I check him earlier?

Without thinking twice, you will know he’s royalty.

Everything about him screams royalty and wealth.

He looks so cute , sexy and handsome.

” Alyssa?” He called and chuckled.

God! Why do I keep on disgracing myself huh?

He caught me checking him out right?