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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 55

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 55

Brenda’s POV

I turned on the light in my room and stood upright, I then waddled out …I wanted to know who had covered me with a blanket.

It was only Scot and I that were in the house but I know that his big head will never do such.

On getting to the living room, I decided to walk upstairs only for me to hear a voice behind me saying; “Whom are you looking for?”

I was shocked, the voice doesn’t in any way sounded like that of Scott.

I turned towards the assumed direction of the voice but I couldn’t find anyone.

I couldn’t utter a word, what in the world is going on?

“What are you looking for?” The sound was from a different direction this time.

I walked towards the direction of the voice gently but still couldn’t find anyone.

“On your knees, your two hands behind your head.” The voice ordered and I quickly obliged.

Has the person taken Scott?

Hope they haven’t hurt Scot?

Could it be that Chef? but the voice doesn’t even sound like his.

“Answer all of my questions or you wouldn’t like what will happen to you.” The voice was more firm and strong.

“Okay sir.” I said fearfully.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”The voice asked and I furrowed my brow

Why is this person asking to know something so personal to me?

” If you lie, I’ll know. Better confess the truth.” The voice sounded sharp.

“I do not have a boyfriend.” I confessed and the voice was quiet.

I was expecting the next question but I didn’t hear anything.

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My head was lowered in fear.

I heard steps approach where I knelt.

I was confused on either to raise my head to see who it was.

I ‘d better remain like this, they might kill me if they realize I recognize their face.

“I knew it…I knew you never have a boyfriend?” the voice now sounded like that of Scot.

It was then I had the ordersity to raise my head.

“Scot! ” I called and he adjusted back from me.

I stood before him.

“I tricked you into telling me the truth.” He scoffed.

I smiled, even though I loathed the fact that he finds out the truth, I love it still.

I like the way he laughs too even though he was mocking me. His beautiful teeth are as white as snow.