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I Sold My V. Episode 18

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( His royal Excellency)



✍️ Eighteen✍️
“Joshua” I call as I walk up the stairs. “I need to talk to you” I say as I walk into the bedroom.

Maybe he’s in his office. I head to his office and the door is open. He never leaves the door unlocked let alone open. There’s an envelope on his desk.

I run my fingers along the polished wood and play with the envelope until a small folded paper slid out. I opened it and it looked like a contract.

Me being my nosy self I started to read the document. “You must understand the terms in this agreement are nonnegotiable to go against this contract would be an injustice to the law and/or me…”

“Indiscretion to these rules would be an offense…”

The further I read the more and more confused I get. I sit down in his chair and look through the envelope. The first paper I pull out it said sex contract in bold letters across the top.

“What are you doing?!” A voice boomed.

I immediately looked up at Joshua who was standing at the door way. I slowly stood up with the papers in my hand. “What is this?” I asked him. “What is this s–x contract?”

“That is private” he walked closer to me.

I looked down at the paper again and looked through them all. “Are you having sex with people?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. “Are you making girls sign a contract to sleep with you?”

Still no answer. I stood there shocked. “Are you serious?”

“Get out of my office” he said in a low tone.

“Why am I here then! Why do you keep me here”


“All we are supposed to do is have sex but instead you’re just keeping me here and having s–x with other girls!”

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“Is this what you do when you say you have to work?” I cut him off and slammed the papers on his desk. “Do you even really have a job or are you just rich because of your mommy and daddy” I mocked.

“Watch your mouth! They were kind to you! You don’t have to bring them in this because your jealous” he yelled.

“WHAT?!” I laughed at his response. I moved away from his desk but still stood far from him. “Jealous of what?”

He looked at me and didn’t say anything. “Jealous of your kind mother and father? The way you grew up? All the money you sit on top of?”

He stood there biting down on his jaw. I wanted so bad to tell him to stop. But I stayed angry at the things he’s saying to me. “I will never be jealous of you, I don’t care how much money you have” I said quietly and crossed my arms. “I will walk out of this house and not needing a thing from you. I don’t want your money”

“Then why are you doing this? Why did you let me buy this thing from you”

He said “this thing” as if it was nothing. As if my virginity wasn’t something that should be valued.

“‘This thing’ you payed for was the only thing I could do to help my mother in a certain time frame. She needed the money”

“Any sensible person wouldn’t have sold their virginity”

“My mother-” my voice broke. I held my breath trying not to cry but I felt my face getting hot. “She needed the money”

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“You didn’t have to do it. You could’ve done something else, you didn’t have to let your mother control you” A tear fell from my eye as he said that. “But you did and I believe a part of you wanted to do it. So let’s do it” he said. “Get on your knees and make your money, whore” he spat.

My heart shattered as he said that. My thoughts started invading my mind and I couldn’t think straight. Now I know, it was to good to be true. This is what he really thinks of me and because of how I grew up he can’t help but think that I’m after his money. That I’m jealous of everything he has.

“I’ll pay you back and I’ll leave for good” I said nearly sobbing and left the room. I walked into the bedroom heading to the closet for a suitcase.

“We have a contract” he said from behind me. I didn’t even know he followed me.
“Make up another one since your so good at it” I spat at him.

He walked to the other side of the bed. I felt him watching me as I moved around, grabbing my clothes and things and shoving them into my suitcase.

“Valentina let’s talk please” he sighed.

I can tell he’s trying to be calm but I can hear his voice shaking. I don’t see why he cares now. He was acting like he didn’t this whole time.

He placed his suit jacket on the bed and make it look all neat and tidy. I threw my last pair of pants in my suitcase and zipped it up.

I grabbed my phone from the side of the bed and shoved it in my waistband since I didn’t have a pocket.

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He followed closely behind me as I walked downstairs. Struggling to carry my suitcase. He picked it up for me and carried it down the steps.

I shook my head as I headed to the kitchen to grab a leftover sandwich from the fridge.

I grabbed four vegetarian sandwiches that Miles made. He always makes me a lot because he knows I like to eat. He’s so sweet.

“Nate!” I yelled. “Are you here?”

“Here miss” he said from behind me.

“Jeez, where did you come from?” I asked startled a bit.

“The living room, Mr. Maxwell called me”
I walked back to the front door and Joshua was sitting on the steps with his hands on his head.

He looks so sexy. This feels like a scene from a movie. One of those movies where he gets on his knee and says how sorry he is then proposes. But this is not.

“I need you to take me to John’s house. The man I saw earlier”

“You saw some man earlier?” Joshua asked loudly. Like he was ready to catch an attitude with me.

“My friend John, yes I did” I snapped back.

“Don’t take her anywhere” Josh stood up and looked at Nate.

“What? You can’t do that”
“He works for me and unless he wants to be fired I suggest he stay here” he said without taking his eyes off of Nate.

Nate look back at me and shook his head. “I’m sorry, Miss Valentina” he walked away and I was there alone with Joshua.

“I hate when we fight” he said as he walked closer to me.

“And we will talk about this… even if I have to tie you down” he frowned.