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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 8

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 8
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alyssa ????

” You?” Princess Scarlett called in surprise.

Wait! What are they doing here and why the you?

” My princesses, you are huh.. welcome ” I stuttered looking confused.

” Are you not the lady we almost knocked down the other day? ” Princess Ava asked and I simply nodded

” You met her before?” One of the princesses asked. That should be Maggie! Ugh! They are too many! Although I envy them at least they are siblings and they love each other.

Unlike me who’s just one in this world forever!

” Yeah, on our way back to the palace. That’s by the way, you look pretty Alyssa”

Princess Scarlett complemented and I flushed a little.

So now, to what do I owe this visit?

” Yes, let’s go sit so you tell us how you met our brother ”

Huh? Prince Ryan?

I glanced at the little princess who just winked at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion ! It’s just today I have had my good first conversation with the prince.

I bet it’s today he got to know someone like me exists on this planet Earth.

” Stop giving us that look and sit ” princess Natalie dragged me to sit beside her which I did nodding like a lizard

” We saw him drop you off Alyssa, something he’s never done. He avoided ladies like they will burn him if he gets close to them and of course except us then you ” princess ava said.

” And girls, I studied his face! He was looking so relax while he spoke to you ” princess Maggie shipped in.

I blinked my eyes turning from one person to the other.


” How did you do it? I mean to get the prince to fall in love with you ?”

I choked on spit immediately I heard that.
Why will they conclude something like this?

The prince just met me for the first time today how is he now in love with me?

I tried hard not to roll my eyes at them right now.

They have made me speechless! I don’t know what to say.

” Are you shy of telling us how you both met? Oh my God! Are you in love with my brother too?” Princess Scarlett gasped.

Lawd! My cheeks heat up in embarrassment, I don’t know why!

” See she’s blushing ” Melanie yelled jumping up.

Are they all this crazy? Except for princess Emily! She’s not even here! That proud peacock!

The fact that she’s a princess have gotten into her head !

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” Dad will be happy to hear this ”

Dad what? Did they want to kill me?

” I…I….”

They cut me off as I was about telling them I don’t have anything with the prince.

” You don’t have to say anything and it’s fine if you are not ready to tell us your love story, guess we will get that from the prince but for now, let’s go shopping ” princess Ava Said

Shopping? What for?

” Yeah! You need to change your wardrobe, don’t get us wrong okay? We love the way you dress but as the Prince’s wife to be, you need to upgrade ” princess Scarlett added..

” From your dress, shoes, bags and after then, we will go to the hair salon to give you another look ” princess Maggie said.

” No objection ”

They dragged me out with them without waiting for me to speak up!

I am so done for!.




???? Ryan ????

I woke up feeling refreshed! I have not felt this inner peace I am feeling in a long time.
Maybe because I already found her! My A.

My head, my mind,my focus, everything is just on her.

I can’t seems to stay for a second without her thought crossing my mind.

The way she walks as swayed her hips, her tiny voice kept ringing in my ear.

I will go see her right after I come back from the royal meeting Dad and I will be attending.

I don’t know the use of that meeting but Dad kept saying it’s important and I have to be there because I am going to be the next king.

I sighed standing up from my bed and entering into the bathroom, I don’t want Dad nagging that I kept him waiting.


” Son, your father is becoming impatient” Mum said pipping through my door.

It’s still 8am.

” I am done Mum, good morning”

” Morning, now be down in two. I will beg your father to give you sometime to eat, I won’t let you going with a empty stomach”

Typical Mum!

” You don’t have to worry mum, I already took so oath earlier this morning ”

” Are you sure that will sustain you? ”

” Yes Mum let’s get going ” I said to her.

” Hope you slept well?” She asked.

” Like never before, I slept with so much excitement ”

” Really? What’s the reason?” She asked amused

” Its Alyssa Mum ”

Saviours! Where the hell did Scarlett come from? And how did she know about Alyssa?

Mum paused and looked back at me while I glared at Scarlett who giggled.

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” Alyssa? Who’s Alyssa?” She asked staring at me and I bowed my head not knowing what exactly to say.

” U.uh Mum, she’s a friend ”

She gave me a suspicious look and Scarlett scoffed.

” A friend! When did you start making friends with ladies? ”

Humph! I don’t know!

” You see he’s not saying the truth mum, your son is ….”

” What are you still doing up stairs there, we are getting late ” Dad yelled from downstairs band I sighed in relief.

I hurriedly walked pass the two women thanking Dad in my heart.

And Scarlett? I will surely come back for her.

” I am sorry Dad, good morning ”

” Morning, let’s go already ”

I nodded and followed him into the car.
His chauffeur roared the engine to life and drove off.


Huh? What’s this? Why’s the car packed on the road?
Oh! It probably stopped working!

” Go check if anyone is in the car ” Dad told the chauffeur

” Yes my king ”

Before he could come down, some men came down from the car with guns in their hands and….

They are walking towards us

” Reverse the car Joel and drive fast ” Dad shrieked.

He wasn’t fast enough, they came nearer and began shooting at us.

” Joel ” we both yelled in fright as the gun met him at the side of his shoulder.



???? Alyssa ????

I walked elegantly down the road looking more pretty and not that old me.

The princesses really took their times to take me to places I have never been before and gave me a new look .

I look more like a rich man’s daughter and guess what?

They brought two girls that will be doing the pizza delivery for Ama, meaning I have all the time to myself.

The boys turned to look at me and will turn again to see me.

I almost died of laughter today when I met Lucas and James on my way.

I am very certain they stalked me for troubles but they became speechless immediately they set their eyes on me.

Gosh! I want those princesses to be visiting me more often.

My hair was dyed into blue ! My lashes was fixed.

I wore a creamy top and a trouser revealing my curves and a flat expensive flip flop with my expensive large handbag hanging on my shoulder.

I can proudly say I am one of the curvy ladies in Cebu City.
I am endowed with that!

I took my usual short route to the shop! I like the road because it’s quiet and not as busy as the main road.

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No noise, nothing! And I am not scared of any attack !

” Ahhh ” I jumped as I heard someone wincing.

Huh? Who’s that?
It came from the other side of the road!

Then I heard a loud gunshot!
Holy Molly !

What’s happening? Are they killing someone?

I ought to be scared right but curiouscity wouldn’t let me.

I tiptoed to see what was going.

Some men where surrounding a car. Two stood back to watch while three went over to the other car.

Some people came down from the car! Wait!

It can’t be right? Naa! It’s definitely not them but, I am not mistaking!
That’s the king and my prince!

What are those boys doing? Why did they want to kill them?

I shrieked as fear engulfed me!
I need to do something before they get at them.

I looked around and luckily for me, I saw a long stick !

Tiptoeing as slow as I could without the two boys few inches away from me knowing.

I simultaneously hit their head and they passed out on the floor.

Being very careful, I dragged them out of the way not before grabbing their guns.

My Dad was a police officer before he died and so, I carry his hat all the time with me for security purposes.

I brought out the police hat and wore it. I am wearing a casual dress and they won’t know I am not a cop.

I hang the two guns on my neck tiptoeing again to the car.

The three of them might just kill me and then boom! I will die!

But I need to save them!

One of those boys was standing out and an idea popped up on my head.

Forget I promised I won’t fight, I still have my equipments with me. I can’t do without them you know.

I brought out my gum and walked closer to him taking it straight to his mouth!

Thank goodness, he was gun free!

I pointed the gun at him signaling him to follow me quietly which he did in fright.

I took him to where the two other boys were lying and sprayed my get me weak injection spray on them.

Then, I went back when I heard a loud gunshot! Goodness!

The king was shot.

I need to get one of them down, I don’t even know how to use a gun

And one of them was about walking back to the car

I used the opportunity knocking him down with the bottom of the gun.

That drew the attention of the one remaining!

” Freeze now young man, drop your gun or my hidden men will shoot”