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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 60

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 60

Scot’s POV

I saw a short bãld head man walked out, he sauntered clumsily as he looked around like someone looking for something.

I already had a face cap on my head so I simply walked to him with my head slightly down. There was a spec on my face to totally hide my identity.

“Excuse me!” I requested and he turned to me.

The man snorted and asked; “Did you lost something? Or you are blind to see that this is a reserved area?”

I brought out some cash and held it.

The man snorted again and looked around as if searching to see if no one was watching him.

“Tell me what you want?” He asked , his face darting to the money in my hand repeatedly.

He must really like free money.

“Your card. Borrow me your card.” I requested and he snorted again.

Seems this man smokes a lot.

He looked around and asked almost in whisper; “How much?”

“$500.” I said and his face widenened.

“When will you return my card?” He asked.

“Give me your house address, I’ll drop it for you there.” I said and he thought for few seconds.

He called his house address for me and snatched the money from me.

He dïpped his hand inside his pocket and gave me his card.

“I will say I lost my cars if you misbehave there, be careful and return my card.” He said and as he turned to leave, I realized that he might still be of help.

“Hey!” I called and he looked around and walked to me again.

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“See….I do not want people to be seeing both of us together, what again?”

I brought out $1000 now and flaunted it before him.

“What do you want me to do to have that?” He asked.

“Did you know…erm, ” I didn’t know the name of the chef.

“The guy is a chef at T co restu..” Before I could complete it he answered.

“I know him, his father owns this place.”

I knew it. Just like I had guessed

“Is he inside?” I asked.


“With a lady?” I asked.

“I don’t know but he’s at his base upstairs.” The man answered.

“Okay, just draw a quick map of how I could get to his base quickly and you have this $1,000” I said and the man nodded.

We both walked to my car and I handed him a sheet of paper and a pen, he drew the map and I handed over the $1000 to him