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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 9

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 9
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alyssa ????

” Freeze young man, drop your gun or my hidden men will shoot ”
I said pointing the gun at him.

He hesitantly dropped the gun raising up his hands and I quickly grabbed it.

” Lie flat with your head down ” I commanded trying to be as serious as I can .

With three guns in my hand, he ought to obey anything I say.

I rushed over to the king and my prince. Prince Ryan was about saying something but I shut him up.

He hastily stood up and we helped the King to the car. Thank goodness he was shot in the leg.

” I am sorry my king, you will be fine, I promise you that ”

He groaned and nodded. We placed him in the car and I courageously removed the bullet from his leg .

” Ahh ” he winced.

” Sorry my King ”

I tore a part of my new top tying it around his wound to stop the bleeding as the prince watch in surprise and fright.

I ran over to the driver seat to see their driver groaning in pain too. Gosh! He was shot on the shoulder.

What do I do? I removed the bullet for him too, tore another part of my top and tied it on his wound.

” You have to shift to the other side of the seat, I will drive you all to the nearest hospital ”

He nodded and did just that!

I ignited the engine, reversed back so I won’t kill that idiot lying there then I drove crazily to the hospital.

Well! I learnt how to drive during high school! Irene happened to be from a privileged family, her parents are wealthy and so yeah, she thought me how to drive and I am a crazy driver.

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I am glad no harm came to the prince at least!

I wonder who wants them dead! The king is a generous and kind man like wise my prince so why will anyone wants to kill them?

I drove ignoring the road signs and in no time, we were at the hospital.

I halted the car! Should I say prince Ryan jumped out immediately?

” Where are the doctors? Nurses!” He yelled.

” Ahh my prince”

” Two stretchers, immediately ” he commanded and two nurses left returning with them.

” Help the king while I help him out ”

They were both placed on the stretcher and they rushed them into the hospital leaving prince Ryan and I behind.

He paced to and fro while I ran to him.
I scoffed seeing that everyone’s attention was on me!

I mean every single person in the waiting room excluding Prince Ryan.

Am I smelling or what? Or is it because my dress is thorn?

I looked down at myself and burst out laughing!

Saving the King and his driver wouldn’t let me concentrate on my own self.

The three guns were still hang around my neck. Gosh! I totally forgot about them.

I went to the car and dropped them before coming back to the prince.

” Prince Ryan !” I called . He stopped pacing about turning towards me and I could see his tention seized

” You don’t have to worked up my prince, the King will be fine and the driver too ” I assured

Holy Aly! I can swear I felt goose bumps on my body as he took my hand in his.

” T.. thanks you Alyssa! We all could have been dead if not for you , thank you”




???? Unknown POV ????

” Are you all in sane?” I snapped at them angrily.

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How can a mere lady stop them from carrying out their assignment huh? Just a lady! A f*”king lady.

” We are sorry Boss, she took us unaware…” I shot him dead before he could continue his stupid statement.

” I hat incompetent people like you, I don’t need you in this gang because you all are failures , your stay here is useless and so you have to die ”

With that, I shot the remaining four of them.

I guess I will have to assign other people to do the job for me .

A lady stopping them is a lame excuse! Women are weak genders that doesn’t have a single power.

They can’t stand were a man remove his feet from.

They are weak, powerless and senseless so how can they give me that as an excuse?

No woman is stronger than my men! No woman can ever be smarter than the boys I brought up.

If my first plan of killing the King and the prince fails, I am not sure the second plan will fail.

I will never give up till I see them dead and I will be the next successor!

I can’t be happy when they are still alive! Never!


???? Authoress Simrah’s POV????

The royal family were informed about the incident and everyone is in the hospital.

Princess Scarlett was seen consoling the Queen .

The other princesses were seated in tears.

It took Alyssa a lot to control herself from laughing!

Why is the whole royal family dramatic? Not that the king is going to die, he was just shot in the leg. ..

It’s even the driver that has higher chances of dying because it might affect something in his system or so.

She rubbed or princess Melanie’s back gently stopping her from crying.

” Is Dad going to be fine?” The little girl asked.

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” Yes princess, he’s going to be fine. He will be fine so do not cry ” Alyssa replied and she nodded again.

Prince Ryan on the other side sat alone reminiscing about what happened earlier.

Who could have wanted them dead? Why did they want him and his father dead? For what reason?

A lot of unanswered questions ran through his mind.

The case have been reported to the cops and they will be coming later for questioning.

If his A never showed up, they all could have died.

Amidst the pain and confusion, a smile finds it’s way on his face.

It amuses him how a lady can be this brave!
He really admires her a lot! .

He could remember those boys were about five of them

How did she tackle them and find her way to save him and his father?

He didn’t know when he burst out laughing as the image of how serious she was when she told the boy to freeze like a real officer flashed through his mind.

Few passerbys turned to look at him.
They must be thinking their prince is going insane!

His A is getting his head messed up with her smartness!

She did what he doesn’t think he will be able to do in his life because of the fear of getting killed but she did anyways

She came to their rescue without thinking about the disadvantages.

What if those boys killed her? She never gave that a thought?

She’s so selfless and a type of her is rare.

His dream wants the best for him after all!

This act of her does nothing but increase the love for her in his heart.

He can’t wait to claim her soon, sooner than anyone could think of !