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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 30-32

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Claras p.o.v
Soon we where done eating . Sir Ryan has been ignoring his mother calls for a while I wonder what’s wrong.
” but won’t you pick her calls “, I said
” no, I hate her, i already got used to leaving without her so don’t talk about her.
” oh ok “, i replied him .
He fell to the Bed and closed his eye he’s mum called again I carefully coppied her number.
Then I lay beside him.
He checked his time.
” first place first “,he Said
” picnic”, i shouted
” lets go , i know the perfect place .
We both stood up and ran out .
” sir lets go to the market first , i said
” oh sure “, he replied.
We need to buy some things to make this picnic fun.
He locked the door and we entered his car.
Light opens in the main branch of Dervantes health world.
In a big board members and investors meeting..
The projector displayed a building construction.
” so like I said we need to build one hospital in switzer land “, the director Said.
” yes the aim of this group is to go round the world “, the marketing head said .
” but like we said we need an external investor we can’t use our money “, the account manager said.
” and we need someone who won’t Make too much offers this means we need …..
” a novice in the business “, Mr dervantes added.
” and we Just found the perfect investor , Liam king , at the of 25 is a multi millionaire with clean money “, advert manager added .
” and as we are speaking he is looking for where to invest his billions “, m.d added.
” over 40 companies had thrown offers at him and he rejected but I know ” dervantes h. W ” stands a chance .the director added.
” we stand a chance because we are as rich as him, we can’t dupe him, we are not bankrupt neither are we going down we are just doing business “, chief auditor States .
” what is his offer like before investment , what does he need , as in what’s his added advantage ..anything we can handle? “, Mr dervantes asked
” well only the person who meets him can find out about his proposals “, m.d added .
” where is he now , we will send an agent to meet him “, Mr dervantes added .
” we will look into that “,chief marketing director replied .
” all hands must be on deck , Liam kings must invest into dervantes groups , he’s money is needed right now , its our new goal ,he must become a share holder here . “, Mr dervantes added.
” ok sir “, they all replied and Mr dervantes walked out ..
Ryan’s p.o.v
Everything Clara bought for this picnic reminds me of mom when she still cared .
Lying here quietly its fun , i never did it before I was always busy looking for ways to impress dad.
She keeps singing I just keep staring at her I Dont think this girl can ever stay quiet.
What a picnic.the sun is making this outing more romantic.
” sir we should talk we can’t just stay quietly like this “, she said.
I smiled
” what so you want to talk about?.
” tell me about your family.
I don’t have a family.
” there is nothing to talk about
” arrrgh who do you love most in your life ? She asked .
” well ……
” ahhh its ok , don’t stress yourself “,. She said
‘ fine my turn ,i said
” it’s ok.
” tell me about your love life . I said
She smiled shyly
” actually there’s nothing to tell….what about you ? Oh don’t worry I know your girlfriend . She said.
I smiled.
” she actually asked of you that girlfriend of mine , she likes you alot. I said
” I like her too she’s really pretty ,my sleeping beauty.
I smiled .
” but how did you meet “, she asked .
” what a talking picnic Clara .
She laughed.
” actually I always hated her , i really didn’t like people and she was very strict.but she was sent to my house just like you were sent to my house “.
” really ?.
” yes we were suppose to get to know each other because we were already betrothed. And just like that I fell for her “.
” arrrgh it must be wonderful staying together ?.
” yes it was great .
” but how did the accident happen where you not with her.
” no Anna had to do something only she could do .but I waited For her at home. When the accident occured I was he first to operate on her that day..
Clara p.o.v
Why did he suddenly look down , when he operated on her it must have been too painful for him.sorry .
” am glad shes fine now.I said
” yes she’s really fine , all thanks to you .
He poured himself a cup of coffee just then my phone rang it was tony.
I smiled .
” hello sir “.
” Clara are you ok “.
” yes what about you .
” am great and you were right that woman’s food is peppery I almost died .
” hahahahaha told you “.
He laughed .
” is Ryan still mean to you .
I looked at Ryan’s face. Yes he’s still being mean to my heart.
” no sir Ryan is so kind .I said.
Sir ryan chuckled .
” ahh that’s good news you should totally treat me later .
” yes sure thing sir .
” ok bye .
” ok bye .
He dropped the call.
” I thought he was your boyfriend, why all the sir.”, he asked.
” but he isn’t he’s just my friend .actually I dont have a boyfriend its just me . I sat well.
” why , you are too pretty.
I started coughing
” hey !! “He shouted
” I started blushing .
” hey stop it .he said.
I bowed
ah what a nurse.
” those kids are pretty , learning how to ride a bike .
” yes cute ,.
” lets go ride .
” no no no I don’t have energy.
” come on I will borrow you mine.
” this was suppose to be a picnic..
I dragged him to the field and hired two bikes .
I gave sir Ryan one.
” truthfully I can’t do it “, he said
” what did you even have a childhood.
” actually I didn’t, i was being tutored to do what I do …so lets go.
He dragged my hands and I dragged him back.
” it’s ok its very easy , i will teach you .
” no am not interested .he said
” I thought you were my friend.I replied .
“Ok fine you win. Aarrggh what a picnic.
Sir Ryan entered the bike I laughed out loud . He rode a little and stopped .
” I really can’t do it “, he said .
” ok , i will show you.
I entered the bike and he sat covering me.
I took his hands
” sir this hands should be here .
He chuckled
And before I could say another word he drove off. Hes good at it he was just pretending.
I turned to look at him and he smiled gently.
” I just needed a friend “, he said.
I smiled too. And snd he laughed.
Cute .He just kept laughing
I can’t believe an this close to him oh my life .
Minutes later he stopped the bic I jumped out and almost fell but he catched me.
” your salary “, he said.
I smiled.
” there sir , lets run.I said
” no I can’t run , he said.
” I took his phone and ran off laughing he ran after me.
” do you even know the meaning of pic nic !! He shouted.
” no sir. I ran faster.
He finally he caught .I smiled widely and returned his phone to him.
He checked his time .
” our picnic time is almost over.
Both of us ran down to our mat.
” what’s next?. He asked
” Ice skating , i replied.
” can you do that ,he asked.
” no but you will teach me I replied.
” we will do that in New York “, he said
I chuckled.
Just then my mom called. My mom really .
” hy mom “.
” can i hear her voice , sir Ryan said.
I put the phone on speaker.
” wait was that a man’s voice .
” uh mom are you ok.
” really argh finally my daughter would not die a ….I removed the phone from speaker .
My daughter would not die a virgin why does my mom love this sentence .
I looked at sir ryan and gently returned the phone to speaker.
” I really thought you will die a virgin oh my god, the gods answered my prayers . She finally said.
Sir Ryan looked down and chuckled.
” moom!!!! that was my boss.
” omg am dead , till wen ,so you are really going to die…
” mom !!!!! I shouted.
” sorry how are you , she finally asked .
Ryan’s p.o.v
I just wanted to know how a mother and child’s call should be.it’s very comforting.
Did you eat my child.
What did you eat.
I hope you didnt take sugar.
Did you cover yourself well at night
Hope you didn’t feel cold.
How’s your tummy.
Did you have nightmares or not.
Clara is so lucky …I miss those words. I was in thoughts I didnt know when she dropped the call.
It’s good to have a mother .
” sir we have over stayed our budgeted time , lets go.
” yes , lets go.
We both stood up and Clara packed up.
Mrs dervantes p.o.v.
Ryan still won’t forgive , i am so careless I didn’t even have time to call him after the fire .
How do I apologize , i just want to hear his voice .what kind of mother am I I pushed my only son to get used to living without me.
Now am tired of making more money or fame I really want my son back .it seems I already lost Ryan.
He really won’t pick my calls .
What do I do.
Anna’s p.o.v
Finally I stood up today .it’s great I need to call Ryan.
It’s all thanks to Tony. Very soon I will actually walk.
Rita left again and Tony had surgery I am still here , here where I hate to be.
Just then Mrs Tonia walked in my fear has been met.
How did she know the security code.
” are you wondering how I know the security code .
” what are you doing here.
” how dare you embarrass me Anna , when you know you are helpless , i can easily send people to kill here no body will save you .
” what do you want.
” I am here to warn you Anna return me back to my position which you seized or else my next warning won’t come empty handed. I am waiting “, she said .
” Tonia Is that a threat ?.
” no its a warning.
She walked out.
Unknown fear clouded me…
How does she keep knowing the pass codes .
I am no longer safe here , tony my was right I need to stay with him .i cant stay with the detvantes dad would get mad .
He would think I don’t trust him to protect me .what’s going on.
claras p.o.v
This is fun , we had been at the beach . I dragged sir Ryan up and we both walked on the side of the water so sweet .He kept smiling.
” this is fun “, he said .
” I really like it “, i said
Just then 3 kids played there foot ball to my side..
I cornered it they all laughed
” ok how many of you will be my partners and how many will side with that cute guy. I said
” no I can’t play football “, he said
It’s all a lie he can do everything.
Soon two kids joined him and one joined me .
2 for one ,looks cute.
We started playing .I was right ryan can do everything.
The ball didn’t even touch my leg.
I just kept laughing.each time I tried touching the ball him and he’s criminal partners would push me to the floor.
Soon all the kids joined him leaving Me home alone .
So cute am so happy.
I finally took the ball he shouted .
” kids catch that clumsy Angel.!!
All the kids in the beach ran after me I started laughing..
Soon they pushed me to the floor again sir Ryan laughed.
Why am I so weightless.
Soon the kids left he dragged me up and dusted me laughing.
” my friend”, he said
I smiled and dusted my hair .
Just then the water roared from the middle.
” sir the water goddess is coming “, i said
” what ?.
” come on lets go make a wish.
I dragged him closer to the water .my grand mother said whenever the middle of the river suddenly looses peace the water goddess is awake.
We both got into the water
” Clara where is the goddess ?.
” just make a wish , she will grant it.
Both of us knelt down in the water .
” I wish …
hey make your wish in your heart , he said.
I wish ryan can be mine in a way Anna won’t get mad. is that possible pretty goddess.
I looked at Ryan.
Ryan’s p.o.v
Meeting Clara gave my life a spark.but becoming her friend made my life make sense .
Everything fell into place.
So if this works I realky wish to never loose Clara , i Wish to never lose this friend .
I might not be able to find another person like her .
Thats my wish . Pretty goddess always keep CLARS by my side .
I smiled and looked at Clara who dragged me up .
She pointed at people who dived into the water from a high cliff.
” hey can you swim that well.I asked.
” well try me , lets go.
She dragged my hands and I followed soon we got up.
” I will dive in first “, she said .
” I will wait for you , i easily catch a cold .
” no sir we dive in together , she said .
” but I can’t swim “, i said .
” I will teach you . Liar .She said
Before I could talk she pushed me into the water and fell in too.
She thought I was kidding I really don’t know how .
Clarad p.o.v.
This is fun the water already separated me from sir Ryan .
I turned back to look at him and he’s drowning . Does he really not know how to swim .sily I know he is forming .
I ignored him .
And swam deeper.
Ryan’s p.o.v
I really can’t swim. My breathing has seized it’s affecting my heart.
I am not drowning am actually dying .
And that miss clumsy is very far away.
No matter what happens I am really glad I met someone like her.
She is really special.
I didn’t say this to her now am dying.
She’s really going farther away.

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Ryan’s p.o.v conts
Am I not dead…wait am not…just then I felt someone drag me up from the water . I forced myself to look and it was Clara .
She swims really fast like a fish. I know she moved me to shore .
Claras p.o.v
I am finished . What will I do.sir Ryan is not waking up.
I did everything I know how to do when someone enters water.but he’s not even going to cough.
Just the lady behind tapped me.
” why don’t you pass air through bid mouth “, she said .
” what I should kiss sir Ryan “?.
She laughed .
I looked at him ..well i have no choice , fighting ..this Is my second time ..Anna please dont kill me.
I bent down then I kissed him… no I passed air.
Finally I stupidly stopped passing air and got carried away.
He opened his eye .I got shocked and moved away.
He chuckled …so cute…his lips are now red owing to my lipstick.
He gently wiped it.
” hey , were you really passing air.
” yes , i was ..it’s what I do for a living.I am really sorry I almost kills you..”, i said.
He smiled and I lifted him up
He stood , he’s eye was now red s£xy
I tried dragging him forward but he dragged me back and hugged me.
What?.. he hugged … did he hug me…I am short but this is the best hug ever .I won’t hug anyone for 10 years.
He held me tight I almost died in his arms.then he whispered .
” thank you for not failing me.
I smiled gently and still held him tight.
Sir what if I push you into the water again ..will you hug me again after I kissed you ….oh my so sweet.
Finally he let Me free.and we both walked further although am seriously trying to control my feelings which just spinned out of control.
Soon we lodged and changed into dry cloths.
I wonder how many hotel we will Visit this week.
He lay back on the bed with his eyes closed ..so cute I feel like kissing him again.
Oh no I said it my emotions had spinned out of control.i gently placed my hands on my heart ….this is really love ,”oh Clara” .
I gently lay by his side ….I heard him say he catches cold easily …I hope that was a lie too..
I also closed my eye.
Tonys p.o.v
Finally Anna is making progress.
She had walked a while before her legs pained again.
She might start walking this week.I had rushed to get her water.
She sat quietly with her legs on the bed just like a kid that Anna.
Soon I arrived with the water I gave it to her.
A smiled and I sat bedside her.
” do you still feel pain ?.
” no am better ..
” that’s a relief .
” I plan on reinstating Tonia as m.d .
” did she threaten you ?.
” not only for that ..
” it’s fine , do you what you want.
” so hows dad ?.
” I ran tests on him , hes ok , hes weakness might be the weather.
” ah ok , that’s possible , thanks.
She gently slipped herself into my arms and I hugged her tight while touching her hair.
Anna you are too young to go through what you you have been through .
Hours later
Claras p.o.v .
Sir Ryans phone rang again, its his mother hes sledping .
I eneded the call then I snuck out and called her on phone with my own phone .
It rang twice before she finally picked up.
” hello , jesephina dervantes here
” oh hy, am Clara , Clara David .
” oh hy , do I know you.
” no but am the nurse with sir Ryan”.
” oh really ,am glad you called.
” I just wanted to tell you that sir Ryan is ok , you don’t have to bother.
” am happy to hear that , what does sir Ryan say about me dear
” ahhh he said he hates his mum alot.
She chuckled.
” yes , thats my fault.
” but he still needs his mom, we can never really hate our mom. Like me even when am angry at my mom and she’s angry at me I still see her call every early morning .by 3:30. Before she does anything else. I might ignore that call but seeing that call makes me happy so if I don’t see that call I get worried ..I wonder If my mum Is ok….. because she didn’t do the thing she always did.
” wow.
” so ajumma , what does sir Ryan miss about you , i will say nothing .. so why don’t you create something that you do for sir Ryan non stop.untill he misses you for that thing”..
” thank you Clara , you just thought this ajumma something today , am very happy you called me. But that child is he okay .
” yes he’s fine , he’s sleeping now .but that’s not y he didnt pick your call actually even when he’s with he’s phone he normally ignores your call..
” uh , i knew, but am going to try what you thought me thanks
” bye “omonni. -(mom)
She laughed .
and mom said my Korea is lacking behind .
I dropped the call and rushed into the room.
I can’t believe it’s already dark.
Sir Ryan was fully awake .he drank cold water .I instantly took the cup from him.
” yah!!, oppa bi cho so .
” what’s that.
” I meant are you crazy.
” why will you ask that.
” you just came out of the pool and you are taking cold water.
” no its good for my health .
” AHHHH ,shiroooooo.
” are you from Korea .
” my dad .
” no wonder your Korea sucks .
Lols..I sat on the bed .
He brought out the list .
” wow jebaang , we almost finished all the places to go .
” what’s jebaang Clara “, he asked .
” amazing oppa .I replied.
” hey what did you drink today ? He said.
I chuckled and took the list its remaining only clubbing.
sir Ryan lets go clubbing this night.
” promise you won’t drink .
” no I won’t “, i said .
” ok we will go .he said .
I smiled and clapped my hands together.
Mr dervantes p.o.v
My assistant called so I picked up.
” tell me.
” sir as we speak Liam king is in Africa , he is on a tour a 3 days tour starting tomorow .he already arrived Africa today.
” nice this means we need to send and agent to Africa “.
” no sir that would take time don’t we have any smart agent who is already in Africa .
” oh I forgot my son Ryan is in African , he’s smart enough.transfer the files to him, i will call him in the morning , Ryan is more than able to get me Liam .
” ok sir that would be after we discuss with the board tomorow , who knows Better ideas might come up.
” Bette Idea or not ..I want Liam king as a shareholder .
” it will surely work sir .
” good .
I dropped my call.
Fine I have feeling Liam won’t be a hard Bird to Catch.
Ryan’s p.o.v
It’s time to go clubbing right now am standing outside the boutique.
I told them to dress her up for clubbing.
Am taking her to the most classic club in this city.
.where is miss clumsy. Shes taking time .
thank God this list is completed I can finally concentrate on the hospital.but these two days could make the best two days of my life .
Finally she came out wow she looked hot .
She looked cute ..she looked nice.little by little Clara is becoming a proper girl.
She waved at me.
” how do i look “, she asked
” awesome , let’s go.
I took her hand and we both entered the car.
Claras p.o.v
Ahh my life is the spark.I can’t believe the owner of r.d health center.is so close to me .I am below him but hes my friend .
Awesome . He drove quietly .this act has mastered him.
But he is looking cute he always looks cute .
” Miss clumsy , what are you thinking about.
wait did he just talk , i finally thought him how to be a friend .he finally learnt.
” Ryan , you just got am A in friendship…I said.
” ahhh why not , i learnt from The best .he said
I smiled .
Soon we arrived at the club.wow I love it the sound is so high its beating in my soul.
I looked at sir Ryan he smiled.
we both walked …wow so clolouful. Sir Ryan entered the highest v.I.p section.did I forget he Is the son of a multi milloniare.
I sat beside him..wow this place is amazing.it’s obvious I havnt been to a club before I kept holding sir Ryan tight before someone kidnaps me.
All the Men keep looking at me as if I am a cup of ice cream.
I tapped Sir ryan
” but Ryan , why are they looking at me like that ?.
” isn’t it obvious , you are he most beautiful woman in the room .he said .
” wow now I finally believe am pretty .I smiled then I tapped him again.
” tell me.
” why are those girl smoking in public , hey its wrong.
He laughed .
” it’s just them. He said .
I smiled people kept dancing.
Ryan’s p.o.v
Wow feels like am Writing an exam Clara is good at throwing questions .
Just then she tapped me again.
” but why is that girl following that man upstairs and why is he kissing her in public.
” seems she is an escort Clara. I said.
” what prostitute , ahh thats very wrong.you should keep your body holy , its wrong to sleep with a stranger for money or anything ahhh I can’t do that.”,She said .
” Clara , i am with u.”,I said.
She’s right but could she really still be a virgin , no shes to pretty , her mother must be kidding. I looked at her again.
Claras p.o.v
Ahhh escort my foot.I tried pouring myself a hot drink when sir ryan poured an expensive juice into the cup.
” hey !!!
” a proper girl doesn’t get drunk in public , she doesn’t drink when her safety is not assured .
” but am with you.
” what if I get attracted to a petty girl and leave with her ….will you be able to take yourself home without being harassed ?.
Omg he’s right .
I Gladly drank the juice ..but wait .this cute guy won’t stop looking at me .I wonder who he is.
Liam p.o.v
She really pretty. If wishes were horses I need that girl on my bed this night.
Shes just everything I need in a woman .I will give anything to have her .
Cute baby face
Wide smile
Set wide hip.
Slim waist.
Long hair.
Spot less colour .
Nicely set bre@st.
Atttactive shoulders .
Set butt.
Attractive skin.
Talkative .
very obvious innocence.
I wonder who she Is…Ryan dervantes is engaged to annastasia alexandra Grande …I will look into this goddess.

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Claras p.o.v.
Breakfast was nice sir Ryan already took his bath and dressed up so did i…
I miss our suite and our cook too no place like home..
I miss my room and his room too but am scared everything might return to normal if we go ..
I might loose this closeness with him , i still feel a little scared when going up to his room ..
He combed his hair and moved it back with his hands.
” let’s go , we still have a lot to catch up with “, he said and picked his car key.I stood up and bowed then I walked behind him.
We got out soon we arrived at our car .he sat and I sat in too.
He played a nice music which melted my heart .the truth Is I can’t stop thinking about last night..
what I was scared of happened .I can’t stop thinking about sir Ryan now , he’s filling my thoughts crazily .
I suddenly want him so badly. I need to stop Diana’s fear from coming to pass..
I need a distraction , i better get busy . I need to control my emotions before the control me.
” Clara David , what are you thinking about ,when you are quiet I get scared , are you okay , are you sick.”, he asked and tried touching my neck I gently shifted …
” am fine am just weak “, i said and touched my neck myself , oppa am fine don’t worry.
” ok “, he replied and continued driving.
I gently looked out the window ..truthfully am not happy , loving someone you can’t have kills inside , just like that I might just die.I looked up and my tears ran back in.
I looked at him and smiled .
Soon we arrived at the suite.I ran into my room and he walked into his room ..I changed and lay on the bed.
He texted me.
” lets rest today we will start work tomorow ”
Kumawoyo , i was really tired today.I gently faced my pillow without replying him.what’s going with me.
Ryan’s p.o.v
I must say Clara is acting weird , i wonder what’s wrong .did I do something.she is moody and that’s not her normal self.
I stood up and looked into her room from the window.she on the bed quietly but she’s not sleeping.
Just then she stood up and started searching for somethng, i wonder what it Is.
She looked up the window and saw me its too late to hide now..
Ahh what am i doing.?.
She waved at me smiling …
” oppa , are you okay !!! “,She shouted .
I didn’t reply.
” do you want anything oppa “, she added again .
” no nothing …I walked out of the window
Just then she opened the door to my room and walked in .
I thought she was moody just now.
” hey , what are you doing here “, i asked
” oppa you looked worried , she said.
” why won’t I be worried you are acting sick , you didn’t reply my text , you are ignor….”, wait what am i saying , why are these things bothering me
” no its nothing “, i concluded .
” oh I was just worried about you”, she said.
Just then my mail arrived I opened it and what .
Why are they sending me all these files , did they mistake me for their agent.
Just then I saw the text from iren. They want me too meet the investor , ahhh I don’t have to try convincing any body.but this might be what I have been waiting for to impress dad and prove to him that am capable of replacing him.
I smiled finally.
” what Is it about, Clara asked.
” just soon we are going to get an investor for my dad and if we nail this he will finally be proud of me , i need to get this right , am sure my dad chose me for this its the first time he is trusting me with something important , am kinda glad “, i said.
She smiled.
Clara p.o.v
He always thinks if ways go impress his dad , i wonder why Mr dervantes is too strict on him anyways.
I pray he finally says those four words sir Ryan has been dying to Hear.
“Am proud of you ”
” bes , Mr dervantes will definitely be proud of me “, he said.
” but what’s the investors name ?”, i asked.
” we will look into that on the way for now rest a bit while I go through the proposal “, he said while opening his laptop .
I bowed and rushed out. Am glad everything is falling into place for sir Ryan.
I walked into my room and fell into the bed .
Mr dervantes p.o.v
I had been waiting for the m.ds call for a quite a while now , its almost 2 o clock.
Ryan needs to formalize his engagement to Anna so the contract bond can become stronger.
I don’t blame my friend Mr Grande and he’s strictness when it comes to money and shares.
Cos like he said Ryan and Anna are not yet married and Ryan might wake up one morning and say he doesn’t want Anna again same with Anna.
So he’s right we better control cash involvement so ff something like that happens the merger will easily be separated .
But when it comes to me am not scared to involve all my money into our partnership .
Because I see Ryan and Anna as a couple already. Infact. A.G.H.C AND DERVANTES GROUP are already inseparable.
We are one big family. More power and more fame.I trust Ryan and i know he loves Anna so there’s no need to fear I don’t know why Mr Grande won’t stop being unnecessarily scared..
These kids are a couple already .
My phone rang it was my stupid m.d , since morning.
” tell me ” idiot , i said .
” sir everything is under control , everything had been sent to ryan and he will meet Liam soon.
” ok nice “, i said
” I just pray ryan secures this , obviously this is not his line
” ahh don’t worry my son Will make us proud “, i said .
” ok sir “, he dropped the call.
Ryan better don’t fall my hands it won’t be funny. I drank my wine and walked to my wife in the living room.
Anna’s p.o.v
Every day gets better .today I feel less pain on my legs . Rita dropped a glass of juice for me.
” my lady , i heard devantes group is trying to get a new investor , a young boy just your fiancee’s age “, she Said.
She likes updating me but I already heard , am at the apex of this group she keeps forgetting.
“Yes Liam , i wish him luck”, i said.
” I heard he is handsome “, she added.
” yes but he’s not cuter than my ryan “, i said.
She smiled and gently massaged my feet.
” do you know him before my lady ?. She asked.
Yes she’s talker , just like Clara.
” yes I know him , i met him quite alot , but we are not friends . I said .
She smiled
” my lady , you must miss sir Ryan so much ?”,she asked again.
” yes I miss him , i already made plans to send him home , he might not finish up with his patients .i said.
” y don’t you travel too , he’s a doctor so your health is safe , just spend time with him “, she Said.
But what if I gave Ryan a surprise visit .he would be really shocked.
Oh my ,Rita, so smart.
” but where is Tony , did he show up after he left me.
“yes , he just completed surgery , it was successful “, she said.
I smiled , it has to be he is Ryan’s next competition.
I miss him I better text him.
I picked my phone …
Mrs Tonias p.o.v
I felt the need to visit issabella today .I was careful so no one followed me.I am glad my husband ended his crazy search for this insane fool.
I rushed in and there she stood with a knife
What no you can’t die now I still need u to sign everything Anna owns over to me.
I tried taking the knife from her
” they killed my Anna , i want to kill all of them ” she said while holding the edges of the knife this made blood drop , she’s cutting herself.
Yes cut yourself I dont care but dont die yet.
” Anna can’t wake up , Anna Is dead.I better join her , my little Anna in uniform “, she said ..
Oh Anna will never forgive me if she finds out what I did to her mother , that’s if she is alive to find out .hahahaha this war is a really long one and very soo. everything Alexandra Grande has will be mine .
I gently took the knife from Issabella.
” no Anna is here , Anna is alright , am not dead”, i said.
She touched my face and hugged me oh disgusting..Anna if you don’t die I wanna watch you fight against me alone …..
I gently pushed her away , irritating .
I gave her bread to eat , delayed bread
She rushed it to the floor .
I walked out am glad no one found out yet.
Just then I heard sound in the back I rushed over and someone rushed out in a haste.
He saw everything , someone found me out.am dead. He ran so fast I couldn’t see his face.
I am now scared , who knows what I know.

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