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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 63-66

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So I can not play wit my fans again

after a while she pulled out and we walked into the house I carefully told my parents our plan.after
a while of fear they all agreed
“Clara you have to be very smart
” ok dad
” my lady we have to go”Rachel said
both I and Anna turned to look at her.
” I meant Anna ” she said
we both smiled
“Clara can u Grant me one last wish
” tell me
” actually I don’t know if I will live or die but i always wanted to live like a normal average girl so will
u let me stay In your house tonight till my flight tommorow
“miss clara we need to leave now.” Rachel said
” ok ..Anna bye
i hugged mum,dad,lia,Diana,Anna.
I hugged Anna
” Clara my nurse is waiting at my suite
” always use your brain … good luck
I nodded….. i cant believe this I am going to be rich and secondly I am going to be with ryan I can’t
wait to see him.
i waved at Anna I rushed into the car all the guards bowed for me. omg can i do this..soon the
driver took off.
Diana’s pov
every one looked at Anna like she fell from the sky she smiled
” hy Diana” she said to me
i looked around and bowed
“u know ,I always see you…” anna said
” u recognize me ?
” of course you are always bowing.
i smiled and she stood up and smiled with satisfaction
“can you show me claras room
“of course.
we rushed in with lia and Anna sat on her bed.
” wow pretty
we both smiled she pointed out the window
” isn’t that the moon
“it is
we all stormed out and sat on the roof top. Anna smiled happily.
” hey moon,I wish to be happy all my life ” Anna said
“I wish to make money” lia said and Anna touched her hair
“I wish Clara the best ” I said and we all smiled.
just then Anna started singing..i didnt know she can sing.
” really
“yes , u didn’t know … wait for it.
we all smiled
just then she coughed again and wiped her tears
” Diana ,lia.if I dont die i will try out life again.i will surely live a fulfilled life… i will place my
happiness first ,I will be with someone who loves me, I swear .” she said and we both smiled.
just then Claras Dad shouted from the window
” aigooo!!, is someone at the roof top
” no no one” lia shouted
” that means I can easily pour my water
” Anna run for your life…” i shouted and we all ran into the house laughing crazily omg this is the
first time I saw Anna laugh.
” claras dad is really funny” Anna said
we all laughed
just then she held her heart claras mum came to her
” enough girls , Anna needs go rezt now
” yessss Mrs David she helped Anna into the house and lay her on her bed .i and lia carefully braided her hair she
laughed like a kid she laughed like it tickled her.
claras pov
am still in Anna’s suite .i wore the mask for a while and removed it.i like it.just then nurse del
” Clara are you done mastering her voice
” yes
” what’s your name
“my name is Annastasia Alexandra Grande the first.
” perfect.
she clapped and I smiled.
” to be Annastasia is to know which cloth to wear. .she opened Anna’s wardrobe and I swallowed
” to be Annastasia is to know which shoe to wear
” to be Annastasia is to know how to walk
” to be Annastasia is to never show your teeth
i closed my teeth
” to be Anastasia is to never bow your face
i lifted my face.
” to be Annastasia is to walk with pride and grace
i nodded and took a step
” to be Anastasia is to know which hair to make
i touched my hair
” to be Annastasia is to be the best you can.
” yes
” u have 7 days before the second general board meeting, 7 days to learn all about shares and
position, 7 days to master Annastasias behaviour, 7 days to show yourself to the world as Anna 7
days to plan and defeat tonia concentrate on learning , this meeting is the last general board
meeting to discuss position if u dont bring tonia down there u will not bring her down again.just
stay here and study once u are done with Tonia you will return home to Ryan , i dont know if you
are comfortable living with a man but Anna lives in his house so u should too. your main goal is to
pull malcom down. I will keep training you.
” ok ” , I bowed
” never bow your face
i lifted my face.God help me.

ryans pov

i called Sam on phone
” Sam
” Ryan
” where is Anna
” actually Anna went on a health vacation for 7 days ,she said she just wants to be alone
“but she is fine
” yes
” k.she needs that.
i stood up and walked into my room I remember the day Clara told me she wanted to live with me
…clara I tried making that happen but ,but you rejected me .i looked into my colorful pool and
imagined her swimming and smiling happily.i looked at the beautiful bed and imagined making
love to her just every minute, having her to myself…i looked into the kitchen and imagined her
cooking for us… i looked at the field and imagined her jumping and running about I looked into the
shower and imagined her bathing beautifully…clara I see you everywhere…i miss you so much
that its driving me crazy.but I Wont look for you anymore it’s time to care for Anna she can’t fall
sick again.it’s time to just love Annastasia.
my week is filled with surgery and more surgery.just now my dad walked in.i turned in shock
” dad
” Evan,how are you
“I came as soon as I heard ,where is Anna
” she’s on a health vacation dad,for 7 days
” in this chaos
” she said everything is fine
” what about u ,are u fine
” yes am fine dad,actually i am sorry for what I said …it’s ok.i will hold on to Anna for real now
dad.i will do the right thing.
he hugged me tightly
” very good ,very good my son.. Ryan am leaving,ur mum said she Is missing you
“ok dad I will visit her soon
” Ok I will be at the hotel
” ok
he walked out and his boys opened the door .my dad is annoying and stubborn I don’t know why I
love him so much .i ran into the house and fell on my lonely bed.
7 days later .
Diana’s pov

omg a lot of things changed around here and where had Clara been.i am sure she took her time
to study well.i really trust Clara.just then the press stormed into the compound, why?, who is
coming.i looked out and so did a lot of workers just then Anna’s car pulled over her guard’s
opened the door and she walked out wow Clara is perfect just like Anna.she wore a mask of
Anna’s face .. her skin was glittering .her walking step just like Anna.her hair amazing.she wore a
long gown.jeez.i can’t believe that this is Clara.she walked past me and I bowed she smiled
gently.omg I have missed her.Clara fighting.don’t be sacred of those mean faces.she lifted her
face up and walked with pride.she had such powerful aura.finally someone is going to teach tonia
a lesson.
reporters took pictures while looking into their camera
” reporting life Annastasia just rose from the dead.
meanwhile Anna’s guards just opened the door and Clara walked into the general board
meeting.God I hope she studied well,Tonia can’t find her out.
clara fighting.

second general board meeting
t.g.h.c. (general sov)
clara walked into the hall with both hands on her long gown.everybody was shocked.tonia was
shockest.malcom was shockested(my dictionary)… clara looked at tonia who sat on Anna’s chair
she smiled gently and took another chair tonia smiled.
” Annastasia we thougt you were sick
” no one heard from you for one week
“Annastasia what has been going on
” we got news that you were dying.
” give us a response.
” tell me , who voted tonia in” Clara said Mr dervantes smiled.
all the share holder’s started looking at themselves and whispering to themselves.
” so because I took one week break to look after my beauty you joined your shares with Tonia and placed her in my position .
” Anna we had no choice what is a boat….
Clara raised her hands signalling him to shut up.he closed his mouth and bowed.
clara turned to the lawyer
” I am back and I am back to take my place .
” yes Anna true blood ,she must take her rightful position” Mr dervantes said
” true but in this field we look at shares and as it stands now tonia Alexandra Grande has ten
percent more shares than Annastasia
” but….
” dad!”Clara said raising her hand to Mr dervantes to shut up.he picked his file Liam smiled
,something is different about Anna I just can’t figure it out,I just can’t place it.
” so you are trying to say that owing to the shares tonia has which was transferred to her by share
holder’s she has merited the position if ceo
” exactly madam
Clara smiled
” ok.
“so let’s continue the …..
clara raised her hand to tonia signalling her to shut up.tonia didn’t even know when she closed her
” before the meeting starts I Will make an announcement.
” of course madam.
the thousands of share holder’s turned to the Mic.cameras started shooting.Clara stood up and
walked up to the Mic.she looked at the crowd of men in suite.she closed her eye and opened it up.
” as you all know I am Annastasia Alexandra Grande the first.A.g.h.c is family while t.g.h.c houses
back stabbers.
” but Anna….
” silence.
” only because I took a few days break the share holder’s who should be family pushed me to the
side without even bothering to know what Is wrong with me.
” Anna we are …
“silence’ clara said calmly
” Mark today’s date ladies and gentlemen cos this is the revolution.
Clara said smiling graciously.
just then 10 men in suits walked in with envelopes each. they shared the envelope to all the
investors In the hall and each person who opened his own fell to their kneels.the only person who
didn’t get was Tonia and Liam as well as Mr Dervantes
” Anna think about this…
” I believe the letter was very clear..all of you have been stripped of your position.
Tonia stood up
“Anna how dare ….
“shhhhhhh shut up.
Mr Dervantes chuckled.
soon the hall was cleared out.all investors left crying.
clara smiled with satisfaction.
” I believe that the 40 percent of shares given to tonia by investors has been dissolved.
” yes Anna now you are the shareholder with the highest number of shares making you the only
visible heir of a.g.h.c
clara smiled and walked down tonia stood up and clara sat down…
she switched on the projector and the preview of the name changing was open for all to see.clara
smiled when it returned to a.g.h.c
” but Anna how can we move forward with only me as a share holder” Liam said
” only you , who ever said that ?..
just then a crowd of investors stormed in New faces.Liam was wowed when did Anna plan such a
revolution,they all bowed to Clara
” welcome” Clara said
they all took their sit.
“now madam Lets concentrate on Chicago
” no that will be in the next meeting. the meeting is adjourned.
clara stood up , she really loved this mask so much respect.she walked with grace and people
malcoms pov
how could Anna take such a smart move,when did she meet all those investors…. Anna gets wiser
every day.there she is she walked down while taking a deep breath.her guards surrounding her
like gold.I stoped in front of her.
” Annastasia you must be so proud of yourself
“why not I am not a looser like you are
she held her gown and walked past me
“don’t think that this is the end Anna
“bring it on malcom,i am challenging u
she walked past…hmmmmmm Anna is no longer scared of me.
claras pov
omg that man is so scary but i can’t show him my fear.I held my heart just then I ran into Ryan’s
dad more fear
” my darling , I loved the way you handled everything my dear
omg what kind of relationship does he share with Anna,ok I remember Anna’s call they are very
” thanks Dad.I hugged him
” I went on a trip ,concerning Chicago , let’s meet in my yacht to talk business
“sure dad
” greet ryan
I nodded.
Ryan that’s the only word I want to hear right now.
” madam suite or home
” by home u mean
“your finances house
” lets go home then
I entered the car ..God today was just so stress full I need someone to hug me like a baby….I
actually like this mask it keeps my face chilled awwwn I often forget I am wearing another persons
face its so comfy I can wear it all my life.I smiled at the car mirror
soon I arrived…omg is this Ryan’s house Jesus Christ of my heavenly father… take me to heaven..
i really dated a millionaire. I swallowed forcefully the ground was made of transparent oceanic tiles
like I was waking on water I smiled.. I was wowed my mouth was open.pure white house paint
..part of the wall was glass diamond. the pool sparked different colours.. wow I looked around and
smiled happily.where is he….I rushed into the house he is not in the living room,I ran into the
bedroom and there he was reading a health file on a chair with his legs on the bed..I looked at
him quietly for a while..I am here now ,I will be with you for a very long time…
” do you have a difficult surgery?” i asked him
he turned and I walked in fully like a toy moving my gown at the same time.
he turned and looked at me .I moved my hair
” it’s a past surgery Angel…. welcome, missed you..” he opened his arms wide and hugged me I
held him tight.
” I missed you Ryan
” me too.” he said
” how was the meeting Anna?” he said
i forgot am Anna , am wearing her face.tears welled up in my eye.Anna didn’t say anything about
Ryan… do I have to act as Anna also in front of him.it’s unfair and too painful but i guess its for the
” Anna u need to bath, u look tired”
he moved over and zipped down my gown I shifted holding my chest …. he looked up in shock..
oh no ,you are Anna ,Anna is not shy ,Anna is not shy Clara don’t spoil it .what are you hiding.I
stood still and Ryan unzipped my gown fully ..I am so jealous is this how he treats Anna. he
removes her cloth?,he removes her cloth!!!. did they start dating again. I looked up to dry my
tears.. Ryan flinged my gown to the bed. he took a band and packed my hair up… he packs her
hair too,i looked up again and smiled tearfully . he treats her just like he treats me.. seems ryan
already moved on from Clara.it seems both of them.are intimate again if Anna told me I won’t do
” bath Anna ” he said
” ok… .I care fully wrapped the towel around my chest.and ran into the shower I can’t believe he
didn’t recognize even my body stature… Did he force himself to forget everything about me , we
lived together for long but ryan didn’t ,he didn’t remember anything about me… ryan when you
where stripping me to make love to me didn’t u look at my waist , my hip is wider than Anna’s how
could Ryan forget Clara so easily . u already burried every thing about me… does it mean Ryan
didn’t take a look at my body that day my butt is lifted he didn’t notice that… even my br**st is fuller
what was he doing that day if he didn’t look at my body…the reason i let u have me was to implant
my memory in your soul i guess it didnt work. I angrily threw away the bathing soap and sponge.
” Anna do u need help ,are u okay” he asked
what, ..he helps her bath.is this what they have been doing here . I stormed out frowning. I picked
my gown
” hey wear the other gown u have cold
I took the other red gown and stood waiting for him to go out of the room but he sat down and
picked a file..doesn’t he have respect for my body…. arrrgh am too shy.. does Anna change in
front of him,if I hide now he will know its Clara
” Anna change,do u need help, are u feeling weak ?
” Ryan I think the door is open
” I will check.
he stormed out.I hastily wore the gown and fell on the bed just then he returned
” it was locked,I have surgery tommorow lets sleep early.
he closed his eye and I smiled . the truth is maybe Ryan is mad at Clara since I dumped him that’s
y he forgot me , maybe he won’t accept Clara again , so i will continue being Anna I better cont
being Anna until he remembers me until he proves he never forgot me…. I lay on my own even
though I desire to lie on his chest maybe Anna doesn’t do that I can’t blow my cover.
Anna’s pov
the doctor walked in…
” doctor
” Anna you will take those routine drugs until u are ready for Surgery
” ok
” my nurse will take care of you.
” one of our doctors will also look out for you.
” ok
“oh there he is,he is coming
I nodded.
the man walked out…. he mentioned doctor and I started missing Tony .just then I saw the preview
of what happened at a.g.h.c today .omg Clara did something so big that girl is smarter than me I
mean all my life I wanted to remove tonias base and power it didn’t occur to me that I could easily
remove all the investors she corrupted.wow Clara u wowed me.u even had time to convince another set of investors In 7 days… wait I paused the video as i saw one investor wait I know this
man..he was…omg Clara went after all the investors who couldn’t invest last 3 years cos we
reached our limit…how did she know we once had surplus investors…how did she locate and
convince all of them .. in 7 days Clara did what I couldn’t do In one year this is the biggest
revolution ,indeee Clara is a genius.she has the brain. I knew I won’t regret Choosing you my
I felt weak so I fell to my bed and faced my side so I can watch the news but i can never fall asleep
in this position I have not tried it Before… i can only sleep facing upward.
tonys pov
who is the new rich patient no 22 I am suppose to take care off now.omg all this stress.if not that
I have a lot to learn from Shane I should be in New York by now after all I wonder how Anna is
doing.I opened the door and there the patient lay on her side.hmmmm must be a news freak…
nice hair just like Anna’s.no need disturbing her seems she is enjoying her news.I quietly picked
her health record and dropped my card then i walked out.
” hey 22, that’s my card,call me when u need Me” I said walking out.
she turned and I already stormed out.her hair means she is hot…I will see her next time..
Anna’s pov
what a stupid rude doctor ,hey 22,hey 22,what!!!! .does he know who I am…so stupid I will slap
him when next he shows his face.is that his stupid card.nonsense I don’t care.I faced my news.
claras pov.
I lay on the bed missing Ryan who was by my side.I don’t know the kind of intimacy he has with
Anna i feel like like kissing and hugging him now. I felt him cover me well with the blanket.
” Anna u need to take drugs
” what… well I am strong now
” ok so u need to eat.
” no am fine …. i really am.
” a little
” no
” you are sick
“if u keep saying am sick I might fall sick
” ok you are healed.
i smiled and folded my pillow.
” sir……. I mean Ryan ,good night
” good night Anna .. sleep tight
” I Will, I lo….. I longed to be with you ..missed you (I almost said i love you)
” goodnight.
I nodded and hastily turned to my side and closed my eye , just then I remembered Anna doesn’t
sleep on her side she sleeps with her face up w.t.f.just then i felt Ryan’s hands brush from my hip
into my waist …omg why is he turning me on.he gently swiped his fingers in my waist
” Anna are you ok , Is your tummy paining … why are lying on your side?.
he moved me and I turned facing upward with my head on the pillow. Ryan moved into me and
gently kissed the hollow of my throat then my fore head. wait fore head kiss means care and
assurance but the other kiss meant desire. Ryan desires Anna ?Jesus am dead . I faked a smile
” no stomach pain actually I was thinking so
” ok can u sleep now
I nodded and closed my eye he removed his hands from my body oh God finally that was….. .
I felt him switch off the light and lie on his pillow
” sweet dream
” you too sir…….. sweetheart
he chuckled.
mmmmm I have a feeling ohhh,Ryan, Ryan.how many times Did I call u so u are not smart.

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I woke up the next morning ….
Ryan was no longer by my side on the bed. I sat on the bed and looked in the mirror …. Lols what
an authentic mask so original… just then Ryan served me he placed the food on the bed.I smiled if
he will care for me as Anna then I will just be Anna.Clara told him to go maybe he really left.
” thank you
” Anna what are you doing today
“oh I will visit Dad
” ok
” what about you
” well I have surgery
” good luck.
he smiled i ate the food fully and he carefully moved my hair into my ear so it won’t disturb my
food.the way Ryan takes care of Anna he doesn’t even talk about Clara… I smiled tearfully and
finished the coffee.
” are you okay now
” mm
he moved the tray and faced me on the bed.
” can i tell you something
” tell me
” I want to love you now
” what!!
“this is beautiful and we can make this work…I want to have you as a wife I will surely Wed you.I
want to give you all the rights u desmephone ts make this work….I love you
should i smile or cry ,Ryan wants to accept Anna but what about me …it’s all right I will never let
him find out who I am .its for the best,for the merger. for Annas happiness. will just continue
acting like Anna and when Anna returns i will peacefully leave him alone .
I looked up to him and smiled in tears he kissed my lips and it pained my heart cos my Ryan just
kissed Anna he brushed his fingers to my hair and deepened the kiss.ok I feel this kiss going
somewhere…………. Ryan brushed his fingers into my thigh and widened my leg . I gently
withdrew from the kiss he removed his hand from my hip.
” uhmmm your phone is ringing Ryan
” omg I am late for Surgery
” oh bath quickly
he moved out and I cried into my Palm.Ryan left me ,he moved on from Clara ,he doesn’t talk
about me , he doesn’t even recognize my voice or my body,he wanted to make love to Anna just
now.. I wiped my tears and walked into the room shower.Ryan must be in the guest room shower
clara concentrate on your mission don’t get weak ryan is not the reason u came here i bathed
and rushed out ,i pulled out the the towel i feel so much pain because of Ryan I can’t believe he
forgot who I am. i wore a gown
Ryan walked in and helped me zip my gown ..I am looking casual today i just want to visit Anna’s
dad.I packed my hair.
” Ryan i will leave now
” no good bye kiss
” oh ,I gently kissed his cheek.Ryan I don’t want you to be intimate with Anna am getting
jealous..don’t request for kisses and romance its painful that u forgot Clara.I stormed out and met Rachel.
” madam Mr Grande is expecting you
” I scheduled your meeting with Mr dervantes.
Rachel bowed and opened the car i sat in quietly.can I do this ?
malcoms pov
yes my team b is the team I use to carry out my secret dirty works, made up of 5 members ,my
daughter Lucinda,me, Nathan,Kinsley and arora .my humble servants.
” ok sir what is the aim of this meeting ” Nathan asked
” after Anna defeated us I told u all to go home and create a perfect means through which I can
pull Anna out forever. what did u get
” sir i have a brilliant idea ” arora said
” tell me
” what if we frame a.g.h.c for doing drugs …narcotics(cocaine)
” how will we prove it ” Lucinda asked
” we Will push drugs into a.g.h.c secretly,inject patients with drugs, change some drug’s tablet into
coke .then when we finally sue them to court there will be evidence. government will close down
all branches of a.g.h.c .
” nice plan but which of a.g.h c hospital are we hitting.” I asked
” only A.G.H.C -L” she said
” that’s a.g.h.c in los Angeles” king asked
” yes ” she said
” this plan can’t work ” Lucinda said
” why” arora asked
” don’t forget that a.g.h.c has a computerized research department where they watch the everyday
activities of each of their branches from morning to 11pm. through live video… and don’t forget that
the same video previews in Anna’s office none stop . a big part of her office wall is made of a glass
screen and she watches the same daily activities happening in all branches like she is present
there so how will we push drugs,inject drugs and smart Anna won’t see it
” that’s true Lucinda ” I said
” Lucinda we can always hack in and blackout the live video from los Angeles,they will think it’s
network and before they resolve it we are done pushing the drugs cos we will be fast.” arora said
” u don’t know how a .g.h.c works,if a suspicious blackout happens Anna will travel to los Angeles herself so she won’t miss any activity that’s how active she is ,that was why we could only
penetrated India when she went to visit Ryan .but once Anna is on seat nothing will pass her
by.”Lucinda said
” I have the best idea ” king said
” ok
” Anna might be smart but she is not a computer system . we will carefully corrupt the video” he
” how ?
“I will hack in to a.g.h.c satellite connection .then I will stop them from getting the live video from
los Angeles.
” if u pause it they…
” I won’t pause it.I will feed them past videos, even in Anna’s office.they will think they are
watching the real live feed of the hospital they won’t know they are watching past activities.we will
use that opportunity to move the drugs.” he said
” wow nice plan but someone as smart as Anna or chris will find out that the video is past ,u don’t
know that girl” Lucinda said
” Anna is smart I know but figuring out the difference in the video is not an easy task.I will Make
sure I send a past video that will match the present day .both in atmosphere,even if it’s snowing I
will make it match. it will take high smartness and concentration to notice the fakeness” he said
” and Anna can’t concentrate now cos she is busy looking after her dad.she has not gone to work
today. all we need is two days…. if Anna can be carried away for two days our plan will be a
succes ” arora said.
” well we better start now that Anna missed work…. we will send the fake video today…king, start
the hacking” I said
” yes sir .
” dad I pray Anna doesn’t notice this if she does it will backfire on us” Lucinda said
” fear not my dear.i have a feeling Anna would miss work for a some days.
claras pov
minutes later I arrived Anna’s house so pretty.I walked out and everybody bowed.
” where is my father
” he is having a health section with the doctor
” ok.
no work today , mr grandes health comes first. I walked up and a maid opened the door to Anna’s
room… everything was beautiful.I looked around this is paradise in earth. I looked in the mirror and
remembered Ryan’s advances i fought them off.minutes later someone knocked
” your dad is out
” where is tonia
” she’s with him at the diner
” good
I walked out and there Anna’s dad sat he looks weak,he is being poisoned for sure but how.I took
a chair
“my jewel
“it seems the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong with me ..I am tired I want to get Better
” u will get better father I assure u… just then food was served.tonia picked her fork.
” tonia how are you?” i said
” am fine , won’t I be , after the public embarrassment u gave me just because I wanted to help
you manage your shares.
” I am sorry Hon,we are family ,lets eat as one… why did the maid serve the white rice differently. I
used one hand to carry Mr grandes food I kept it in the tray then I took tonias plate of food from
” Anna what are u doing ?” Tonia said
” dad the goddess said for peace to come in a family must eat as one.so we will all eat from your
plate dad after that we will move to mine and tonias.I smiled at Tonia
” anything for you Anna.I carefully took my plate and collected a little food from dads plate tonia
did too very comfortably and so did dad.I watched tonia eat her food smiling , i watched dad eat
and I ate a little soon we where done.good if his food is being poisoned then we will all fall ill the
Maids cleared the table and tonia rushed up.dad drank his water and I pushed his wheel chair
” Anna I hate being like this
” dad this is a promise ,u will get better ,trust me
he smiled and u pushed him into his room…I don’t feel anything I am sure the food was clean.dad
lay on his bed.
I sat waiting on him , I want to know how this sickness works ..
after a while he held his heart
” dad
” I can’t …
” he can’t talk….. i can hear his heart beat,what’s wrong it can’t be poisoning I ate what he ate. ….
what is wrong with him.Anna is a doctor right. I ran into her room and took a syringe, I took all I
needed to collect a blood sample . I careful collected his blood sample and stormed out .I met
” Rachel
” madam
“go to a.g.h.c give this to Ethan tell him to carry out an electrocardiogram (ECG). test ..I want to
find out if he was poisoned or not
” yes madam.
I rushed in he still held his heart
” dad why are u not moving ur legs
” I feel my bones melting .. I feel nothingness, I am dying
” no u can’t die ,not while I am alife.i Wil take care of you.
I called Ethan ,he should be done by now the machine is automatic.
” are u done
” yes it’s poisoning , the person was poisoned
“is it dangerous
” yes .
I dropped my phone and put it on speaker i turned him to lie well on his back.with his kneel on the
floor at his side.i Extend his arm nearest to me at a right angle to his body with his palm facing
up. i folded the order arm so the back of his hand rests on his cheek then I held him in that
position,its called the recovery position. it dissolves poisoning’s fast power.
” Ethan tell me
” according to this test the poison is too much in his blood only grace kept him if he takes it again
he will die .
” u dont know the poison
“how he took it
I pulled him up
” dad spit out anything that comes into your mouth
“but I
” do it , come on
he spat out and spat out again his heart relaxed.he took a deep breath.
I gently touched his leg he screamed in pain.
” dad HOW THOSE IT feel
” pain ..like …like it’s melting
” what kind of poison dissolves the bones and muscles ….. it is ………. Strychnine oh my God …
no cure but i can flush it out
I stormed out and ran into Anna’s room I came back and sedated him to sleep…I can save him
now but i am scared how do I make sure he doesn’t take it again . i wrote a list of the drugs i need
and handed it to Rachel outside she rushed to the hospital minutes later she returned with the
I took a drip and filled it with drugs ,only tissue and system flushing\ washing drugs.I will wash out
everything. after a while I injected the drip he is still sleeping soundly well he will sleep for a very
very long time.
I timed the drip ok it will take a lot of time since its slow… I organised everything then I walked out
and locked the door.until I find out how u took that poison today mr grande am sorry but u will be
trapped here,I need to make sure u dont take it again .
I locked the door well and took the key tonia rushed out
” Anna are u drunk
” tonia I don’t exchange words with animals
” but ,how can u lock a sick man up , what if he dies in there.
” tonia that’s not your problem concentrate on your specialty which is stealing shares. I stormed
out now I wanna watch them poison him again. I promise ,before I open that door I must have
found out how he was poisoned God help me I don’t have time. soon the drip will dry out I
checked my time.
I walked out Rachel was back
” madam where too
I arrived Ryan walked out.and hugged me
” are u tired
I nodded.
he carried me up into his arms and I smiled he took me into the shower ..
he went to the bath tub and set the water it became foamy.
” up Hon” he said
I raised both hands up and he pulled up my gown from under . I moved my hair.he held my waist
lightly from behind.then his scratched his thumb and removed his hand.
” it’s warm bath
” ok
i waited for him to walk out but he leaned on the wall and picked his phone
” Anna have u spoken to Mr dervantes
” not yet …I will call him tomorrow.
” ok.
he walked out and I locked the door. I pulled off the mask. wow finally .I can only be myself behind
closed doors. I poured water on my face.Anna being you is not really funny… I just watch the man
i love take care of u… he doesn’t even mention my name… it’s all good. I washed my face again.
Ryan’s pov
omg I forgot to give her a towel.I hastily pulled open the bathroom door..

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