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I Sold My V. Episode 20

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( His royal Excellency)


✍️ Twenty✍️

3:24 am. The sun is going to be up in a few hours and I can’t sleep. To much is going through my head and I’m dying.

John fell asleep a few hours ago and he hasn’t moved once. He fell asleep sitting up with his arms crossed. The weirdest way for a person to fall asleep. But he’s lucky, he gets that luxury of falling asleep while I lay awake crying.

Tears are still falling from my face and I keep having to wipe them and wipe my nose. I wipe it on my sleeve of course, I’m too lazy to get up. If Joshua was here he would make me get up.

More crying.
“Hey” John said tiredly. He rubbed my arm until I turned around. “You’re still up?” He asked.

“I couldn’t sleep” I sniffed and wiped my face.

He checked his phone and yawned. “It’s almost 4, V” he said but I said nothing. I know what time it is. “Come here” he said and finally laid down.

I turned around and moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. I feel his heart beating and he’s so warm. He smells good. “He’s no good, he’s a looser, a pain in the ass, and he doesn’t deserve to be with you” his deep voice tickled my ear and made my stomach flutter.

Maybe he’s right, but when I was with him everything felt right. I felt like the happiest girl in the world and now that’s over. It all happened so fast.

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“Okay” I said and closed my eyes.

Accepting this will be my first step to peace from all things Joshua.

The sun in my face is the first thing that wakes me up. Then the knocking on the door was the thing that made me gather my strength to get me out of bed.

I shuffled to the front door and looked through the peephole. “Who is it?” I ask because the peephole is dirty.

“Nate” I opened the door and stood there with a bag in his hand. “Good morning Miss” he said delightfully.

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“Good morning Nate” I smiled. “Come in”

I moved out the way and Nate walked inside. “Mr. Maxwell sent me out shopping”

“Fancy” I said. “Want something to drink?” I moved to the kitchen to get some water.

“Water please”

“What’d you buy?” I poured him some water and placed it on the table.

“Things for you” he said.

“Why couldn’t he do it?” I asked. “He was with one of his ladies?” I gulped down some water.

“Miss, I believe you’re miss understanding”

“I’m not misunderstanding anything, Nate, I heard what he said to me”

He placed the bag on the table. “He’s very sorry. He stayed up all night”

He never stays up late. “So did I”

“I think you should go back”

“No” I said quickly.

“I’m backing out of this contract”

“But don’t you need this money?”

“I’ll find another way” I said.

“May I ask a rather direct question?” I nodded once and he continued talking.

“If you are going to find another way as you say you are, why didn’t you do that in the first place?”

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I sighed and sat on the barstool. “My mother urged me to do this. She said that we could get a lot of money in a short amount of time. She said she was dying and needed that money, all I wanted to do was protect her. She and John… they’re all I have. I guess I was looking for something that a would last a little longer”

He nodded in understanding but I kept going. I needed to get this off my chest or I will hold it in and suffer forever. “I thought I found something in Joshua but I was wrong. I get that now. She’s doing a bit better now and I’ll find some other way to make up the money she needs. I just need time”

“I understand Miss Valentina, I see your heart break is very real and that you in fact are not after his money”

“I never was”

“You we’re looking for love”

“I learned my lesson” I smiled.

“I must get going now”

“Thanks for talking to me Nate”

“Anytime” she moved toward the door.

“You can take this back though I don’t want it” whatever’s in there I don’t need it. It’ll just make me miss him more.

“He’ll fire me if you don’t take it” he said.

I bit my lip and sighed. “Okay but I’m not keeping it”

He smiled and left. I think I’ll do good getting over him. I don’t need him or anybody but my friend John.

I walked back into the bedroom and John was awake tapping in his computer.

“How’d the talk go?” He asked as I sat on the bed.

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“Good, he said Joshua bought me some stuff but I didn’t open it”

“Good don’t open it” he jumped up out of bed and fixed his glasses on his face. “Get dressed!” He shouted.

“Why?” I asked startled.

“I’m taking you somewhere”

I pouted and laid back. “I don’t wanna go anywhere. I wanna stay here”

“You need fresh air” he said taking off his shirt.

“I wanna eat ice cream and watch movies”

“And to sit and think about stuff that makes you sad” he mumbled.

“Yea a little” I said watching him as he changed.

“Well you’re not, so get up and take a shower, and do your hair. It could look better”

I sat up and stared at the floor. My body is tired. I don’t want to move or think or breathe or do anything.

“Valentina you can’t sit here and do nothing, you need to get out. Get distracted” he said. I looked up and him and nodded.

“You’re right” I said and slowly rose to my feet. “Let’s go out”