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I Sold My V. Episode 23

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( His royal Excellency)


Twenty- three

Friday. Rodea Drive. 6:30. Front hall of the Ristorante Lucano. Italian. The Red Mercedes, it’s his. Him. His neatly tailored black suit and black tie are fresh. He stands there gripping his hand together, low, below his waist. Eyes peering out to the world around him. Looking for something. Looking for me.

I. This Friday. Rodea Drive. 6:35. Sitting in John’s car. Watching, looking, searching. Wearing a red form fitting dress, with a slit as high as Calabasas in it. I didn’t want to wear this dress, I hate red. But John told me I had to look like something Joshua couldn’t have. I stepped out of the car and walked toward the front hall. My nude heels tapped on the ground with every step I took. John made me straighten my hair, it took hours to do and it reaches my shoulders.

I held on tight to my clutch. It’s the only thing that is keeping me from running out of here. Just holding it I feel a little safer.

I see Joshua, standing by the steps. He hasn’t noticed me yet. I can still leave. I can never come back, and with the money he gave me I can run away for ever.

But now it’s too late because I stood there too long and he spotted me. Well, at least he thinks he has. He keeps looking at me for a long time then looking away.

I walked over to him and stood in front of him. My heart hurts from looking at him. I should’ve stayed with John. I can’t believe he convinced me to do this. I don’t even know what to say to him.

We looked at each other for a while, it feels like so long since we’ve last seen each other. Even though it’s only been a couple days. He finally spoke.

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“Valentina…” his words are like ice cutting into my throat. “You’re beautiful” he stepped closer to me.

“Thank you” I said timidly. As excited as I am to see him I have to remember my plan for coming here. I only want to talk.

“Are you ready?” He asked. I nodded and followed him as he led me into the restaurant.

I watched him as he moved. His head high, not smiling. A mad expression on his face, a slight beard started forming.

We made our way to the table and he pulled my chair out for me. I sat down and looked around the restaurant. It was big and beautiful, pretty quiet and spacious. A red patterned rug and paintings of Gods and Goddess’ on the wall.

“I’m glad you came” he said, breaking my focus.

I looked at him and answered. “I’m here to talk”

“That’s all I want to do” he rested his arms on the table and leaned forward like he was making a business proposition. “I want to apologize for everything, Valentina. You do not deserve to be called the things I called you” he looked apologetic.

I sat quietly and listened. I wish we weren’t in a public place. I wish I didn’t have a dress on. I’d just like to sit back and be comfortable while he speaks, his voice is so soothing.

“I did not mean to say any of those things to you, you aren’t those things”

“Who did you mean to say that too?” I asked. “The girl in your contract?”

He sighed before he answered. “Yes”

His bluntness hurts me. He can’t be sorry, it’s not in his nature. I don’t know why he is the way he is, his parents are so loving, he was raised with love and care. At least he’s being honest. I have to tell myself that he’s doing the right thing in being honest, even though it hurts.

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If he is having sex with someone I hope that it’s over and I hope he’s not talking about the girl his mother warned me about.

I bit my lip thinking about that possibility. I felt tears form in my eyes. “Leticia?” I asked, my voice shaking.

He lost his sorry expression and formed a shocked one. “How did you know?”

“Your mother told me about her… I didn’t think I’d have to worry”

“We were never dating”

“Only sexual?”

“No- well yes but that’s all I wanted”
“So why did you do this for me?”

He hesitated to answer. He looked away and straightened his tie. He called the waiter over and avoided my eyes the whole time. He ordered for us. Two salmon dishes, two salads, two white wines.

He finally payed my question attention and answered with a straight face. “I was looking for something, I didn’t see in Leticia. Something a little more permanent, I’m twenty eight years old and the only thing I have for me is my job” I looked away from him for a second until he started talking again. “And you were right when you said I was trying to fill a void with all of the things I have. And I don’t want to get to deep-”

“I want you too” I cut him off. He looked at me and bit down. “Joshua I know nothing about you, I didn’t even know how old you were until a couple of seconds ago. You need to open up a bit”

“I don’t know how to” he said. “I just know I don’t want to lose you. I love you”

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I picked up my fork and started poking at the salmon that was being placed in front of me. No one other than my mother has ever said that to me. Those are foreign words and I don’t know how to react to them. “Joshua don’t say things you don’t mean”

“I’m being honest, I’m not lying to you, Valentina” he looked into my eyes as he spoke. “When you left me I didn’t know what to do with myself” I looked at his lips then back at his eyes.

“I wanna take you home” he said.

My mouth felt dry as he said that. I squeezed my legs together and moved uncomfortably in my seat. What is this feeling I feel?

He smirked slightly. He knows he’s doing this to me. I have butterflies in my stomach and I can’t control it. “I know you want to go home” he said still smirking.

“I didn’t eat” I whispered out of breath from the intensity in the room.

“Let’s go home, babe” he threw a hundred dollar bill on the table and stood up. He reached for my hand and I grabbed it uncertainly.

I slowly stood up looking at him not knowing if I should let him in yet. I don’t know if he’s suffered enough yet, I can’t tell.

I pushed in my chair and let him lead me out of the the restaurant. He said he loves me. He really said it, I don’t know if it’s true but think I love him too.

✍️To be continued ✍️