May 28, 2023

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Mafia Maid. Chapter 10

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Mafia Maid ???? ????


AMETHIREX ????️ ????

〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

Chapter ten {10}

???? Alejandro ????

Carissa wasn’t willing to come sit by my side after much pleas …
She insisted on sitting opposite to me

We were still talking when a bullet pierced Carissa’s arm I took a gun from my pillow and I shot the person who aimed.

I went to the window side and I saw a young guy there …I connected the recorded and I saw Sophie …she saw me as well …

I ran to where Carissa was and I held her close to me …
She was losing blood and she had fainted due to the shock …
I carried her and I picked up my car keys …

I drove crazily to the hospital …she was attended to immediately due to my position in town

She was taken to a theater where she was operated and the bullet was removed ..

She was taken to a special ward where I sat beside her

“She’s in all this trouble because of me ” I thought to myself

I pray she wakes up soon

I am gonna make Sophie pay for this I promise ..

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I was hoping to attack his territory today and hold Carissa hostage but someone else ruined our plan by shooting Carissa ….

I wasn’t able to do what I planned in my mind. ..I wanna bring Alejandro to his kneels in front of me and without this I will never be satisfied…..

I will have to kill everyone involved in Mr Jason’s death

I went back to my sitting room and I drank a whole bottle of whiskey ….

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I told my guards to bring in a lady for the night

The lady he brought looks really beautiful and endowed but I need to have s+x right away
????Lisa ????

I stayed in the kitchen thinking of the next step to take when I heard a gunshots from Alejandro’s room …

Minutes later he carried Carissa who was bleeding and looking lifeless …

I pray she doesn’t survive this I called Maya

I wanted to tell her the good news but she isn’t answering her calls ..maybe she’s busy as usual

????Maya ????

I was busy satisfying a client as he rode me faster than I expected …
The guy is so hot I kept on rubbing my cl+t while he kept slamming ….

My phone kept ringing but I couldn’t answer it cause my client instructions was no phone calls …

We continued the s+x and I really enjoyed it ..he finally dipped his fingers into my gently hole and he worked it perfectly …

I took a bath after that crazy session and I saw my missed call

“Lisa wants to tell me something ” I thought to myself ..

I called her number right away

????????Hey Lisa ????????I said when she answered my call

????????I gave a good news ma’am ????????

???????? What’s the good news ???????? I asked anxiously

???????? Carissa got shot today ????????

????????Wow that’s great news I pray she doesn’t survive ????????

????????Okay bye ????????

????????Bye Lisa take care ????????

???? Ethan ????

I pulled Kimberly to my chest when we heard the gunshots …I covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming ….

I waited for about minutes and I saw Alejandro carrying Carissa down the stairs

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I picked up the keys and I told Kimber to stay with Alexander …
She didn’t want me to leave but I told her that I would be fine …

I followed Alejandro’s car to the hospital … Carissa was attended to and he returned to the reception …

“Hey bro how is she ” I asked sadly

“The doctor assured that she would be fine “he said hiding his tears

“It’s okay bro ” I said tapping his shoulders …

“Where is Kim and Alex ” he asked looking at me

“They are both at home ” I said

“You have to go back home and stay with them ” he said …

I drove back home and I locked the door of the house …I went to Alexander’s room and I saw Kimberly crying silently ..

“Kimber I am here ” I said calling onto her …

She hugged me tightly and she clung unto me

I carried her in a bridal style to my room and I covered her with a blanket …she held in tight to me not willing to let me go

I finally got sleep after hours of not sleeping .

???? Kimberly ????

I woke up after hearing gunshots and I held him like my whole life depends on him….

I couldn’t take my hands off him and I was scared when he told me he was gonna follow his brother

I sat in Alexander’s room …

Ethan came in about two hours later and I promised never to let go of him again .
I held him tight till I slept off

I love him so much

???? Sophie ????

“Holy shit “I steamed ….

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Python is dead already …my husband is a Mafia and he knows most things

He checked the recorded with Python and now he knows the truth about me

I really have to find a way to leave this city before things get out of hand ….

I can’t really believe I am homeless right now …Diego only tricked me to leave my husband and come to me all because of his revenge ..I was foolish as well ..I lost all trust in my husband and I couldn’t defend him

My son Alexander would have forgotten I existed and now there is a new Maid whom Alejandro loves

I really don’t think I will be accepted by Alejandro

I have to find another plan .