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Mafia Maid. Chapter 11

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Mafia Maid


〰️I bought her,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️
AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter Eleven {11}

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I left the room as she snored like a bulldog …I asked my spies to check Carissa in the hospital and I was told that she is still unconscious .

We would have to strike when Alejandro is bringing Carissa back from the hospital

I will kidnap her and keep her in my custody to lure Alejandro …I want him to tell me who sent him to kill Mr Jason ..

If the poor girl gets into my trap I will make her a puppet .


“Sophie planned all this “I said to myself
I couldn’t believe she’s back after two years that she left me and our child alone …she didn’t run off with a random man ..she ran off with my greatest enemy …

I will make her pay for this …I called on of my secret agent and I asked him to find out where Sophie stays .It didn’t take a long time to find out that she stays in an hotel

I ordered my men to bring her to my territory and put her in a room without light
I checked my time it’s 9 PM in the morning Alex will be so late

????????Hey Ethan morning ????????

???????? Morning bro ????????

????????Trust you had a nice night ????????

????????Not really I was worried and Kimberly won’t let go of me ????????

????????What of Alexander ????????I asked curiously

????????I have taken him to school ????????

????????Okay thanks so much ????????

????????Okay bye ????????

???????? Bye bro ???????? I said and the call ended

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I have to check on her ..I went into her ward and i sat by her side I have her hands which had a drip

I raised my head when tears fell from my eye …it’s been long I cried this much

I feel sorry cause more harm is coming to Carissa instead of me …

I have to protect her with all my life

???? Kimberly ????

I left Ethan when the alarm rang loudly ..
.”morning babes he said smiling ”

*Morning I am so sorry for disturbing you last night ” I said looking into his eyes

“It’s okay ” he replied and he gave him a beautiful kiss …

I stepped Until the tub and I took my bath
I dressed myself in a little short and a boyfriend t shirt and I went downstairs ….

I was really hungry so I decided to check the kitchen …Lisa was cooking already but I decided to cook for Ethan myself …

“Morning Lisa ” I said smiling

“Morning ” she replied

“You can go ahead and do other house chores . I will take the cooking …”

“Why!!”she said raising her voice at me

“How dare you raise you voice at me ” I shouted ….

I gave her an hot slap making her feel the effect for sure ……

“Get out of the kitchen “I shouted at her ..

I think she has a plan coming into this house . I have to find out on my own and expose her in front of everyone ..

I continued my cooking

I dished Alexander’s food into his flask and Ethan drove him to school promising to come back home as soon as possible …

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“Bye baby ” I said waving to him…..

I really can’t wait to have Ethan back home

????Lisa ????

I can’t believe the idiot stopped me from cooking ….I was planning to put Sedate in their food so as to search the rooms in the house

She ruined my plan to totally I have to call Maya

???????? Morning Ma’am ????????

???????? Morning Lisa ????????she said over he phone

???????? Ethan’s girlfriend isn’t letting things go smoothly here ????????I said angrily

????????You need to take things slowly Lisa ????????she said from the phone

????????Okay if you say so ????????

????????I have to go attend to a client ????????

She said and the call ended

I will show Kimberly my true colours

???? Alexander ????

I really don’t know where my dad and Carissa is
I haven’t seen them this morning….it was Ethan who dropped me off at school

I wasn’t really happy as I ate lunch at the school cafeteria …

I really wanna see my dad and Carissa …

????Maya ????

I attended to the client who told me he a woman was needed.

“Maddy come over here ” I called out to her

Maya has to pay for this

Revenge is Ultimate