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Mafia Maid.Chapter 12

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter twelve (12}

3 Days Later

????Carissa ????

I took the last injection holding on tight to Alejandro ..i finally got discharged today and I am happy I am going back home to see Alexander and everyone …..

Alejandro held my hand firmly as we walked down the stairs in front of the hospital …

We were laughing as he drove along the road Suddenly our car came to an halt and we both go down from the car …there was a trap on the way that peirced the Tyre …

“What the f+ck ” Alejandro screamed ….

Before I could say anything a bullet pierced into Alejandro’s arm and we were surrounded by many men …

Alejandro fought with the men but they were to strong and they overcome …

I was crying ,screaming and struggling from the hold of two huge men
The one who was their boss came down from the car and he whispered something I couldn’t hear into Alejandro’s ear ….

They carried me into the car and they drove off leaving Alejandro….

I kept on crying

“Keep quiet you fool ” the boss shouted at me …
I kept quiet immediately feeling scared …..
The boss told everyone in the car to join another car while the driver keep driving …..

He tied my both hands to my back and he put his hands into my bra fondling my breast …

I was crying again and this time I couldn’t hold it …

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“Please please ” he didn’t even care to look into my eyes

He pulled off my skirt and my panties …
He carefully massaged my pu++y and he left me alone …

He wore my pant and my skirt back ….I sat quietly in the car without saying a word till we got to a very big place ….

The structure of the house looked alike with that of Alejandro ….the huge men dragged me into the mansion and I was left right in front of The boss ….

“I am Diego A Mafia boss ” he said walking round me …..

“You may not know why you are here but you would know soon “he said rubbing my breast ….

He pulled me and he untied my hands …I was thrown in a giant room that had nothing in it except a centre light ….there were no windows and the place was so cold …

I thought of Alejandro and I only cried
???? Ethan ????

I have been expecting my brother and Carissa to be back by now

I kept waiting and little Alexander kept disturbing me that he wanted to see his dad and Carissa …

Kimberly didn’t go to work just because of them ….

A call came in

????????Good afternoon ????????the voice said

???????? Afternoon please who am I talking to ???????? i replied the caller

???????? Please is this Axel Ethan ???????? the caller asked

????????Yes it’s me ???????? i said already scared

???????? Your attention is needed in the hospital right away ????????

The caller told me the hospital and I told him I would be there

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“Ethan what happened”Kimberly asked already scared

“I have to go take care of Alex ” I said and I left the house

I drove crazily to the hospital and i broke down in tears when I saw Alejandro …

I was told Carissa was nowhere to be found

???? Kimberly ????

I was scared when Ethan raced out of the house …I hope this guy doesn’t kill me

I switched on the television and watched the news and I saw Alejandro wounded ….they wasn’t any sign of Carissa and the news announced that she is no where to be found ….

I held Alexander to my chest and I cried out my eyes ….

The maid was only staring like nothing happened ..

I carried Alexander with me to my bedroom and I put him to sleep ….

I didn’t know who would be the next …I pray it isn’t Ethan …j don’t want any harm to befall him

I locked the door to the room

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I hatched my plan perfectly …I waited for the day Carissa was gonna be discharged and I monitored the route which he was going to pass ……

We laid a chain that had thorns on it in a remote side of the road and we waited for the right time

The moment his tyre was pierced by the thorn his car came to an halt and he came down making my job easier …I shoot me and I ordered my men to hear him up ….

I carried her into the car ….I checked her breast and her pu+sy……
She’s a virgin and she is so tight ….

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We drove back to the mansion and I kept her in the room ….
I called Mrs Jason
????????Hello Mrs Jason ???????? I said smiling

????????Diego what’s the update ????????

????????The girl is right here In my house ???????? I said laughing

???????? That calls for celebration i will avenge my husband’s death by all means ????????

????????She’s is the perfect bait to lure him to this place ????????

????????Diego you geta bonus for this thanks a lot ????????she said and call ended

My revenge is surely gonna start from her

????Mrs Jason ????

Diego made me happy again today …iam really proud of him …

I am going to take revenge on that son of a bastard for killing my husband …

I am gonna make sure he pays for everything he did …I have become something else since my husband died …I have helped myself using s+x toys

I have to kill everyone who sent him to kill my husband . .