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Mafia Maid. Chapter 13

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Mafia Maid


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

Chapter thirteen {13}

???? Alejandro ????

“Carissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as I woke up

The doctor held me down
“Calm down “the doctor said …

“I kept struggling with the doctor and other medical assistant in my ward held me down and he gave me an injection …

I was a little bit numb and calm at that point …I couldn’t scream or struggle with them

I was just lying in bed ,looking at the doctor and feeling so weak …

I fell asleep again .

????Lisa ????

I felt relieved when the news announced that Carissa is nowhere to be found maybe that will give me a chance to make Alejandro fall in love with me then run away with his money ..

????????Hey Maya ???????? I said when she answered my calls

????????I have a good news I guess you haven’t checked the news ???????? I said laughing .

????????What happened ???????? she said with a shaky tone

???????? Carissa got kidnapped and she is currently nowhere to be found ???????? I said laughing harder this time ..

????????Wow guess this is the best for us ???????? Maya said laughing ..

????????Bye ???????? I said and I ended the call ..

Maya is a complete fool she thinks I would come back to her after taking Alejandro’s money …

I would only flee from this country .

????Mrs Jason ????

I had two daughters and I brought them up in the best way I could …

My husband went into a lot of illegal deals and they asked for my daughters in exchange for his crime

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The first one was just eight and the second was twelve when I told them to escape from the house because I didn’t want them to be sold as slaves ….

I couldn’t connect with them at all but I knew I was going to surely meet them
They would have grown into matured girls now and I may not recognize them anymore .
…… …… ……. ………. ….

I wore a black chic coat and a matching heels with a dark sun shade glasses …

I drove to Diego’s mansion to see the young lady he was talking about

“Welcome Mrs Jason ” Diego said offering me a sit

” Thank you so much Diego ” I said smiling

I took my sit waiting for the lady he talked about ..

“Bring her here ” Diego shouted from where we were sitting …

His men brought this young looking lady ….she looks absolutely beautiful and endowed …

“Your boss killed my husband ” I said holding her shirt .
She was so cold and scared that words couldn’t come out of her mouth …

“Diego can you please put her in a fireplace so that she doesn’t did before Alejandro reaches her ” I said to Diego

She was taken to the fireplace

“Diego kindly keep her and make sure she doesn’t escape ” I said and I left his house

????Carissa ????

Alejandro is a killer …I really can’t believe this
I am suffering for his own crimes right now .why would a kill an human being ?I asked myself

I felt really happy staying in front if the fire ..
The room I was kept was so cold that I almost freezes to death

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Alejandro kills …I really don’t know if I would be able to forgive him for this especially if I lose my virginity to the mother fu+ker

I can’t escape from this mansion ….it is surrounded by a lot of guards …

I was taken to a normal room this time and I sat there waiting for what fate would bring

???? Kimberly ????

⚡ Flashback ⚡

*Run Run as fast as you can ” my mum shouted at I and my sister

My younger sister kept crying calling onto my mum but I pulled her along ….

“I love you babies” my mum said wearing us a pair of necklace for the both of us ….

She hugged and she left looking back a million times and crying …

My sister kept crying …

I had ran a long way when I realized my sister wasn’t with me anymore ….

I searched for her all through but I didn’t find her ….

I gave up on her and I ran into a woman who had a modelling agency ..she had no child so she made me her child and she gave me all the Ethics of modelling
I was always unhappy whenever I remembered my sister …

I met Ethan in high school …he was the best student at the time and he was very good in mathematics

I was really happy when I started talking to Ethan …he started teaching me mathematics till my grades improved from close friends and reading partners..we started dating each other

⚡ Flashback ends ⚡
I really wish my sister was here by my side ..the one I took as a sister is nowhere to be found right now …I pray Carissa is safe wherever she may be ..

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???? Sophie ????

‘No …No .Noooooo” I screamed when I saw Alejandro on TV …he was covered in blood and he us unconscious

I want Alejandro back into my life …I really need him …I regret ever leaving … I pray he forgives me

???? Ethan ????

Surely someone is behind this …the only enemy that Alejandro has is no one but Diego and I am sure he his behind this and he only wants my brother to suffer …

I have to make sure my brother gets better quickly …

I went back to the doctor’s office