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Mafia Maid. Chapter 14

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter fourteen {14}

????Ethan ????

“Come in Mr Axel”the doctor said when he saw me at the door …

I was looking worried and lost as I entered the office …

“Your brother is actually fine and he must stay here for a few days ” the doctor said

“Okay sure it’s fine if he stays here but make sure no one goes into his ward .. I said sadly

“I assure you that I will protect your brother ” the doctor said ..

I left the hospital and I went home to check on Kimberly and Alexander …

“Hey hun”Kimberly said the moment she saw me

“How are you doing ” I said pulling her into a hug
.. little Alex forward and he hugged me also

“Where is my dad ” he asked in a tiny voice

“Your dad travelled he will be back soon ” I said lying to him…

“Kim you didn’t go to work for the past few days ” I asked looking at my girlfriend …

“Someone is managing the agency currently I really don’t have to stress myself ” she said trying her best to smile

“How about Carissa ” she asked

“Oh that reminds me I wanna call the private investigator

????????Hello sir ????????

????????Hello good afternoon ????????the investigator replied

????????Any trace of Carissa ???????? I asked worriedly

????????We found nothing in the crimes scene ????????the investigator said

????????We all have to keep praying for Carissa ???????? he said and he ended the call ….

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“I have to go ” I said and I kissed Kimberly

I left the house

????Lisa ????

Wow !! I exclaimed Kimberly has an agency which I know nothing about …

I will have to make a plan ….

I put a venom poison into the pineapple juice and I took it to Kimberly

” You must be tired kindly drink this” I said faking a smile

“I really don’t need a drink “she said rejecting the juice …

“It’s good for your health ” I said smiling

She was about drinking it when Alexander threw a ball at the glass of juice making it break into pieces

“Holy shit ” I said angrily …. Alexander spoilt my plan now the poison is exhausted…

I have to tell Maya about it ..

????Carissa ????

“What have I done to deserve all this ” I said crying in the room …I didn’t know when I slept off ….

I woke up the next morning …I was really hungry and famished but there is nothing to eat …

The door of the room opened and Diego dragged me out …

We climbed a lot of stairs and still he didn’t stop dragging me …he finally dragged me into a big room that looked so beautiful … at

I knew the worst was gonna happen …he was just going to rape me … …

I can never allow him to do that …I started struggling with him..
????Mrs Jason ????

The little girl is just suffering for crimes she knows nothing about all this and she’s innocent …

I really feel sorry for her but somehow she is connected to me

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I just hope that Diego won’t do anything to her …

I really feel like she’s one of my lost daughters

I have to revenge my husband’s death …

It is ultimate .

⚔️Diego ⚔️
The private investigator found something at a crimes scene and he called me …

I bribed him and I told him to lie to everyone that he found nothing..

I use money and connection to get whatever I want …

I also have to find a way to make sure that Alejandro doesn’t enjoy it’s life

Apart from the revenge on Alejandro ..the girl is too beautiful to be ignored I can’t take my eyes off her for a moment ….

The feelings of her in bed with me kept filling my day dreams …

I when to my room and I slept off …
I couldn’t wait for the first alarm to ring…I have to go to her room right away

I have no other thought than to sleep with her…

I dragged her up to my room and …

????The s+x slaves ????

“Nana,Maddy the both of you and many of us here has had an experience of those monsters who have s+x without mercy …

Maya is the one punishing us …we have to stand up for our right and stop everything she’s doing …

We all wanna have a good life, family ,happy marriage and a better living standard without living as a slave

I want to be happy
We all want to be happy …we have to look for a way to reported get the

???? Alexander ????

“I really wanna see my dad and Carissa ” I says to Kimberly .

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“I wantu see my dad ” I shouted again

“He will soon be back “Auntie Kimberly told me

“Okay ”

???? Alejandro ????

The door was opened by a stranger ….I was just getting better and recovering from the shock of Carissa ..the person looks so strange…

He move closer to me holding a knife ….I knew my life was in trouble …I held the knife struggling …

We really had tough fight …

I kept on trying to make him stay away and In the process .