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Mafia Maid. Chapter 15

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Mafia Maid


〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favourite〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter fifteen {15}

????Lisa ????

I called Maya to inform her about the Agency that Kimberly has ..

???????? Evening Maya ???????? I said when she answered my call

????????Lisa hope things are going as we planned ????????she asked

????????Not really Maya …. Alejandro got hurt just because of Carissa and he his currently in the hospital ????????

????????Oh my Gosh !!! ????????She exclaimed

???????? Carissa hasn’t been found yet but Ethan is trying all his best ????????

????????Don’t worry Lisa we would find something to do about Kimberly’s agency and make sure we ruin them ????????she said assuring me

????????Okay bye I will give you more update soon ????????

I ended the call and I went to the sitting room …

Alejandro was sleeping peacefully lying on her chest …

She wasn’t sleeping …..she was giving me a suspicious look ….

I went back to my room and I thought about a lot of things …

???? Kimberly ????

Ethan has gone out again ..I am really scared something is going to happen to me …I had to force Alexander to sleep so that he would stop crying …

I gave him a syrup and I took his bath before making him sleep peacefully on my chest ….

I really feel bad about Carissa’s absence and I miss her so much

I just have to take care of this family till all is back to normal…

Ethan may be disturbed so I don’t wanna call him ..

I just have to be cautious because of Lisa she seems evil to me ..

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I have to go to the supermarket and get some household material ….

????Mrs Jason ????

I kept thinking of the young girl I saw in Diego’s house yesterday ..
I just wish my daughters are still with me …they would be grown up now and Kimberly would be preparing to get married ….

I have to look for them at all cost …

“Ohh I forgot something
I said making a turn ….
???? Ethan ????

I went back to the hospital to stay with my brother who was sleeping and I went back to the reception after seeing him

Alejandro is all I have a can’t lose him….He lived his life as a Mafia boss in order to save …

⚡ Flashback ⚡

“Ethan be careful ” Alejandro held me putting the inhaler in my mouth …

This is the third inhaler we picked from our parents house . We were thrown out of the house …

We lost our parents to an ugly incident and they left both of us in this wicked world …The family members. conspired and they chase out of the house
. .. …….

I wasn’t used to the harsh weather and so I had to use my inhaler often

“Ethan this is the last inhaler ” he said sadly
My breathing became normal. …

The inhaler became exhausted and I had to prevent my attacks from coming …
…… ….. …… ….. ……. …..

We were walking in a street when a bus with diesel passed ….

I started experiencing my attack with a sharp pain in my chest …the inhaler wasn’t available as well. ..I felt like the world was going to come to an end …

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Some guys helped me and I was taken to the hospital for a surgery ….

I became better but they asked for something in return ….my brother had to serve them and he was trained to be a Mafia …

My brother had no choice so he has to accept … through this illegal job …he sent me to school and he provided all my needs ….

I just have to repay him for everything he did

⚡ Flashback ends ⚡

I pray that my brother gets better soon and be able to come back to the house …..

I paid all the bills and I waited patiently in the reception waiting for him to wake up…..

???? Alejandro ????

The stranger who entered my room had a terrible mission to execute so I had to prevent that

I kept struggling with the stranger and due to my condition he overpowered me …

He took a fire extinguisher and he banged it on my head ….

I held my head and I was walking haphazardly from a side to the other ….. I was dying and different memories keep flooding my head and my eyes were failing me

I felt blood gush out of my head and I blacked out …..

???? Carissa ????

I kept struggling with Diego till he pushed me …

I fell and I struck my head against a iron piece …. I felt totally strange and I felt like I was fast dying ….

I just laid numb looking at Diego and blood kept gushing out of my head ….I couldn’t control that ….I blacked out


Why is she so brave and courageous to have struggled with me that much….a lady hasn’t be able to the challenge me but now I am doomed …she looks dead ….

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I carried her into the car and I drove to the hospital …the nurse carried her into a stretcher and they rushed her into an emergency department and I was asked to sit in the reception
I am really confused ….hope she isn’t going to die …

What do you think will happen to Alejandro and Carissa?