December 3, 2022

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Mafia Maid. Chapter 2

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️ ????

Chapter two {2} ✳️

???? Sophie ????

I abandoned Alejandro to live with Diego all because he was a sex freak, I couldn’t cope with a guy that loved sex to much …now Diego isn’t willing to have sex with me which I am tired of…

I was supposed to make a move before that idiot entered into the room …Mark left the house and I went to the kitchen and I made breakfast ..I served myself and i eat to satisfaction ..

I went to the boutique with my nose mask and a sanitizer due to the Corona virus outbreak … Diego could go to where ever he wants cause he had bribed most government officials to help him …

He kill people to get money and he sells drugs to other countries ..I hope he doesn’t put me in trouble some day ..

I went back home after two hours …

“I am really horny ” I said to myself when I got upstairs …I went to an online porn hub and I started watching porn …

I waited for Diego to come then I took to the next step …

???? Carrisa ????

I am so afraid of losing my virginity Maya finally sold me to a Mafia …the boss who bought him is really cruel he fingered me till I felt pains …He left and he told me to meet in his car ..

I couldn’t walk properly due to the pains he caused ..I really couldn’t do anything my property has been taken by Maya

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I have become a sex slave and a maid to a Mafia …

I entered the car and he drove off …he finally broke the silence
“What’s your name ” he asked still concentrating on the driving

“Carrisa ” I said 1sadly

“Your parents ” he asked still not looking into my eyes

“They are dead ” I replied sadly

“Am so sorry about that”he said pitifully …

He drove speedily and we arrived at a very big and gigantic gate that was opened the moment we he honked ….

The big compound look like an underground prison with a master that can take my virginity whenever he likes …It was really cold and late…

“Follow me ” he commanded and I followed him

He took me to a room and we both entered ..I stood by the bed staring at the magnificent room …I think the floor was wet

He slipped and he pushed me ..we both fell on each other looking deeply into our eyes ..

He stood up after minutes of staring at each other

He left the room without saying a word to me …

I laid down on the bed with my eyes on the ceiling ..

I slept off …

⚔️Diego ⚔️

My target to day isn’t a man but a sex freak .. I disguised as a lady and I walked inti the house . He pulled me into his room and I told him to lock the door …

I brought our a knife and I stabbed him different times to see if he was dead ..I left the house through the window with the crimes clean …The victim really made me horny so I wanted to go and have sex with Sophie ….

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I drove home happily and I ran to the room I met with the shock of my life …


???? Alejandro ????

I couldn’t find a good reason not to sleep with the new maid .. she’s curvy ,sexy and beautiful but somehow I just can’t lay my hands on her …after leaving her room I went to Alex room and he was sleeping comfortably …I went to my room and I slept off ….
I woke up to the sound of the Alarm and I switched it off .. Alexander has to go to school …I wasn’t really good in taking care of him I hope he likes the maid ..

I walked down the stairs down to the kitchen …Carissa was washing the plates and cooking something so delicious …I got to Alexander’s room but he wasn’t in bed …
Where could he be ? I asked myself …

” good morning Dad ‘ I turned to see my son dressed up and completely set for school

“Do you like the new maid ” I asked holding his hands

“Yes I do ” I love her so much ..she took my bathe ,brushed my teeth and she even dressed me up

I am so happy he likes the new maid and I promised to make Alex happy but I couldn’t do that without Carrisa ..

I carried my son and we went to the dinning room table….Carrisa made a very delicious breakfast and Alex kept jumping after eating his breakfast…
I drove him to school …
Just then a call came in …

What !!!!

???? Alexander ????

The new maid is so caring and way better than my clumsy dad .. she did everything fast and most especially ..she packed my lunch and she gave me the necessary things I need ….I was really happy to have her around …

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Dad dropped me at school and he left ….